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Best Verizon Phones

Verizon is definitely one of the best and most reliable wireless carriers in the country. Year after year, Verizon never fails to put out hundreds of phones in their roster that surely give excellent value for their consumers’ money.

Through well thought out tests and countless reviews, Verizon only highlights the best smartphones that live up to their legacy. Since you have come across this article, we assume that you are on the lookout for a worthwhile replacement for your existing smartphone.

Thankfully, we are here to provide you with the list of the best Verizon phones. In this article, we will highlight the phones that truly stood out among a sea of the run of the mill smartphones.

The phones we will feature in this list are the best-reviewed phones currently. This list will feature a wide array of specifications, features and operating platforms.

Best Verizon Phones

Since we already have mentioned all the important aspects and factors you need to look for in a smartphone, we will now delve into our list of the best Verizon phones.

Top 5 Verizon Phones





Feature 1


Google Pixel 3 XL


Feature 2Operating System: Chrome Os
Feature 1


Galaxy Note 9


Feature 2Super AMOLED display
Feature 1


Motorola Moto Z3


Feature 2Super AMOLED display
Feature 1


iPhone XR/XS/XS Max


Feature 2Only Iphone XS Max
Feature 1


LG V40 Thin Q


Feature 2Easily capture three photos – standard, telephoto zoom, and super wide-angle – with just one click.

1. Google Pixel 3 XL

Google - Pixel 3 XL with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Just Black
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05/22/2022 10:51 am GMT

The first entry on our list is the Google Pixel 3 and its bigger brother, Pixel 3 XL. These phones are only available in Verizon US.

While the Pixel 3 series does not boast beastly specifications that can match Samsung Note 9’s, these phones still give top-notch specifications compared to other phones at its price range. Moreover, Google’s smart implementation of its software is what separates Google Pixel 3 series above the others.

The phones still feature the single rear camera but it is improved miles above the older Pixel 2. In addition to this, Google managed to boost up its software adding in more useful features which include night sight mode and motion autofocus.

The Pixel 3 series sports an 18:9 screen display but is more ergonomic compared to other 18:9 screen phones. In front of this gorgeous device is its equally gorgeous Full HD+ screen. While the trend seems to be a hit or miss with consumers, the phones sport a notch at the top.

It also supports Qi wireless charging which assures fast charging speeds.

The Pixel 3 series is bogged down however with the lack of a headphone jack. While it is a monumental improvement in terms of design, we still need the headphone jack.

Things you might like:

  •    Stable OS
  •    Timely updates
  •    Excellent camera
  •    Good design

Things you might not like:

  •    Notched design
  •    No headphone jack

2. Galaxy Note 9

The next entry on our list is the Galaxy Note 9. The phone features beastly specifications which are a step up from its already excellent Galaxy Note 8. It is also one of the most talked about and most in-demand smartphones each year.

Note 9 is still as big as its large predecessor. It also has the accurate and responsive S pen which is a tradition for the Note series. It sports a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display which has excellent color reproduction and a wide contrast ratio.

Under the hood, it is powered by the new Snapdragon 845 processor which is coupled with either 6 or 8GB of RAM. It also has 128 or 512GB Internal storage. This is more than enough to store all the important files and applications.

To add icing to the cake, it comes with a 4,000 mAH which is a huge step up from Note 8’s 3,300 mAH battery.

It sports a dual camera rear setup which is considered to be one of the best cameras in any smartphone right now. It also has a robust pro mode which lets out the shutterbug in you.

Things you might like:

  •    Super AMOLED display
  •    Snapdragon 845 processor
  •    Large storage space
  •    Large battery
  •    Excellent cameras

Things you might not like:

  •     Too large for some

3. Motorola Moto Z3

The next entry on our list is the Motorola Moto z3. While the Motorola brand is still not a household name, the Moto z3 deserves to be on the list of the best phones. Better yet, one of the best Verizon phones of the year.

Under the hood, it comes with Snapdragon 835 processor. While it’s not the fastest phone In the market right now, it achieves fast loading speeds because of excellent software optimization. It features 4GB of RAM as well as 64GB onboard storage.

In terms of display, it sports a 6.01 inch Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels.

It sports a Moto Z3 sports a 12 MP camera in the back that has an aperture size of f/1.7. To make things even more detailed and realistic looking, it has Dual Autofocus Pixel. Availability of the accessories, however, is still limited.

Things you might like:

  •    Fast processor
  •    Affordable
  •    Super AMOLED display
  •    Good cameras

Things you might not like:

  •     Limited accessories

4. iPhone XR/XS/XS Max

(Renewed) Apple iPhone XS Max, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray - Unlocked
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05/22/2022 07:21 am GMT

What best of smartphone list would be complete without mentioning Apple’s offerings? Just months before the end of each year, we see the release of Apple’s new phones. We are talking about the New iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max this year.

It features the new iOS 12 operating system out of the box. The three phones come with the newly released A12 Bionic processor. The iPhone XR is their “budget” offering which features an older LCD display which measures 6.1 inches.

The iPhone XS measures 5.8 inches which flaunt an OLED screen. The larger sibling, XS Max measures 6.5 inches which have an OLED display. The XS and XS Max have 4 GB of RAM while the XR has 3 GB of RAM.

As expected, these phones sport a robust aluminum frame which is expected from Apple.

Things you might like:

  •    Robust construction
  •    Excellent cameras
  •    A fast and reliable processor
  •    Good software optimization

Things you might not like:

  •   Expensive

5. LG V40 Thin Q

The last but definitely not the last entry on our list is the LG V40 ThinQ. The LG V40 ThinQ archives to provide its users all the important specifications in an affordable package. It sports a total of 5 camera sensors, three on the rear and two placed seamlessly on the front.

The phone features a dual camera setup which features the main 12 MP camera coupled with a wide-angle 16 MP secondary camera. On top of that is the 12 MP telephoto camera. In the front side, the LG V40 ThinQ features an 8 MP camera and a 5 MP wide-angle sensor. These additional sensors help the unit achieve better depth sensing for creamy bokeh shots.

It has also one of the best speakers in its price range. This is due to the 32 bit Hi-Fi Quad speakers. It supports wireless charging.

Powering the LG V40 ThinQ is the fast and reliable Snapdragon 845.

Things you might like:

  •    5 camera sensors
  •    Affordable
  •    Robust construction
  •    Capable processor

Things you might not like:

  •     Occasional lags


So there you have it, those are the best Verizon phones this year. Make sure to check out these products and maybe you can find the smartphone that caters to all your needs.

Best Verizon Phones: Buying Guide

Before we discuss the best Verizon phones, let us first discuss some features and components that you need to look for in a smartphone. Here are the things you need to look for when buying a smartphone.


The first thing you need to consider when buying a smartphone is the price. Most wireless carriers do not bundle up their smartphones with two-year contracts. Thankfully, Verizon and other carriers have opted for a monthly payment plan which makes the payment process more convenient and flexible.

Android Phones tend to be more affordable compared to Apple phones. This aspect is basically a personal preference. If you have money to go all out, buy the premium segment or flagship smartphones. However, if you don’t plan on bringing your budget on a singular device, then thankfully, there are several options you can choose from which do not

Android or iOS

We all know the age-old debate: Are Android Phones better than iOs powered phones? The answer remains unclear, yet what remains to be sure is that it all depends on personal preference. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both operating systems.

Android phones allow more customization and have a more flexible platform. However, Android phones are bogged down with poor security, several bugs and unreliable software.

Apple iPhones on the other hand, which are powered with iOs, offer a more user-friendly experience. On top of that are better security and lesser lags and crashes. However, iPhones are notorious for having a too closed system. They aren’t flexible enough and are also far more expensive.

As we have mentioned, it all depends on personal preference.

Screen Size

The next aspect you need to remember is the screen size. The world of smartphones has blessed us by offering a wide array of screen sizes for their phones. However, the trend seems to keep on siding with large screen phones.

Bigger screen phones offer more screen real estate. Because of that, you can indulge more in whatever content you are watching or seeing. If you are into mobile gaming, big screen phones are obviously more preferable and convenient. Moreover, if you constantly watch movies or shows on the phone then screens larger than 5.5 inches are the best option.

Small screen phones are also popular thanks to their small form factor. Screen sizes ranging from 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches are considered to be small phones. These phones are compact and can slide right into your pocket seamlessly and without any hassle. However, small screen phones simply don’t offer more screen real estate and can sometimes limit the overall user experience.

Whatever screen size you choose, it all depends on personal preference again.

Display Quality

Another aspect you need to consider is the smartphones display quality. Several more factors will come into play when it comes to displaying quality. These include brightness, color reproduction, contrast ratio as well as viewing angles.

Make sure to buy a smartphone that is bright enough to be viewed under direct light of the sun. This is measured in nits. A higher nit count translates to better brightness.

Color reproduction speaks about how well the phone produces color that is as accurate and precise as the original one. Samsung phones generally excel in this department as they offer excellent color reproduction that is as close as the original. If you want a screen that has better accuracy, then pick those that come with Full HD display.

There are those that offer 4K resolution displays, but the additional pixels are simply hard to notice and that there is no noticeable difference compared to full HD displays.


The design is another factor that you need to consider when buying a smartphone. The design is basically a subjective factor. However, if you want something that has better construction, then look for phones that have a metal or glass design. Glass panel phones are better looking and are solid but are notorious for cracking when dropped.

Moreover, in terms of form factor, you need to look for one that has an ergonomic design that speaks about your overall aesthetic.


Nowadays, consumers prefer to focus on the camera capabilities of a phone rather than looking into its processor. We couldn’t blame them though because we live in this day and age where smartphones can already compete with entry-level DSLRs. Who knows maybe smartphones are able to give DSLRs a run for their money.

When it comes to smartphone cameras, there are some components you need to consider. One of these is the number of pixels it can produce. If you have a smartphone with over 12 megapixels, then you are sure to have a clearer output. However, the quality of the output does not rely solely on the number of pixels. Other factors include an aperture, shutter speed, and customizable settings.

Look for a smartphone that has a wider aperture. Because of this, you can capture a more cinematic output thanks to this. This means that you can achieve pictures that has excellent depth of field. Smartphones with triple cameras such as the Huawei P20 has an excellent way of producing cinematic shots.

You also need to look for a smartphone that has a pro mode feature. This allows a more flexible way of tinkering your settings so that you get the optimal settings you need in a picture. Some of the features that you can customize in pro mode include ISO, Focus, Exposure, White Balance and even saturation.


Probably the most important, yet overlooked component in a smartphone is its processor. A good and reliable processor should be able to open up applications at faster speeds and offer more smooth operation. Aside from the processor, you also need to take notice of the number of cores as well as clock speeds.

Manufacturers often rely on benchmarking sites such as Geekbench to indicate the overall speed of the phone. However, these phones are not that accurate and are sometimes misleading. The overall speed of the smartphone relies on the user experience.

As of now, the fastest processor is the Apple A11 Bionic Processor. For Android phones, Snapdragon 845 remains to be the fastest and most reliable processor. It offers ultra-fast speeds and possibly the most class-leading performance in any processor nowadays. Snapdragon 845 also has a good way of saving battery life despite the fast speeds.

However, these processors belong in the flagship segment and come with huge and hefty prices. If you want flagship like performance at a reduced price, look for those phones in the midrange segment. These phones usually have the competent Snapdragon 636 or 660 processors as well as Huawei’s 710 Kirin processor.


RAM is yet another important aspect that affects the smartphone’s performance. RAM is responsible for the phone’s capacity to multitask. As much as possible, look for smartphones that have RAM sizes above 3 GB. Applications and phone processes have gotten more and more RAM and power hungry, that is why you need to veer away from smartphones that have RAM sizes less than 3 Gb.

You can always go high to as much as 8GB of RAM. However, this may be too large for everyday use and can be just a waste. 4GB of RAM or 6GB is more than enough to plow through most applications even the most power hungry ones.

Internal Storage

Internal storage is another important aspect in choosing a smartphone. Most applications nowadays especially games take up a huge amount of storage space. Games can take more than 1 GB of onboard storage on your phone, not to mention additional files which can bog down the device.

Most smartphones nowadays have minimum storage of 32 GB. Typically a higher storage space will give you more space to store your files and applications. Look for a smartphone with over 64 GB of storage. This is enough to store all your files and applications.

However, if you have enough money, you can buy smartphones that have over 128 GB onboard storage. You can always go higher and opt for those that have 1 TB of storage. But we think that the amount of storage is unnecessary.

Battery Life

Last but not least is the smartphone’s battery life. There are several factors at play that will affect the phone’s battery life. These include screen size, processor as well as the operating system of the unit.

Battery capacity is measured in mAh. The higher the mAh of the phone is, the higher is its battery life. But as we mentioned, other factors can also contribute to the phone’s battery life. Choose a phone with at least 3,000 mAH of the battery.

In addition, it is better to find a laptop with a newer generation Intel processor as the company constantly refreshes these chips on a yearly basis. Moreover, equip yourself with U series chips rather than the Y series processors. The U series chips usually are more superior in terms of speed and multitasking compared to the latter.

Another feature you need to look into is the amount of RAM used by the laptop. This is one of the most important, if not, crucial aspects you need to look for in any laptop. The RAM is usually the one responsible for allowing you to do multitask and store more information. Without a capable RAM size, the laptops seize to store more information and might crash easily when you are running several tasks simultaneously.

A laptop with a RAM capacity of 8 GB is more than sufficient for you to do your tasks. However, a RAM size of 6 GB will also suffice. As much as possible, don’t settle for 4 GB of RAM.

In terms of storage, the bad news with laptops at this price range is that there are not enough equipped with Solid State Drives (SSD). With this, you have no choice but to settle with the older HDD.

Try to look for a laptop with a higher capacity HDD. While 500 GB is the norm at this price range, you will be surprised to know that there are also laptops that exceed this size. The higher the Storage space, the faster your laptop will be.

Aside from the above mentioned, you also need to look for a laptop with a dedicated GPU or graphics processors. There are several laptops at this price range that are equipped with a
Nvidia GeForce chip. They will come in handy when playing games or editing images or videos.

The next feature you need to look out for is the laptops battery life. This is important for any laptop unless you are okay with constantly working near an electrical outlet. If you are always on the move, it pays to get a laptop with a higher than average battery life. At this price range, you can buy a laptop that has a battery life of 6 hours with a single charge.

In terms of connectivity, you need to make sure that the laptop supports the fastest 802.11ac which is the standard for most Wifi connections today. It is also important to have at least 2 or 3 USB 3.0 ports included.

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Best Earbuds

Best Earbuds Review Guide [Updated 2019]

Are you an audiophile? Do you listen to music when doing every tasks or activity? If yes, then you should be equipped with the best audio device.

There are several audio devices that you can buy. Earbuds are one of the most popular accessories used by audiophiles across the globe. They provide sheer comfort as well as convenience compared to the usual earphones.

The market is abounded by plenty of earbuds however not all of them offer the same value for your hard earned cash. Luckily, we are here to provide you with a list of the best earbuds to buy in 2019 that cater to all your needs as an audiophile.

What are the Best Earbuds?

There are several earbuds that you can buy, however, not all of these are built to the same high-quality standards. These are the earbuds that earned the title of being the best of the best.

Top 5 Earbuds





Feature 1


1More Triple Drivers


Feature 2High Resolution, Bass Driven Sound, MEMS Mic, in-Line Remote, High Fidelity for Smartphones
Feature 1


Jabra Elite Active 65T


Feature 2Bluetooth Earbuds with a Secure Fit and Superior Sound, Long Battery Life
Feature 1


Jaybird X3 Sport


Feature 2Built to last with a sleek yet rugged design, the X3 Headphones are great for sports, workouts, and all weather conditions
Feature 1


Jabra Elite Sport


Feature 2Enjoy custom-fitting workout earbuds thanks to the 3 sizes of EarGels and foam tips included to give you the right fit that boosts music and call quality.
Feature 1


Bose QuietComfort 20


Feature 2Noise cancelling reduces surrounding distractions, letting music stand out. Stay Hear+ tips provide long lasting comfort plus stability. USB cable – 30.5 cm L

1. 1More Triple Drivers – Best Wired Earbuds to Buy in 2019

The first entry on our list is the 1More Triple Drivers earbuds. Donning top of the line specifications as well as great value for money, this product is worth mentioning in every “best earbuds” list.

One of the key selling points of the 1More Triple Drivers is the affordable price. It is very rare in this price segment that you find a pair of earbuds so meticulously built and with top-notch specifications.

There are several good things about this product. The first thing you will notice is its sleek yet understated design. It dons a dominant black design that is complemented with chrome accents near the earbuds.

1More partnered with a well renowned sound engineer, Luca Bignardi to design this product. As a result, you get a pair of earbuds that offer a great mix of highs and bass. Its setup provides sheer sound clarity without sacrificing the balance of bass and treble.

In terms of comfort, it does not disappoint as well. This is due to its ergonomically designed oblique earbuds that naturally fit your ear canals. The earbuds are less likely to fall out and prolonged use with the earbud will not result to straining and stress to your ears. The package includes 9 pieces of earbuds that you can change according to the size of your ear canal.

It also features convenient controls which are intelligently placed on the wires. The remote control allows you to adjust volume, take calls and also pick songs. Integrated into the remote is a high-quality MEMS microphone.

This microphone also delivers in providing a crisp speech output while also minimizing background noise. However, when testing the product, we noticed some inconsistencies with the microphone. There are instances when it cannot pick up a short second of our voice.

Things you might like:

  •    Ergonomic design
  •    Great build quality
  •    Comfortable earbuds
  •    Well balanced audio output

Things you might not like:

  • Inconsistent microphone

2. Jabra Elite Active 65T – Best Wireless Earbuds

The next entry on our list is one of the best Bluetooth headsets you can find in the market right now. Carrying the Jabra brand name, the Elite Active 65T dons the same reputation of high-quality products with top-notch specifications.

What sets the Jabra Elite Active 65T is its IP65 waterproof rating. Don’t get us wrong, most Bluetooth headsets come with some sort of water repellant feature, but there are only a few that get an IP65 rating.

In terms of design, the Jabra Elite Active 65T brings excellence to the table. It is clear that the company has put in a lot of effort in designing the product. It comes with an ergonomic design that offers sheer convenience and comfort when using. It also delivers in the aesthetic department thanks to its sleek look.

When it comes to the main purpose, the audio quality, it also delivers excellently. It is equipped with great noise isolation so that you can hear every nuance and note of your favorite songs minus the background noise that might dampen the overall sound quality. Bass output is very punchy and the treble registers are well balanced.

To add more icing to the cake, the product has a superb battery life. In one single charge, it will last you over five hours of nonstop use. That is 2 hours more than the usual battery life of Bluetooth headsets.

The package includes a charger, extra earbuds, a charging case as well as a micro USB cable.
To make things even more convenient, Jabra bundles it with an app called Sound+ which gives you access to several optimization features such as the equalizer and the built-in smart assistant. Android users get Google Assistant or Alexa while Apple users get to be assisted by Siri.

The Active 65T is also equipped with integrated sensors. These sensors allow the product to turn off or pause by itself whenever you remove the buds from your ears as well as adjust your listening mode according to your location.

Lastly, the IP65 rating allows you to enjoy the functions of the product even during rains or when you sweat a lot during your workout. However, if you want to get your hands on the Jabra Elite Active 65T, you need to shell out a couple more bucks.

Things you might like:

  •    IP65 rating
  •    Ergonomic design
  •    Good build quality
  •    Noise canceling feature
  •    With sensors
  •    Sound+ app
  •    Well balanced audio output

Things you might not like:

  •     Expensive

3. Jaybird X3 Sport

JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android – Blackout
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05/22/2022 07:40 am GMT

The third entry on our list is the Jaybird X3 Sport. Jaybird’s third offering of their X sports series is, in many ways, considered to be one of the best earbuds you can buy. The X3 Sport provides all the necessary features you will look for in an earbud while offering a little bit more to the table.

In the looks department, the X3 sport doesn’t disappoint thanks to its sleek and elegant design. It dons a dominant black setup with a few chrome accents to make things more interesting.

The company claims that it is sweat proof but did not disclose whether the X3 sport has an IP rating. So if you want to use the product near bodies of water or during a rain, be extra careful and make sure to keep it dry as possible.

In terms of comfort, the company provides ear fins so that the buds will sit securely on the creases of your ears and will not fall off when working out or moving about. Moreover, the buds are made with silicon and the rear fins are made with silicone gel to avoid irritation when used for long periods of time. The package comes with earbuds of three different sizes to suit the correct size.

The 6mm drivers provide a well balanced audio output that is coupled with an excellent soundstage. Jaybird also throws in an app that gives you access to customization features such as the equalizers and battery options.

Speaking of battery life, the x3 sport achieves 8 hours of straight usage in a single charge. Wow! That is one of the best battery optimizations we have found in an earbud in a very long time.

The X3 sports a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume as well as take calls. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. It is also equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that puts out clear speech output without the unnecessary background noise.

One of the main caveats of the X3 sport are the flimsy silicon earbuds. We noticed that they were rather thin compared to what other earbuds offer.

Things you might like:

  •    Superb battery life
  •    Well balanced audio output
  •    Noise canceling feature
  •    Comfortable earbuds
  •    Comes with own app

Things you might not like:

  •    Flimsy earpieces
  •    No IP rating

4. Jabra Elite Sport

The next entry on our list is another offering from Jabra Elite Sport. Being a product of the well-renowned company, Jabra, excellence and high quality built is to be expected.

The fully wireless Jabra Elite Sport is one of the best earbuds fitness enthusiasts can get. Aside from the top-notch audio output, the Elite Sport boasts other features such as sensors and an IP waterproof rating.

The Elite Sport comes with an integrated heart sensor placed seamlessly on the left earpiece. It is also equipped with an IP67 rating, this means that the earbuds can be inundated in 3 feet of water lasting up to 30 minutes. With that being said, you can use the Elite Sport for long runs on a hot summer day while you sweat out all the unwanted fats and toxins.

For a single charge, the Jabra Elite Sport manages to churn out 5 hours of continuous usage. This can last you the entire workout and even a bit more. The package comes with a charging case to keep your charger in top shape despite countless charges.

Serving as the heart of the Elite Sport is Jabra’s Sports Life application. Through this app, you get to operate the different functions offered by the pair of earbuds. These include workout tracking and heart rate and pulse readings during your workouts.

In terms of audio output, the Sports Elite does not disappoint. It churns out punchy bass output with a well-balanced treble. Moreover, you can adjust these settings through the application’s equalizer. With all these features at hand, the Jabra Elite Sport is one of the best must-have companions when working out.

These top of the line specifications does come with a hefty price. Moreover, if you are planning on buying the Elite Sport, make sure that you keep them always in check since they are prone to be lost is a completely wireless earbud.

Things you might like:

  •    Completely wireless
  •    Excellent build quality
  •    Great audio output
  •    Stable application
  •    IP67 rating
  •    Comfortable

Things you might not like:

  •    Expensive
  •    Prone to being lost

5. Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, Apple Devices, Black
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05/22/2022 10:26 am GMT

The last but definitely not the last entry on our list is the Bose QuietComfort 20. As the name implies, this product excels in providing utmost comfort as well as efficient noise canceling to let you enjoy your favorite tunes without being distracted by the surrounding noise.

The QuietComfort 20 flaunts an ergonomic design, one that is minimalistic yet striking enough to render a second look. The product is constructed with high-quality plastic which is complemented by chrome accents.
The heart and soul of Bose’s noise cancellation prowess is its built-in ANC technology which drowns out all the unnecessary noise in your surroundings. As a result, you get the best from your listening experience.

The audio output is also top notch delivering punchy bass as well as a well balanced treble output. There has been a love-hate relationship among consumers with Bose.

Some consumers complain that the output is too synthetic and artificial. But in our experience, we liked how meticulously Bose rendered every detail and nuance of the sound output. The Active Noise Cancellation further enhances the sound output and the built-in DSP suite allows you to achieve the right balance of bass and treble.

Things you might like:

  •    The excellent noise cancellation feature
  •    Comfortable
  •    Ergonomic design
  •    Durable build quality

Things you might not like:

  •     Audio output is too synthetic for some


So there you have it, these are the best earbuds you can get your hands on. You don’t have to settle to your flimsy built earphones or those with the low-quality sound output.

Buying Guide: Finding The Best Earbuds For You


Not all people know the key specifications you need to be looking into when buying a pair of earbuds. This surpasses build, design and bass levels. Here are the most important specifications you should check prior to buying earbuds:

Impedance is the term used to define the degree of opposition the circuit gives off to a current whenever the voltage is used up. To make it simpler, a higher impedance will entail a lesser flow in the current. In order to get the best of the sound output, you should check whether the
impedance of the earbuds is compatible with its source.

Sensitivity refers to the degree of how the electric waves are translated into acoustic signals. The unit of measurement is termed as sound pressure level or simply, SPL. Sensitivity affects your amount of comfort as you listen to your music over prolonged periods of time. To be safe, you should buy a pair of earbuds with midrange sensitivity.

Frequency is the terms used to measure the number of audio frequencies the earbuds are able to repeat. The unit of measure used is Hertz. This is why you often see earphone packages with a certain number followed by Hz. To opt for a pair of earbuds with amped-up bass, for example, you need to buy one with a decreased bass frequency.

Drivers are responsible for converting electrical signals into sound waves. They are the ones capable of producing sound inside the earbuds. A better or stronger driver would elicit a better sound output, one with punchy bass and with a well-balanced treble and mids.


It would be ironic to pick a pair of earbuds that produce topnotch sound quality but constantly hurt your ears. Fitness is a huge factor when it comes to comfort. Not all people have the same ear sizes. Because of this, it goes without saying that not all earbuds fit perfectly in everyone’s ears.

With that being said, it is best that you find a pair of earbuds that snug comfortably on your ears. This is also important since you might be using the earbuds while working out or moving about. So it would be annoying to have your earbuds fall off constantly even with a single movement.

Moreover, equip yourself with earbuds that come with gentle silicone or rubber tips. Since you will be placing them on your ears, it would be uncomfortable to use hard plastic built earbuds or those with metal construction. They allow a better grip on your outer ear as well as provide a cushion for the drivers inside the earbuds.

Type and Specialization

Earbuds basically do not equate to rocket science but they do come with their own types and purposes. With that in mind, you have to choose the right type of earbuds that cater to your listening needs. As an example, if you are a fitness freak looking for something to accompany you on your early morning jogs, then it is best that you buy an earbud with outer ear support to stop it from falling off.

Different types of earbuds

  • Sound isolating earbuds excel in providing you with a clear output that is devoid of any background or surrounding noise. It is usually equipped with some kind of noise cancellation technology. This will come in very handy when you are on a long commute or simply want to be in the zone when you are listening to your favorite tunes.
  • Sweat resistant earbuds, as the name implies, lets you enjoy music while doing jogs or workouts. As expected, you sweat a lot when doing these strenuous activities, however, not all earbuds are able to work efficiently when submerged in sweat. These earbuds also have the capability to be washed off lightly to scrape off any remaining sweat.
  • Bluetooth has paved its way into nearly all devices. Bluetooth earbuds are able to work without the wires that constantly tangle when used. Moreover, they are also very useful when you are constantly moving about or exercising. The caveat, however, is that they need to be charged once in a while. If you are okay with that, then you should consider buying Bluetooth earbuds.

You want the best out of your listening experience as well as your hard earned cash, with these products; you get the best earbuds that satisfy your audiophile needs.

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Best Routers for AT&T

Best Routers for AT&T

Speed, security, and connection stability are what make or break an Internet browsing experience. It’s annoying to be stuck in a buffering status whenever you play videos that you’ve bumped into Facebook, let alone when you are streaming your favorite TV series over Netflix or Amazon. Or, imagine getting your enthusiasm ebb away as your most anticipated YouTube or Vimeo video return a “We’re having issues connecting to your video…” or “Your video cannot be played at this time due to very slow connection.”

Unstable Internet connections are always stressful – it’s so counterproductive, annoying, and worse, it’s a waste of valuable time and money. Imagine if your job relies on a secure, fast, and stable Internet connection, your livelihood will be at a huge risk if you are not getting all these 3 fundamental requirements from your Internet service provider and/or network equipment or tools.

Here are the best approved AT&T routers for DSL that are out in the market today. The list should help you narrow down to the best option that will work for you in terms of technical specifications, extra features, and price.

1. NETGEAR N300 WiFi DSL Modem Router

Netgear DGN2200M N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Route?Mobile Broadband Edition
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One of the top options for an AT&T router is the NETGEAR N300. It is the number one choice in the market for both business and residential use according to many experts. You can enjoy all of the features and capabilities offered by most NETGEAR modem routers, including the AC1600 and the Nighthawk AC1900, assuring you a consistent and steady connection. This N300 delivers exceptional results in any Internet activity environment, from HD video streaming, audio, and gaming. There are no compatibility issues as it supports most operating systems and web browsers. Most of all, it offers the highest security features as well.


2. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

NETGEAR goes in a roll with the AC1900, which is a higher version to the 1600 but with more features and superb capabilities. The Nighthawk AC1900 delivers maximum wifi speed of up to 1900 MBPS. It is VDSL/ADSL compatible, AT&T DSL approved, and comes packed with a 1GHz dual-core processor that powers it to deliver extreme and incomparable connection speed.

The Nighthawk AC1900 is compatible with most Internet Service Providers as if offers support to ADSL/ADSL 2/ADSL 2+, and so forth. You’ll be surprised by the potential maximum speed it delivers, which is up to 19.5 Gbps. On top of that, the Nighthawk AC1900 comes with additional features, such as cloud storage system, OpenVPN, and backup to USB HDD.

This high-powered modem router might cost you a bit of money. However, it is a valuable investment that provides you with all the Internet speed, reliability, stability requirements you need. It is compatible with most operating systems, from Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as most web browsers from Internet Explorer 5.0, Firefox and Google Chrome.


3. NETGEAR AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

NETGEAR AC1600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router – 802.11ac Dual Band Gigabit (D6400-100NAS)
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If you are into heavy video streaming, hardcore multiplayer online gaming, and high-rate Internet download activities, then this is a solid choice. Not only is it AT&T approved, but it offers fantastic speeds as well.

Not only will you enjoy unbelievable Internet speed connection with the highest reliability and stability rate, you can deploy your wireless connection to more than 10 devices. On top of that, it can bring up to 3x the speed available on 802.11n. It is touted as having the world’s fastest wireless speeds of up to 300 + 1300 Mbps. Enjoy quick access to wifi devices as well as have fun basking in smooth HD streaming with worriless wireless interference. The dual-band Gigabit WiFi and built-in ADSL2+ Modem lets you enjoy wireless connectivity with your Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Other features include fiber or cable modem connection via the Gigabit Ethernet WAN port, Readyshare USB access plus USB hard drives through its 2 USB ports, Readyshare Printer via wireless access, DLNA to enable media find and playback on TVs and game consoles, Beamforming+ that boosts speed, wide-range wifi connections, and high reliability, Advanced QoS for a better and smoother HD gaming and streaming, and a super simple setup via the NETGEAR genie Home Networking wizard.

The NETGEAR AC1600 gives you a simplified, reliable and stable home networking setup with plenty of peace of mind. In addition, it empowers you with remote access that allows you to control your home network even when you are away from home. Not only that, the remote access includes capabilities to block wifi devices, configure Parental Control, as well as set up your wifi for guest use, while you have the visibility through a network map anywhere.


4. CenturyLink Actiontec M1000 DSL Modem

The Actiontec M1000 is a perfect choice when you are looking for reliability. The CenturyLink Actiontec M1000 DSL Modem can deliver ultra-speed Wi-Fi Internet connectivity with the use of the W1000 adapter, which is sold separately. It is fully approved by AT&T Uverse, as well as other leading ISPs, such as Frontier and Qwest.

The CenturyLink Actiontec M1000 DSL Modem uses RIP-1, RIP-2, and static IP routing protocols. It comes with an external power adapter and the modem is designed for wired connectivity boasting a Max Transfer Rate of 24 MBPS and full-rate ADSL 2 digital signaling protocol. Additional features that come with the CenturyLink Actiontec M1000 DSL Modem are the following:

  • DHCP support
  • ARP support
  • DDoS attack prevention
  • DMZ port, NAT support
  • Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
  • PAT support
  • VPN passthrough
  • Firewall protection
  • Auto-negotiation
  • Full duplex capability

This AT&T approved modem router is compatible with MS Windows Vista (with backward compatibility down to Windows 98), Apple MacOS 9.0 and later versions, UNIX, Linux, and BDS/OS.

The CenturyLink Actiontec M1000 DSL Modem delivers high reliability with very minimal to no instances of connection drops. Its compatibility with AT&T Uverse makes it a credible modem router to use with optimum performance for both wired and wireless connectivity. In addition, the Actiontec M1000 values security as a priority. This affordable option allows you to enjoy a reliable, highly secure, and high-speed Internet browsing experience.


5. Westell 7550 DSL Modem Router

Westell produced a really superb modem router designed and approved for AT&T. The AT&T Westell 7550 DSL Modem router performs excellently in its class. It offers ultra-high speed connection with one of the highest reliability rate in its class at a cost-effective price. It is one of the most portable modem routers in the market today – the AT&T Westell 7550 DSL Modem router has a compact design and very lightweight, weighing at about 1.1 pounds.

In addition, the Westell 7550 DSL Modem router offers plenty more accessories tailored to augment your overall Internet browsing experience. With AT&T’s high-speed Internet offering combined with the Westell 7550 DSL Modem router, you will be assured of a superb online gaming experience that will definitely earn you the bragging rights among your peers.

The Westell 7550 DSL Modem router is very easy to set up and compatible with most operating systems, including Microsoft Windows XP and up, Apple MacOS 9.0 and up as well as other operating systems.


6. NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL (VDSL/ADSL) Modem

The NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL (VDSL/ADSL) Modem boasts of a compact and lightweight design with super easy setup, and a simple hardware design. It is compatible with giant ISPs, such as CenturyLink, Qwest, Frontier, but most importantly, it is one of the best modem routers for AT&T.

It has built-in VDSL as well as compatibility with ADSL connections. Take note though that this may not work on AT&T U-Verse bonded VDSL. So, it’s best to consult with your Internet Service Provider if you are unsure. Other than that, the NETGEAR High-Speed Broadband DSL Modem router offers extra high-speed connectivity and extra security. Most of all, it is very to set up and install, offering CD-less install plus a Smart Wizard application to make the set up a lot easier. It offers auto-detection to enable universal DSL support.

Not only is it relatively cost-effective, the initial package comes with the modem router hardware, RJ-11 cable, Ethernet cable, power adapter, quick start guide, and DSL phone filter.


7. NETGEAR 6200 Modem for AT&T DSL

You can now accelerate your Internet connection with buzzing speed using the NETGEAR 6200 Modem router for AT&T DSL. Be in control of an amazing and unforgettable Internet experience with amazing features of this AT&T approved modem router.

The NETGEAR 6200 Modem router for AT&T DSL brings next generation, cutting-edge technology into your home. This will translate into reliable connections and smooth HD streaming experience. Thanks in part to NETGEAR 6200’s new Beamforming+ technology and simultaneous dual-band wifi.

NETGEAR 6200’s AC1200 wifi can give you up to 300+867 Mbps of Internet speed. Its Gigabit wired connections make it ideal for hardcore HD gaming and video streaming. It can be connected to a cable modem through the Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. It delivers the ultra-fast Internet connection that you need effortlessly.

The NETGEAR 6200 Modem router for AT&T DSL emphasizes security that you can maintain across your home network. This ensures your family privacy and security more than ever, keeping your safe online. For starters, it prevents phishing and offers excellent parental controls. Other security feature includes guest network access and secure wifi connections with high-level security WPA/WPA2.

NETGEAR 6200’s complete feature, security and memory specifications are as follows:

  • Simultaneous dual-band 2.4 GHz + 5GHz
  • IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac 5 GHz
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Built-in ADSL2+ Modem
  • ReadySHARE USB Access
  • Beamforming+
  • NETGEAR Genie App
  • WiFi Boost plus high-powered radio amplifiers
  • WPA/WPA2 – PSK protection access
  • Denial-of-service (DDOS) attack prevention security feature
  • 128MB RAM + 128MB NAND Flash

Setup for the NETGEAR 6200 is one of its main highlights. You can start to enjoy all the features and capabilities of this modem router though the very intuitive NETGEAR genie app as well as its Push ‘N’ Connect button. The NETGEAR 6200 Modem router is a great choice for AT&T DSL.

8. Actiontec 300 MBPS Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router (GT784WN)

Security is what best describes the Actiontec 300 MBPS Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router. It sits at the top of the most secure modem routers that work best with and approved by AT&T DSL. This excellent modem router is compatible with other major Internet Service Providers, namely, CenturyLink, Sprint, Frontier, and Qwest. However, the Actiontec 300 MBPS Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router is not compatible with AT&T U-verse.

It comes pre-configured to enable you of a super-simple setup, which can easily auto-detect specific service settings. Moreover, it is backward compatible with most operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This ensures support for older wireless devices, giving you the best of both the old and new worlds. You can be assured that the Actiontec 300 MBPS Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router has been tested for optimum performance on basically all major DSL providers. It supports ADSL+2 that can give you Internet downstream speeds of up to 24 MBPS.

The greatest advantage this modem router pushes forward is its security. It comes with the most cutting-edge technology in Internet connectivity – high-grade firewall, TKIP/AES encryption, Pre-Shared Key (PSK), 802.1x authentication, MAC Address filtering, unique ID assignation (enables optimum hacking prevention), denial of service protection, stateful packet inspection, content filtering, complex parental controls, and many more.

It is a super-smart choice for a modem router to go with your AT&T DSL connection. The MIMO Start Antenna extends the wireless signals’ range across your home at the same it gets rid of all the annoying dead spots within your wireless coverage area. In addition, the Actiontec 300 MBPS Wireless-N ADSL Modem Router is extremely easy to setup via the industry-leading AutoDetect Wizard. This eliminates the hassle and confusion of the installation and setup.

You can get this modem router inexpensively – plus, a 24/7 phone and online customer support for a much better peace of mind.


9. AT&T NETGEAR DSL Gateway Modem Model 7550

AT&T Netgear 7550 Wi-Fi DSL Internet Modem Wireless Router Gateway
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The Model 7550 is a high-grade modem router produced by NETGEAR for AT&T DSL. It comes with the high-powered 802.11N and Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T. Those cutting-edge pieces of technology combined give you ultra-high speed Internet connection at the speed of light.
Aside from the ultra-high speed connection, the NETGEAR Model 7550 offers extra security features that can be configured easily and enjoyed across all devices connected to it. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6, which makes the NETGEAR Model 7550 ideal for both home and business use. On top of that, you can get 24/7 customer support plus 1-year warranty, all inclusive of its base price.


10. Pace AT&T ADSL Modem (4111n) Broadband Gateway

Pace ATT ADSL Modem (4111n) Broadband Gateway [Bulk Packaging]
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05/22/2022 11:16 am GMT

One of the most best-selling AT&T approved DSL modem router in the market today is the Pace AT&T ADSL Modem router Broadband Gateway. A flexible modem router that can be used with ADSL 1, ADSL 2, ADSL 2+ (1RJ-11), and ADSL 2 RE, the Pace AT&T ADSL Modem Broadband Gateway is compliant with TR-100 and TR-067.

With 1-year full coverage customer support and services warranty, this versatile modem router works really great with AT&T DSL. On top of that, the Pace AT&T ADSL Modem router Broadband Gateway offers super security, which includes MAC-based filtering, WEP64, WPA, WPA2, and WEP128. Additional features include 802.11 b/g/n access point that delivers high-speed connection. All of those features combined make the Pace 4111n truly a world-class AT&T approved modem router that delivers speed, security, and affordability with incredible results.

Buying Guide

Having the best router to go with your Internet service, specifically AT&T DSL, will not only be a wise investment but a critical requirement and component for the best Internet experience. It’s true that there are a lot of routers that you can choose from. In some instances, you may be getting some free default router, branded or not, as a starter for your AT&T DSL Internet.

However, you can never be guaranteed with speed, security, and connection. You will need more than a generic and/or just random router to use with AT&T to get the 3 fundamental requirements and achieve the maximum Internet experience possible.

Many of these approved AT&T routers come with an excellent remote access feature that is exceptional and they can be deployed anywhere as well. They can enable you to be continuously updated for any strange access or connection attempts, and conveniently, you can simply close such access to them or block them. You can also enjoy a highly comfortable setup while you watch these routers to deliver the best services in the industry. You can kiss the nightmare of the dial-up tones, and the limitations of older DSL router models goodbye.

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Best Laptops for Video Editing

Best Laptops for Video Editing

In today’s world of social media and multimedia sharing platforms, video’s popularity to digital consumers is on a steady rise.

To ensure that you are getting a quality video output, one of the most painstaking tasks is editing them. If you are a creative or a video artist, you know just how important it is to have the best laptop for video editing on your side. However, the laptop market is filled with tons of laptops that it can be quite a task just going over each one of them.

For this reason, we have come up with a list of the best laptops that can fill your video editing regiment in a snap. Whether you are a professional or just a hobbyist, there’s a suitable laptop for you in this article.

Here are the best video editing laptops currently on the market.

Top 8 Laptops for Video Editing





Feature 1


Alienware R4


Feature 28th Generation Intel Core i7-8750H
Feature 1


MacBook Pro with Touch Bar


Feature 22.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7
Feature 1


Asus ZenBook UX330UA


Feature 2Latest 8th Gen Intel i5-8250U 1.6 GHz Processor
Feature 1


Dell XPS 15


Feature 27th Generation Intel Core i5-7300HQ Quad Core Processor (6M cache, up to 3.5 GHz)
Feature 1


HP ZBook X2


Feature 2Quadro M620
Feature 1


Lenovo Yoga 720


Feature 2Intel Core i5-7200U
Feature 1


Microsoft Surface Book 2


Feature 2Intel Core i7
Feature 1


Razer Blade Stealth


Feature 2The 7th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U processor

1.Alienware R4

Alienware 15 R4 Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD IPS Display, Intel Core i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX 1060, Windows 10, Black
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05/22/2022 10:20 am GMT

While it’s primarily a gaming laptop, we could not help but include the Alienware R4 on the list. The display is simply breathtaking and can create the sRGB color gamut at 119-percent and brightness at 311 nits. The audio also delivers top notch quality which is a must-have if you want to sync the sound of the video you are editing.

Clocking in at 2.1 GHz, the Alienware R4 is quite fast for a gaming laptop, but it sits in the middle pack of our list in terms of processing speed. It does excel, however, at multitasking thanks to its 16GB of ram. Additionally, it has a 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD hard drives, which can help rev up your editing. Moreover, you have tons of ports such as USB Type C, USB 3.1, HDMI 2.0 and an 802.11ac Wifi with Bluetooth 4.1.

The backlit keyboard is like a small trampoline with a 2 mm travel and 78 grams actuation force. The touchpad also has enough room to perform multitouch gestures. This thing also has a nifty webcam equipped with the Tobii EyeX Lite which is an eye-tracking technology that controls certain functions of the built-in camera. The battery life is also at an acceptable 5-hour range, while the heat index all measure at a comfortable threshold.

Display: 15.6-inch screen; 1920×1080 resolution

Processor: 2.1 GHz Intel Core i7-8750 H

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070; Intel HD Graphics 630 with 8GB memory

Storage: 256GB SSD; 1TB HDD


Weight: 7.8 pounds


  • Beautifully designed case
  • Bright display with strong graphics
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Long battery life


  • Bottom gets hot during intense editing
  • Requires a faster SSD

2. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

For Apple lovers out there who also perform video editing as a hobby or as a professional, you definitely can’t look past the MacBook Pro. It’s easily one of the most luxurious laptops in its class thanks to its sleek ultrathin design and overall performance. While its display is not true 4K HD quality, the 2,880 x 1800 resolution is still an eye candy. It’s Cinema 4D performance is nothing short of masterful especially with its improved render times and complex material reflections. For best video editing compatibility, you should use Final Cut X as it’s already optimized for Apple’s system.

The new Intel Core i9 processor with 6 cores and 12 threads matched with a 32 GB RAM is simply phenomenal. This upgrade allows you to work faster on your video encoding including the demanding H.265 code. You can also multitask with ease without having to worry about its performance dropping when several programs are open at the same time. The ultra-thin design, however, limits the number of ports in the laptop. Not to mention, it’s still using the USB-C ports which means you need to get your dongles ready.

The keyboard has been one of the main sources of ire for the MacBook Pro over the years. Apple changed it in this new model. However, though it may feel different the keys still have less than 1 mm travel which could mean it’s prone to be obstructed by small things like fallen hair and chips crumbs.  The MacBook Pro also has a bit of issue when it comes to the CPU decreasing its throttle speed to cool down the unit. Its battery life is at a laudable 9 hours.

Display: 15.4-inch screen; 2,880 x 1,800 resolution

Processor: 2.9GHz Intel Core i9-8950HK (hex-core)

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon Pro 560X; Intel UHD Graphics 360

Storage: 2TB SSD


Weight: 2.03 pounds


  • Very impressive overall performance
  • Clear and bright display
  • Large storage space
  • Unique owning experience


  • A limited number of ports
  • A tendency to slow down when it heats up

3. Asus ZenBook UX330UA

Many of the video editing laptops in the market cost a decent amount of money. The Asus ZenBook, however, is one of the few budget ultrabooks under $1,000 that can perform light video editing with ease. While it does not have a Nvidia graphics card, the Intel HD Graphics 620 can do its part of the job well. Its display produces the sRGB spectrum at 105-percent and has a brightness of 302 nits; which in ultrabook standard is above average.

The 8th Gen i5-8250U mated with an 8 GB RAM is plenty enough to do some multitasking. However, there is visibly some lag to your video editing tool when a few programs are open at the same time. The 256 GB SATA can transfer files at a decent rate, but it could sure use an SSD upgrade. The audio is also quite solid and can easily fill a small room with loud sounds. You also have some familiar ports a USB 3.0, USB Type-C, micro HDMI and the usual 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.1.

Its keyboard has 1.6-millimeters of travel and an actuation force of 81 grams, which far exceeds the minimum for its ultrabook category. The touchpad though is not as impressive as it’s quite stiff and unresponsive with your clicks. Hence, you’re better off using a mouse. Finally, the ZenBook’s battery life is at more than 8 hours, which is quite useful when you’re doing any all-nighter activity.

Display: 13.3-inch screen; 1920×1080 resolution

Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel i5-8250U

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 620

Storage: 256GB HDD


Weight: 2.66 pounds


  • Affordable Price
  • Very Portable
  • Bright and vibrant screen
  • Speedy performance for an ultrabook


  • Can only do light video editing task
  • Stiff touchpad

4. Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS has a vivid display that can reach 111-percent of the sRGB gamut and has a brightness of 371 nits. While it has a native 1920×1080 resolution, you can upgrade it to a maximum of 3840×2160 resolution. It’s supported by a GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q which is what you usually get in most entry-level gaming laptops. That is to say, it can hold fairly well in terms of producing the most detailed display with occasional to no stuttering during the editing process.

The XPS 15 may have a slim built, but it has some muscles to flex coming from its Intel Core i7-8750H processor coupled with 16GB of RAM. You can even have your browser with multiple tabs opened running on the background as you edit and it wouldn’t even be a problem. Its 256 GB HDD storage, however, may be considered ho-hum, as far as its competitors are concerned. The built-in speakers also produce clean and loud sounds. It’s got the customary ports much like the ones that came before it on this list.

This laptop also has an island-style key which has a shallow 0.7 mm travel and a 70 grams actuation which isn’t too shabby. The touchpad is quick and responsive enough especially when doing a three-finger tap and other multi-touch strokes. If we have one gripe about this laptop it would be the webcam which is awkwardly placed above the hinge. Battery life is at a stellar 11 hours and it stays cool everywhere during that period.

Display: 15.6-inches screen; up to 3840×2160 resolution

Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7-8750H

Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q with 4GB memory

Storage: 256GB SDD


Weight: 4.2-pounds


  • Great overall graphics performance
  • Top notch battery life
  • Doesn’t heat up fast and stays cool
  • Vibrant and lively display


  • Awkwardly placed webcam
  • Outdated case design

5. HP ZBook X2


A laptop made specifically for graphics and digital artists may sound like a concept of the future, but it’s already here. The HP ZBook X2 is a convertible laptop designed specifically for working with visual content such as images and videos. It can turn into a tablet with a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels spread across its 14-inch touchscreen.  The display is probably the most vivid on this list with a whooping sRGB color gamut at 178-percent and brightness at 313 nits. To top it off, it’s also equipped with a Nvidia Quadro M620 which makes the editing task much easier.

The combination of Intel Core i7-8650U and a 32 GB RAM allows you to multitask and open several programs at the same time. It does quite well on many video-editing tests and can transcode a 4K video to a 1080 pixel video in faster than two minutes than the average. The 512 GB SSD storage is also a welcome addition since you can have more files in it. It also has two cameras- a selfie cam with 720p and a rear shooter with 3264×1836 resolution. Audio quality is also in tip-top shape as one would expect from a Bang & Olufsen-made speakers.

While many convertible laptops fail when it comes to the keyboard, the ZBook seem to thrive in it. Thanks to 1.5 mm travel and 68 grams of pressing force, you can increase your typing speed by a significant amount. The touchpad is also quite pleasant with ample of space and responsiveness. It also comes with a handy stylus which is useful especially when you’re drawing. The ZBook tends to heat up faster on tablet mode but can handle remaining cool when on laptop mode. Its Achilles’ heel, however, is in its short battery life that lasts only 4 hours.

Display: 14-inch screen; 3840×2160 native resolution

Processor: Intel Core i7-8650U

Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro M620 with 2GB video memory

Storage: 512GB SSD


Weight: 4.9 pounds laptop; 3.8 pounds tablet


  • Top performing processor and RAM
  • Excellent keyboard and touchpad
  • Usable front and back cameras
  • Impressive shortcut software


  • Expensive
  • Short battery life

6. Lenovo Yoga 720

If you are looking for a more affordable 2-in-1 laptop for your video editing needs, then look no farther than the Yoga 720. It’s got an amazing display with a sRGB color gamut of 141 percent and brightness of 255 nits. Add in an Intel HD Graphics 620 and this setup can display videos with great accuracy especially in the shading and effects department. While the native resolution sits at 1920×1080, you can upgrade it to a 3840×2160 res for a true 4K experience.

The Intel Core i5-8250U is capable of giving a decent pace to your editing, however, the 8GB RAM limits how much multitasking you can do. File transfer speeds are above average when compared to its ultrabook competitors. We recommend that you only do light video editing on this laptop as it can only process so much at a time. The 720p webcam that comes with it can perform your casual chatting with ease but nothing else beyond that.

Among the issues that we have found out about this laptop is its unimpressive keypad which feels flat. The key’s 1.2 mm travel and 68 grams actuation can hamper your typing speed. Luckily, the touchpad performs better than the keyboard and is quite accurate especially on responding to Windows 10 gestures. Moreover, this device remains at a comfortable temperature both for the laptop and tablet mode even when used for a long period of time. Battery life is at an average of 8 hours.

Display: 13.3-inch screen; up to 3840 x 2160 resolution

Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 620

Storage: 256GB SSD


Weight: 4.55 pounds laptop; 2.8 pounds tablet


  • Super fast SSD
  • Thunderbolt 3 port
  • JBL stereo speakers
  • Great value for its justified price


  • Poor keyboard layout
  • No SD card reader

7. Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2 15" (Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512 GB), Silver
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05/22/2022 10:40 am GMT

Microsoft knows that a large number of its laptop market is comprised of creatives and artists. Hence, the Surface Book 2 was released to fill such need and compete with rival Apple’s MacBook Pro. The 2-in-1 Surface Book 2 has been revamped to fight toe-to-toe in a competitive space. The gorgeous display has been made into a true 4K display and backed with a capable Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. The screen’s texture quality looks crisp with 131-percent sRGB color gamut and easily beats that of the MacBook Pro. Attaching and detaching the tablet screen is also speedy.

Performance-wise it’s still at a modest standing with a quad-core Intel Core i7-865OU which can ooze out 1.8 GHz. It also has a 16 GB RAM and 1TB of SSD. However, it’s a couple of cores lower than the faster MacBook. On the flipside, because its bulkier than its rival the Surface Book 2 has the edge in terms of a number of ports with two USB 3.1, a Type C USB 3.1, SD card reader, and two Surface Connect. It also comes with two cameras- an 8MP rear and a 5MP front. The speakers, however, are placed awkwardly which results in its low volume.

The backlit keyboard has an acceptable travel time and has quite a punchy feedback that allows good typing speed. Moreover, the touchpad is responsible enough and does things just right. However, the Surface Pen, one of the best styluses in the market, is not included on its package which is a bummer. Both laptop and tablet mode stays relatively cool when doing simple tasks. To put the icing on the cake, the Surface Book 2 has an enviable 15 hours of battery life.


  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent display quality
  • Multiple ports including USB Type C


  • Lacks Thunderbolt 3
  • Quite expensive

Display: 15-inch PixelSense screen; 3,240 x 2,160 resolution

Processor: 1.9GHz Intel Core i7-8650U processor

Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 1050; Intel UHD Graphics 620

Storage: 1TB SSD


Weight:  4.18lbs

8. Razer Blade Stealth

Completing this list is none other than the Razer Blade Stealth, a lightweight gaming laptop that also works spectacularly on editing videos. It’s a very balanced system which has a great display that produces 121 percent of the sRGB gamut and a brightness of 328 nits. It also has a very responsive touchscreen that can respond accurately to even a slight touch.  Furthermore, it has a 3,200 x 1,800 QHD resolution that fills its 13.3-inch screen. It’s good for editing videos as it does not leave behind even the smallest of details.

Razer has also geared it with a quad-core Intel 8th gen processor for it to perform in its competitive category. The 16 GB RAM is also a welcome addition as it lets you multitask while keeping pace with its top-notch performance. Data transfer rate is also quite impressive and doubles that of the average in the mid-level gaming laptop space. The speakers are quite louder than what you’d expect for top mounted units. It also has numerous ports including a Thunderbolt, the usual USBs and an HDMI 2.0.

As one would expect from a gaming laptop, the Razer Chroma keyboard is quite capable to keep up with your typing speed. It has a 1.2 mm of travel and 69 grams actuation which are both above average. Its battery life, however, is unremarkable at just five hours.

Display: 13.3-inches screen; 3,200 x 1,800 resolution

Processor: 1.8-GHz Intel Core i7-8550U

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU

Storage: 512GB SSD


Weight: 2.8 pounds


  • Slim design and very portable
  • Bright and very detailed display
  • Fast SSD
  • Comes with a powerful 8th gen processor


  • Disappointing battery life
  • A bit more expensive


So there you have it, these are the laptops that made it into our list of the best laptops under $500. With that being said, we hope you have found the best laptop that suits your tight budget.

So the next time you are on the lookout for a good laptop on a tight budget, just remember to look at the factors mentioned above and you will get the best value from your hard-earned cash.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Video Editing Laptop


The most important aspect of a computer for many video editors is none other than display. The laptop must have the highest resolution possible and has a genuine 4K display. We recommend a laptop that has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels or higher for your video editing needs. You also want the laptop’s screen to have the best color accuracy to produce the best editing experience. Larger screen size is also preferred since you can see the video’s details better.


You also need to have a laptop with a fast processor since video editing requires a lot of processes happening at the same time. Thus, a laptop with great computing capabilities is preferred. The latest 7th generation of processors, the Intel i7 series, will do the job perfectly. You can also settle for an i5 series processor, but expect them to be a bit slower.

Graphics Card

In the past, your computer does most of the video editing on the processor alone. Today, however, part of that process is also handled by the video card. Thus, it’s important that you have a top performing graphics card like Nvidia.

Hard Drive

If you want a faster editing process, we recommend that you get a laptop that both have an SSD and HD. Having multiple drives allows faster workflow provided that you have the right setup. You can install the video editing tool, such as the Adobe Premiere Pro, in the SSD and have the video file on the HD.

Random Access Memory

RAM is another important feature that you should look for in a video editing laptop; the larger, the better. A laptop or PC with large RAM allows you to handle multi-tasking better as its where your working files are set in. RAM also affects effects and is quite useful when you are dealing with motion graphics. We recommend that your laptop of choice should have at least 16 GB RAM.

Battery Life

There are times you may be working in a place that has no access to an electrical outlet and you have to rely on your laptop’s battery. Thus, you need a laptop with a decent battery life so you can maximize your working output.

Additional Features

Finally, a smart buyer can also see the value of a laptop based on the added features. First, you want to have a USB 3.0 or USB Type C since they transfer files faster from your peripheral devices. Second, you may opt to have a backlit keyboard for better visibility especially when working in a poorly lit environment. Third, you may need a solid multi-media card reader if you save videos on other storage media and an HDMI port for presentations. If you are a freelance video editor who works online, you also will need a reliable webcam and microphone to communicate well with clients.

Top Products

Best GTX 1060 GPUs

Best GTX 1060

The GTX 1060 is designed for 1080p and 1440p, entry-level VR, and entry-level 4K gaming requirements. It is an overkill GPU card for any gaming requirements below 1080 as well as for retro games. With a lot of GTX 1060s today, it’s easy to make a mistake in your purchase. Different manufacturers applying their own approach and technologies into the GTX 1060 mean many different features, capabilities, disadvantages, and price range.

We have rounded up a lot of GTX 1060 out in the market today and have compiled a list of the best for you.

Top 6 GTX 1060





Feature 1


ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX 1060 6GB


Feature 2boost clock of 1873 MHz
Feature 1


PNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card


Feature 2Base Clock: 1506 MHz / Boost Clock: 1708 MHz
Feature 1


Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming


Feature 2base clock of 1594 MHz
Feature 1


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founder’s Edition


Feature 2higher base clock speeds
Feature 1


EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC Gaming


Feature 21607 MHz
Feature 1


MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 3GB VR Ready


Feature 28192 MHz

1. ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

ASUS GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Turbo Edition VR Ready Dual HDMI 2.0 DP 1.4 Auto-Extreme Graphics Card (TURBO-GTX1060-6G)
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05/22/2022 04:50 am GMT

The first in our list comes from one of the most highly regarded names in the computer industry, ASUS. This big name built the Dual Series GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, which is in all facets, considered to be an ordinary GTX 1060. However, despite the seemingly ordinariness, the Dual Series GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, you will be amazed by the many surprises it has up its sleeve.
The card uses two HDMI inputs, hence the name, “dual series”, which allow you to plug in a headset and a monitor simultaneously. This is perfect for setting up a VR kit, and surprisingly, it is very cost effective.

Running at a 1506 MHz base clock, with a boost clock of 1873 MHz, this ASUS GTX 1060 was designed with quiet and cool in mind. The overall design of the GPU’s dual-fan is to easily dissipate heat much more effectively without pushing either fan at higher speeds. Under substantial strain, you will expect to observe throttling at 80c, but you can adjust the fans to run at higher speeds to compensate. Though the fans cease to become quiet, especially when running at 60-70% capacity, it’s never a cause for worry as it is just expected.

The ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX 1060 6GB has a 9.5 x 1.7 x 5.1-inch dimensions. Its overall physical size is just about the average for most cards, and most importantly, it fits on most tower cases. The only challenge maybe would be fitting this card into smaller cases due to its 9.5-inch length.

It comes with the GPU TWEAK II, that enables you to easily monitor performance and streaming. On top of that, it comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Ultimately, all of that in one package, though not highly excitable but nevertheless complete, the ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX 1060 6GB is the most perfect GTX 1060 when you’re looking for affordability.

2. PNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card

PNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card (VCGGTX10606PB)
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05/22/2022 04:50 am GMT

At first glance, the PNY can easily be dismissed as a B-lister among the huge brands that manufacture GTX 1060s and other GPU cards. It is not always a popular choice when being competed with ASUS or Gigabyte. However, PNY offers practicality and affordability instead of going head-to-head with the mammoths of GPU brands. You will be surprised to learn about its fully loaded GPUs behind what could be considered a cheap-looking card.

The PNY GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card is not built to win beauty contests. However, it excels in performance and speed. It utilizes dual-fan configuration for cooling, which is a complete overkill for the card. The PNY 1060 replicates the NVIDIA reference card output of 120W thermal. This simply means that this GTX 1060 is built to run really cool compared to its contemporaries.

The result – 1506 MHz. base clock and a boost clock of 1708 MHz. That’s around 100 MHz lower than what you commonly see on comparable GTX 1060 units. It is definitely slower compared to other GeForce cards but it’s definitely palatable without major observable effects or differences in performance. If this is considered bothersome, you can recover the 100 MHz through slight overclocking, or if you want, you can purchase a more overclocked 1060 but a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, you are getting the performance and speed that you need, delivered to you with just 2-3 FPS difference, at an undeniably affordable price. That is the ultimate goal of this PNY GTX 1060 card.

The PNY GTX 1060 is built thick and long with the following dimensions: 10.5 x 2 x 4.4 inches. It can be quite challenging to install, especially with small and/or compact PC cases. Also, the location of the PCIe on the motherboard comes into play and must be a factor to consider, especially when it comes to the clearance and depth of the card. On a connectivity standpoint, the PNY GTX 1060 offers 1 HDMI, 1 DL-DVI-D, and 3 DisplayPort ports. Similar to other manufacturers, PNY offers 3-year warranty for their GTX 1060s.

3. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming Gv-N1060G1GAMING-6Gd REV2 Graphics Cards Graphic Cards GV-N1060G1GAM-6GD R2
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05/22/2022 09:05 am GMT

From a giant in the computer electronics industry, the GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming is built by Gigabyte. The company is a trusted, credible and reputable brand in the GPU space. You can never go wrong with a Gigabyte; a lot of gamers would say. Now, the G1 Gaming is a powerful GTX 1060. It sets the stage by impressing you with its boost clock that will certainly let you squeeze every penny you paid for the card.

Starting at a base clock of 1594 MHz and a boost of up to 1847, the G1 Gaming challenges the competition headstrong in terms of speed. By far, it is the best speeds you can get from buying a GTX 1060. Together with that amazing highlight, the G1 Gaming comes with standard features expected from all GTX 1060 cards. Gigabyte offers the usual connectivity options, such as 1 HDMI connection, 1 DL-DVI-D port, and 3 DisplayPort ports. All of these are common among GTX 1060s.

The G1 Gaming runs over 20% hotter than NVIDIA’s reference card due to its aggressive clocks. The TDP or thermal power design shoots up to 150, which is the maximum heat the GTX 1060 card can produce. But not be easily discouraged, Gigabyte utilizes a crafty and smart, at the same time, efficient two-fan cooling system that effectively dissipates heat. It is simply appropriate for this type of GTX 1060 card.

One thing to keep in mind when buying is that the G1 Gaming is designed really long. The card’s dimensions are 11 x 1.6 x 4.5 inches. This won’t fit easily to small case PCs and sometimes even a bit challenging for a larger case, depending on the location of the PCIe and the arrangement of the slots. Best practice is to check your case to see if this GPU card will fit easily. Otherwise, your buy will turn into an install-nightmare. The key is to measure the available space first before adding this GPU card straight into your shopping cart.

Starting price range of the Gigabyte G1 Gaming is moderate, but if you want to save, it’s worth learning that Gigabyte also sells a 3GB version of the G1 Gaming. If you are not going to use this GTX 1060 for VR or any 2K resolution gaming, the 3GB version will be a wise choice.

4. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founder’s Edition

Designed and built to be better and faster, utilizing the latest in GPU technology, the NVIDIA Founder’s Edition is light years ahead of its predecessors. Using this latest GTX 1060 from NVIDIA puts you into a very strong position to play the top and most demanding games you’ve dreamed of.

The Founder’s Edition GTX 1060 will impress you with its superb and excellent performance with increased processing power without sacrificing anything, especially increase in power consumption. You’ll be amazed at how it almost doesn’t impact power consumption even at really increased speeds and performance. It somehow gives you an assurance as well that this GTX 1060 uses the same Pascal architecture, which NVIDIA has used for its previous releases. It’s a proven effective platform and remains to be the best in its field.

Talking about the processing power of the Founder’s Edition, it comes with an amazing 1280 CUDA cores. This should excite you as it crunches the bulk of the graphics job. Amazingly, the Founder’s Edition comes with higher base clock speeds and extra faster boost as a result. Connection options include a DVI, 2 HDMI, and 3 DisplayPort ports.

Ultimately, what you’re getting is quietness, impressive performance, lower power consumption, and peace of mind knowing that that manufacturer is NVIDIA itself.

5. EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC Gaming

EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC), 06G-P4-6163-KR
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05/22/2022 10:06 am GMT

EVGA built its GTX 1060 to offer more innovative features as well as new and cutting-edge gaming technologies. It promises to put you in a position to play all of the high definition and powerfully demanding games available today, and most possibly in the future. This is one of the key selling points of EVGA with its GeForce GTX 1060 SC Gaming.

Surprisingly, you can get the EVGA GTX 1060 relatively affordably. You will get to enjoy proper cooling features for the GPU card because of EVGA’s ACX cooling technology applied into this GTX 1060, all-new performance processor through EVGA’s Precision XOC using NVIDIA’s great Pascal architecture, essential connectivity ports, and most importantly, low power consumption.

That’s a full-packed GTX 1060 at a considerably lower price. The ACX cooling technology alone gives the EVGA GTX 1060 an edge over competitors. It is known to cool the GPU card much faster over other cooling systems. This is built using swept fan blades and double bearing balls. It also has a low power motor.

On top of that, the EVG Precision XOC accelerates and augments the GTX 1060’s performance and makes it easier for you to overclock using its built-in automatic tuning. Other features, such as connectivity options, include the usual DVI, HDMI, and 3 DisplayPort ports. Ultimately, choosing the EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC Gaming over much better-known brands and/or unknown brands with cheaper price, is quite a good balance and wise purchase for a GTX 1060.

6. MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 3GB VR Ready

MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 6GB GDRR5 192-bit HDCP Support DirectX 12 Dual TORX 2.0 Fan VR Ready Graphics Card (GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G)
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05/22/2022 09:43 am GMT

If what you are trying to achieve is a GTX 1060 that delivers the best VR performance, then the MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1060 3GB VR Ready is your best choice. It is the top-rated GPU card in terms of performance and delivering UHD resolution. 4K gaming requirements are just a walk in the park with this MSI GTX 1060. You can expect ultra-sharp and ultra-crisp images and graphics performance.

MSI’s GTX 1060 introduces an impressive cooling capability through the use of Torx fans, which is considered to be one of the bests in achieving better cooling. The fans create more air pressure compared to other cooling technologies by 22 percent. It does this at incredibly low noise levels too.

On top of that, this MSI GTX 1060 defines fun in cooler ways. It offers cool LEDs that produce really great LED effects on the physical GPU card itself. This makes it an instant head-turner. Moreover, you can customize and/or control the LEDs according to your preferred personalization. Whether you like it breathing, steady or flashing, the LEDs can play into your desired gaming style essentials.

One thing that MSI offers for this GTX 1060 is the G-Sync feature that allows you to have a fast and smooth gaming experience all the time. This is critical, especially in terms of delivering the best gaming experience possible. This feature removes any instances and/or issues around screen tearing, bleeding, and intermittent graphics problems.

Perhaps, what makes the MSI Gaming GeForce really on top of the class is its VR Ready offering. It is built to perform excellently in the VR environment. It supports the most immediate VR technology requirements today and any possible upcoming requirements.

You will be surprised to get all the features of this GPU card plus the VR-ready capability at a very affordable price. While its 3GB memory may not be enough but you’ll be assured that this GTX 1060 is designed for heavy games, and it performs extremely well, with low noise and impressive cooling performance.


The answer to the question most people ask about why there are a lot of different GTX 1060s is practically simple. It is a wise decision huge tech companies, AMD and NVIDIA, made in order for them to move away from actually manufacturing Graphics Processing Units or GPUs, and focus on designing the GPU technology. With this business model in place, NVIDIA and AMD design GPUs, send the chips and instructions to other manufacturers, such as Gigabyte, ASUS, and MSI to build the actual cards. The other manufacturers then apply their own discrete approach and brand when building the GTX 1060 cards.

That said, no GTX 1060s are the same – even if both are identically branded the same. The differences are significant, and in some instances, huge and meaningful. What you think are stable and standard characteristics for every card become variables that impact performance, speed, capacity, and so forth. There are too many factors involved – connectivity options, speed of every card, available VRAM quantity, size. All of these can vary.

NVIDIA Reference

NVIDIA specified the reference GTX 1060 card a requirement for card manufacturers as well as to establish the GTX 1060 standard. Specifications include 6GB DDR5 memory, 192-bit memory interface, 1280 CUDA cores, and 192 GB/s memory bandwidth. These specifications provide optimum power and memory designed to take modern gaming requirements more competently. These specifications are also capable to handle demanding requirements for VR and 2K gaming. A 400W power supply is highly recommended for every GTX 1060, although it wouldn’t hurt to use more depending on your type of use.

NVIDIA’s reference card utilizes the 6-pin power connector, but there are many manufacturers that almost always require the 8-pin power connector, or some, the dual 6-pin power connector. There are many reasons behind that, but the most obvious is that NVIDIA has designed the chips this way in order for aftermarket manufacturers to raise run their own cards a lot hotter despite the 120W thermal output of the reference card.

Manufacturer Cards Differences

Every GPU manufacturer has their very own distinct approach to building the cards, especially cooling. The reference cards provided by NVIDIA and AMD utilize blower-style coolers compared to the dual-fan coolers utilized by aftermarket manufacturers. There’s a significant difference and purpose between the two. For example, blower cards are much more effective at cooling PCs with small cases, but they’re not as effective in cooling the GPU itself. This impacts on performance due to thermal limitations. On the other hand, dual-fan coolers are highly effective in dissipating heat. However, this can be a problem with smaller case PCs because it ends up dumping heat inside the case.

Another differentiator is the clock speed – this varies from one card to another. The literal power of each card is not the same on two cards. Perhaps, one of the most obvious and tangible differences between aftermarket GPU cards is the physical size. Manufacturers build their own GTX 1060s differently based on their own approach, and this results in significant and obvious physical differences. The length is what most often vary, and this poses a challenge when fitting on a small case PC. Card depth is another thing – this is one huge consideration to take when you are using a case with a poorly positioned PCIe slot.

Top Products

Best Gaming Mice Under $50

Best Gaming Mice Under $50

As a gamer, when choosing to buy a gaming console or building a gaming PC, the decision can be quite hard. On one hand, a gaming console usually has the accessories needed in order to enjoy a bunch of games it comes with while building a gaming PC can be quite a challenge but definitely worth it.

If the PC is used for specific game genres, a specialized mouse must be considered. Sometimes, an all-purpose gaming mouse works for one genre and some are specially built for specific game genres like FPS or RPG games. There are premium quality gaming mice available in the market that can be personalized by the player depending on his/her preference and are usually used for gaming tournaments.

Before you decide which is the best mouse for you, read these detailed reviews and pros and cons of each.

Top 5 Gaming Mice Under $50 in 2019





Feature 1


SteelSeries Sensei 310


Feature 2Compatible operating system is windows, mac, and linux
Feature 1


Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520


Feature 2Pixart PMW-3360 Infrared Sensor, up to 12000 and zero negative acceleration or prediction for true 1-1 input for pinpoint accuracy
Feature 1


Corsair Glaive RGB


Feature 2Custom, gaming grade native 16000 DPI optical sensor with 1 dpi resolution steps for high accuracy performance
Feature 1


VicTsing MM057


Feature 2Well compatible with Windows7/8/10/XP, Vista7/8 and Linux
Feature 1


Razer DeathAdder Elite


Feature 2High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor

1. SteelSeries Sensei 310

SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3 Optical Sensor - Ambidextrous Design - Split-Trigger Buttons - RGB Lighting, Black
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05/22/2022 07:09 am GMT

This gaming mouse is one of the best gaming mice that costs less than $50. It has a sandy matte coating that makes it easy to handle during gameplay and the sides are finished with silicone coating making it easier to grip. It weighs approximately 90 grams and it has a solid built quality considering the price it has which also packs an impressive texture that is so much better than cheap plastic. It has an ambidextrous design, the curves are placed in the right places and the back edge of the mouse falls off steeply and comfortable for the palm, therefore, can be advised for left-handed users.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 is designed with TrueMove3, an amazing optical sensor, it offers 12,000 CPI and one to one tracking up to 3500 CPI and has a 50 million click lifespan, it will last a very long time. SteelSeries was able to manage to add another feature, advanced jitter reduction wherein it helps smooth out micro-movements from the user’s hand during exciting gameplay. The SteelSeries is worth the price for its solid build quality, top-notch sensor, and the comfort it gives the user when using it for gaming. This gaming mouse is perfect for new gamers who are new to the scene. SteelSeries Rival 310 is perfect for right-handed users.


  • Affordable price. It is comfortable to use for gamers who use claw and palm grip styles.


  • It doesn’t have braided cable and the sensor calibration support is unavailable.
  • Not advisable for users with large hands.

2. Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520

Cooler Master SGM-2007-KLON1 MasterMouse MM520 Claw Grip Gaming Mouse, 7 Buttons, RGB LED 3 Zone Light, On-The-Fly DPI 12000, Lag-Free
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05/22/2022 09:45 am GMT

It is advisable for gamers with a claw grip. It is a 6-button gaming mouse, have high DPI perfect for RTS games as it is more versatile compared to its predecessor Master Spawn. The ring finger has its own support and back has the right amount of arch while the left and right buttons flatten and it supports the claw grip perfectly. The left side is slotted and serves as a thumb support. The front side is also shaped like of the Ferrari grill. It features three-zone RGB lighting which supports 16.7 million colors and different patterns that looks amazing during gameplay. The rear, the border around the mouse’s logo, and the wheel scroll light up during gaming.


  • High capacity sensor, capable of 12,000 DPI
  • Features the Omron switch
  • Offers decent comfort while playing


  • Some reviewers complain of poor build quality
  • Individuals who are not used to the claw grip style will have a hard time using this mouse

3. Corsair Glaive RGB

CORSAIR Glaive - RGB Gaming Mouse - Comfortable & Ergonomic - Interchangeable Grips - 16000 DPI Optical Sensor - Aluminum
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05/22/2022 12:40 pm GMT

The brand that released this gaming mouse is well-known for producing high-quality keyboards, RAM, PC, and power supplies. This gaming mouse features one of the best optical sensors in the market and comes with removable thumb grips. It measures 3.6 x 4.95 x 1.75 inches, naturally large which makes it perfect for users who prefer palm grip styles. The sides are designed with a contoured shape which offers comfort especially, during long gaming. The entire exterior is painted with soft-touch paint that makes it easy to grip and easy to hold on and will not slip during extensive gaming. The entire surface is not wide enough to fit the ring and pinky finger to rest on top of it comfortably and finished with a textured pad on the right side of the mouse that allows easy handling.


  • It has interchangeable thumb grips, glides smoothly and it has smooth motion and tracking
  • It is an excellent and ergonomic gaming mouse that comes with customizable options


  • Made from plastic
  • More pricey compared to competitor options

4. VicTsing MM057

This wireless gaming mouse offers solid performance, considering its very affordable low price. It can perform even if 15 m away from the source and has a long battery life (may last up to 15 months but it varies depending on use), it comes with Auto Switch Off function that will save energy whenever the PC is turned off, the gaming mouse will automatically switch off as well. It has 2400 DPI; the performance can be tuned depending on the gaming needs of the user. It is designed with extra two buttons that can be programmed and can be edited depending on the gameplay requirements. VicTsing MM057 may not be the best gaming mice but it provides better performance especially for those gamers who have a tight budget.


  • Comes in a different variety of colors
  • very affordable
  • long-lasting battery life
  • Easy to use
  • It is strong and durable with a wide range


  • Has low DPI settings
  • small size individuals with large hands will not enjoy this gaming mouse

5. Razer DeathAdder Elite

This gaming mouse never fails to stand out with its classic aesthetic design, solid build quality, and top-notch performance. It features one of the most advanced optical sensors with 16,000 DPI 5G Optical sensor and 99.4% resolution accuracy that greatly improves one’s gaming experience. It delivers optimum performance that is well-known for Razer products. The gaming experience can be improved depending on the personal preference of the user with the programmable buttons it comes with and by personalizing the gaming mouse scroll and logo depending on one’s style or mood with the 16.8 million customizable color options it offers. It is known to deliver reliable quality and performance and it included the RBG LED lighting inside the mouse.


  • Produced by a trusted and well-known company
  • It is made with Chroma design and has durable and solid build quality
  • Can be customized by using Razer Synapse 2.0
  • Gaming mice buttons can be customized depending on the gameplay requirements
  • The Razer Mechanical Mouse Switches are extremely durable and can last up to 50 million clicks
  • It comes in various colors.


  • The design ergonomics can be improved
  • The placement of DPI buttons can be accidentally bumped during extensive gaming
  • Thumb button placement is designed for users with large hands


Factors to consider when buying an affordable gaming mouse

Sensor – The sensor is a very important part of a mouse. It is the heart of the mouse and there are 3 types available to choose from Infrared, laser, and optical. The most common in the market is the laser sensor. It can be used on any surface, however; it comes with a disadvantage that will be considered as a deal-breaker to a gamer. A laser mouse compared to other types has a higher lift-off distance. It can cause a problem when the mouse reaches the edge of the mouse-mat and it needs to be repositioned, therefore, affecting the game view and it is definitely a bad thing when it happens during an important part of the game. Professional gamers usually choose an optical mouse and use a quality mouse-mat that allows the sensor to read the surface accurately.

Grip Style – The grip style of gamers usually varies. It is important to consider when planning to purchase a gaming mouse. The grip style is usually classified into three types’ claw grip, fingertip grip, and palm grip.

  • Claw grip – This grip style is a combination of the palm and fingertip grip. The palm rests on the edge of the mouse while the finger and thumb tips are slightly angled on the buttons.
  • Fingertip grip – On this grip style, the tips of the index, middle and ring fingers rest on the buttons and the wheel while the palm is not touching the body of the mouse and the thumb grips the side of the mouse.
  • Palm grip – This grip style is the most commonly used by players. The fingers will lie on the buttons and at the same time, the entire palm rests on the body of the mouse.

Connectivity – A gaming mouse can be wired or wireless. Wireless mice are recommended if one hates having to untangle one wire from another on the desk, however, a disadvantage of using one will affect the gameplay such as, its ability to properly transmit the signal to the receiver and it may cause delay to the cursor response, it is a critical factor when in the middle of an important gameplay. Modern wireless mice nowadays have improved their performance, in terms of delay (lag), but when looking for an absolutely fast and responsive gaming mouse, a corded mouse is definitely advisable to get.

Wireless mice will also rely on the battery power it has and it may fail during a significant stage of the game. There are some that come with charging accessories. Battery weight can affect the lightness of a mouse. There are wireless mice that use a detachable USB cable that can be easily hooked whenever it needs a charging boost, the cable can be easily detached and no batteries will add to the weight of the mouse.

Different types of Mice – There are various gaming mice available on the market and here are some to make choosing easier when planning to purchase one.

  • Shooter Mice – It is one of the most common mouse for gaming in the market. It is easy to use and uses basic controls; it is usually advisable for beginner players. This type of mice has a conventional left, wheel, and right buttons. It has added two to three buttons. This type of gaming mouse is frequently used for FPS games. It is the simplest gaming mouse and will help new gamers to adapt to the games by using only three fingers.
  • MMO Mice – MMO gaming mice are perfect for a game genre that uses custom skills. An MMO mouse was created with a 12-button grid for the thumb. For the past couple of years, MMO mice have been one of the top choices for gamers and players alike. It is usually designed with standard buttons and added with better specifications that help improve the gaming experience. MMO mice usually can withstand a series of clicks and are advised for games that will require quick movement, especially when performing contextual skills. However, the small thumb buttons are not ideal for fast action and shooter games.
  • Hybrid Mice – Hybrid mice is the gaming mouse that offers a combination of the different types of gaming mice available in the market. A hybrid mouse is usually flexible enough to perform and work with any game genre. It is usually designed with two thumb buttons that can be used for shooter games and have an extra sensitivity that can be adjusted depending on the game requirements. It is advisable for those who prefer something that is flexible and not just focuses on one game genre.
  • Ambidextrous Mice – These are the gaming mice that can actually cater for left-handed gamers. These are designed with a symmetrical body and it has thumb buttons on both sides and can be used to properly calibrate specific movements during difficult gameplay.

Sensitivity – Gaming mouse sensitivity is important to consider when one is planning to purchase one. The sensitivity of the sensor of a gaming mouse is measured in the DPI or dots per inch measurement. The higher the DPI aspect of the mice, the faster is the movement and by using minimal effort only. It improves the gaming experience and exhibits better response time on the PC screen during gameplay.

Size – The overall size of a gaming mouse can affect the gaming experience of a player. A mouse with versatile ergonomics allows better performance, accuracy, and prolonged usage. If with improper design, a mouse can cause strain and injuries to the user. If a gamer is comfortable while playing games, he will be able to enjoy the gaming experience fully. The palm-size of the player must be considered when choosing the best gaming mouse for him.

Price – Lastly, gaming mice usually fall into three price categories. There are gaming mice that cost less than $50, between $50-100, and more than $100. The price alone will provide an idea regarding the performance of the three categories; however, it is not impossible for one to purchase a great mouse at a low price.

  • Less than $50 – Budget gaming mice are common in the market. Although it may offer a top-notch quality, there are still some that rise above and prove they’re worth purchasing.
  • Price range between $50-$100 – In this price range, a lot of gaming mice offer user-friendly designs, better sensors, and excellent software.
  • More than $100 – This price range usually consists of customizable gaming mice that offer different options and can be personalized according to the players’ gaming needs. Some gaming mice can swap out different elements like the wheels, buttons, and palm rests.

Buying a gaming mouse can be considered as an investment, to choose the right one will be quite a challenge because usually one gaming mouse might be considered as the best for one user but not for another. One must consider his personal gaming preference, the budget (of course) and the extra features you want a gaming mouse to have. Buying gaming mice for PC gaming and depending on the games you will be using it is one of the important aspects that must be put into considering as well.

The next feature you need to look out for is the laptops battery life. This is important for any laptop unless you are okay with constantly working near an electrical outlet. If you are always on the move, it pays to get a laptop with a higher than average battery life. At this price range, you can buy a laptop that has a battery life of 6 hours with a single charge.

In terms of connectivity, you need to make sure that the laptop supports the fastest 802.11ac which is the standard for most Wifi connections today. It is also important to have at least 2 or 3 USB 3.0 ports included.