Best Budget Keyboards

After spending a lot on your top of the line computer rig or cutting-edge iMac set up, the keyboard can be your lowest priority – for some users. Without much thought, you would easily throw in less than 20 bucks for a keyboard. It’s not that important anyway since you have a powerful set of quad-core CPU and extra 8GB memories. Or so you thought.

While the keyboard fares too trivial compared to the thought process and decision making involved in building a powerful computer rig or spending money on an iMac, it requires a relatively significant amount of attention and thinking. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to end up buying a keyboard with sticky keys, intermittent connection problems, non-responsive actions, and/or, awkward and uncomfortable ergonomics.

Nevertheless, the decision-making process of buying a keyboard involves more than just looking at its price. There’s a lot of factors to consider – ergonomics, look, functionality, connectivity, added shortcuts, color, backlight, and so forth. However, you will still need to be conscious around the price. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to spend a few hundred bucks for a keyboard if you had already spent over a thousand bucks for a computer rig. These are the best budget keyboards you can buy.

Best Budget Keyboards in 2018

1. Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard

Due to the Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard providing a truly basic keyboard design and functionality, it is often a top choice over competitive options. The Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard is a full-sized basic keyboard that works perfectly for long-term and daily keyboard work. You might feel doubtful choosing this keyboard over the rest the first time you see it but you’ll be amazed by the Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard’s capabilities.

This USB powered keyboard can outlast more expensive keyboards in the market. It is a large keyboard that offers spacious and comfortable space for typing. It will surprise you with its highly responsive keys as well. Add in its amazing key travel that lets you sit in comfort and you got a great keyboard at a way, way cheaper price.

Other features of the Amazon basics aside from its generous space include discrete media keys, default angled design, and utilitarian overall key layout. All of those purely spell basic. Essentially all you need for regular typing work. The Amazon Basics Wired Keyboard will definitely be a fanfare for touch typists but not so much for the flat keyboard advocates.

2. Macally USB Wired Keyboard

This Macally USB keyboard is notorious for challenging the Apple Magic keyboard that usually comes as the default for Macs. The Macally does this with flying colors – or the monotone of it. This budge keyboard has a white color scheme and a neat overall look. The Macally USB Wired Keyboard is a full-size keyboard with numeric keyboard that beats any other expensive designed-for-Mac keyboards in the market today by a mile.

The Macally has all the basic functionality you need in a keyboard. With Command keys as its prominent feature, it is by nature a pure Mac keyboard. However, the Macally steals that stereotype subtly because it can also work very well with Windows. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want this versatile keyboard in a Microsoft OS environment.

Performance-wise, the Macally USB Wired Keyboard sits comfortably in the middle. At its unquestionably cheap price, it performs way better than other keyboards in the 20 to 50-dollar range. It is fairly responsive and quiet with the capability to handle moderate beating for a typical 9 to 5 day job. While its decent aesthetics, it doesn’t fare much on its ergonomics having a plain, flat keyboard design. The only other opportunities about Macally USB Wired Keyboard is its shallow key travel and its springy but not too springy keys.

3. Dell KB216

The Dell KB216 ups the ante in the corporate office keyboard landscape. For those in the corporate world, Dell keyboards are highly likely to be the default. Not that Dell keyboards are infamously underperforming or unattractive. They’re totally the opposite. It’s just that Dell keyboards are common – they all look the same in their traditional design.

The Dell KB216 might very well have invaded the corporate cubicles by now and have potentially established itself as a standard of 2018’s office environment. Nevertheless, the Dell KB216 looks a bit different now than its predecessors. It still keeps its full-size design with super generous key spacing. The keys of the Dell KB216 is highly responsive and its springy keycaps allow you to type on this keyboard all day and all night long without suffering from possible wrist fatigue. In addition, the Dell KB216 comes with discrete volume keys allowing for additional convenience.

The only drawbacks about the Dell KB216, aside from reminding you of an office environment, are its shallow key travel as well as its somewhat small keys, which is very odd considering its really spacious keyboard layout. On top of that, the Dell KB 216 also eats a lot of desk space for a keyboard, limiting you with the additional space you might need for movement.

4. DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Considered as an exception to the common lack of features among many mechanical keyboards for gamers, the DBPOWER Gaming Keyboard breaks down the stereotype with its full pack offering. It is the best budget mechanical gaming keyboard in the market today. The DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will astound you with its six multicolored backlight colors that can be configured into multiple different brightness settings, 12 multimedia keys, surprisingly ergonomic design, and alloy aluminum chassis that will assure you of longer keyboard life.

The DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is also plug-and-play so downloading device drivers isn’t necessary to get it up and running. This amazing gaming keyboard is powered by USB. Perhaps, the most amazing feature of the DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is its waterproof design. This comes in handy drinks that you will usually place near the keyboard while playing your intense game. No more worries about your coffee spilling on the keyboard or the Mountain Dew spoiling your game time.

The keyboard is compatible with most operating system platforms, such as recent Mac OS versions and Windows 10. It even works very well with legacy operating system platforms as far back as the Windows XP.

5. HP K1500

HP keyboards are always known for its reliability. They are the closest competitors to the Dell keyboards. For the price of a few cups of coffee, you can buy an HP K1500. A keyboard known for its reliability and credible build quality.

The HP K1500 spells cheap, traditional and boring for a keyboard. However, all those negatives are easily eclipsed by its relatively responsive keys and its neat, thin structure. It’s basically the 90s keyboard you’ve known of – absolutely generic but highly reliable.

But generic doesn’t necessarily bad. The HP K1500 is one that you’ll pick up because you just need a keyboard for typing or for general purpose use. With its cheap price tag, there’s no worries about its impact to your wallet. The only opportunity with the HP K1500, apart from its generic design, is its shallow key travel.

If you need a no-nonsense keyboard for office or classroom work, the HP K1500 pretty much delivers. And you won’t have to worry about breaking because it’s completely designed to receive all the beating you can give it.

6. TOMOKO 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard

The TOMOKO87 Key Mechanical Keyboard will remind you of the mid-2000s Dell keyboards. It’s all black, compact and sturdy. Despite being a full-key mechanical keyboard, the TOMOKO87 offers fewer keys than its competitors. But that doesn’t really make this mechanical gaming keyboard inferior. In fact, it offers more features than most of the mechanical gaming keyboards in the market today.

The TOMOKO87 Key Mechanical Keyboard challenges expensive mechanical gaming keyboards with its 12 shortcut keys, anti-ghosting keys, water-resistant build, custom mechanical switches, and ergonomic design. In addition, the TOMOKO87 has a strong operating system compatibility.

All of those in a small, compact frame that is built to be a lot more durable and stable. The TOMOKO87 can easily be a go-to mechanical gaming keyboard for most gamers due to its price, amazing features, reliable connectivity and excellent performance. At a low cost, you get to enjoy a superb compact mechanical gaming keyboard that fits your budget and gaming keyboard needs.

7. Anker A7726

The Anker A7726 can very well be a true Apple copycat. This neat and attractive keyboard connects via Bluetooth to any MacOS device. It is also compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating system platforms. You don’t have to worry about reliable connectivity because the Anker A7726 works superb on all four operating systems.

Another surprising thing about the Anker A7726 is its respectable key travel. Surprising enough that it performs similar or a bit better than the Apple Magic Keyboard on that aspect. You will be amazed by your typing performance as you can easily navigate through the keys and still produce errorless typing output. Moreover, the Anker A7726 has search and media keys that are easy to activate. They are not that discrete but it’s not really a deal breaker.

Overall, with excellent Bluetooth connectivity, convenient compact body, and stunning aesthetics, the Anker A7726 is a great steal. Other than the way it sticks out awkwardly in a Windows computer setup, there’s absolutely no other drawback with this bang-for-the-buck keyboard.

8. Verbatim Slimline

Verbatim used to be the king of diskettes. Verbatim has established itself as a reliable brand for flash memories and hard drives.

Their entry line keyboards are also proving to be top-notch in a sea of very competitive keyboard brands. The Verbatim Slimline keyboard are super comfortable and very springy. It has the right amount of resistance needed for your fingers every time you punch the keys. It will definitely make you feel like you are using a ‘real’ keyboard.

Verbatim uses a traditional, generic keyboard look for the Slimline Coded; staying away from any fancy buttons and functions. Nevertheless, the Verbatim Slimline can do any typing job with flying colors with its stable connectivity and responsiveness as well as its durable make. The only major drawback for this keyboard is the unusual backspace key design, which is a little bit too small for the ones we’ve gotten used to.

9. Rii RK907

Similar to the Verbatim keyboard, the Rii RK907 plays along in the same price range. It’s a straightforward, no-nonsense, generic keyboard that you can easily pick up and buy without second thoughts. The surprising thing about the Rii RK907 is that it performs superbly amongst its competitors.

The Rii RK907 adopts the traditional keyboard design and layout – this is one is the most loyal to the traditional keyboard design among its pack. On top of that, the Rii RK907 doesn’t ditch any extra function keys like its competitors. Instead, it lines them up neatly on top and added a few more extra keys for media control as well as shortcut keys for Internet browser, music player and e-mail.

Other than that, the Rii RK907 doesn’t promise anything fancy. Its key travel is decent and there’s not much plus or minus in terms of keys interaction. The bottom line is: the Rii RK907 is absolutely cheap and it offers enough of your keyboard requirements.

10. Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard borders the budget and the mid-range keyboard areas. Nevertheless, this mechanical gaming keyboard is superb buy for anyone who wants to get a durable mechanical gaming keyboard with lesser budget.

The keyboard is dustproof and waterproof – its strongest features. At the same time, the Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has removable keys making it easier to clean. It requires low maintenance and the keys can last at least 50 million presses. All keys are made of high-quality materials that guarantee to last a longer life. The keyboard’s body is made of metal and ABS plastic combination giving it a sturdy build while having an easier gliding capability. You’ll be guaranteed that Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will last you a lifetime despite the amount of stress and banging you put into it.

Overall, the Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a winner in most aspects of a mechanical gaming keyboard – durable, responsive, budget-friendly, low maintenance, easy to clean and most importantly, can last a long time.

Hopefully this list of the best budget keyboard out in the market today proves to be a helpful resource for you. Whether you use the keyboard for some serious typing, complex accounting work, hardcore coding, or quick shortcuts, this list of keyboards in the “budget” category should be able to accommodate your keyboard needs, whether that be wired or wireless connectivity, full-size or compact, and mechanical or membrane.