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If you are on the lookout for the fastest RAM that will boost your computer to its full potential, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will feature the best DDR3 RAM that you can buy in the market.

We chose to feature DDR3 RAM since they have the right combination of speed, performance, and affordability. Read on to know more about them as well as the products that are considered best of the best.

Finding The Top-Rated DDR3 RAM

The market is riddled with several reiterations of the DDR3 RAM. You can basically just hop into a computer shop and buy the first DDR3 RAM you see. However, doing this is impractical and reckless. This is because not all DDR3 RAM is built with the same degree of quality, speed, performance, and durability.

In this portion, we will highlight the products we consider to be the best DDR3 RAM that you can get your hands on this year. Read on to know more about the products and maybe you can find the perfect for your computer needs.

Top 5 DDR3 RAM





Feature 1


G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3


Feature 2DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
Feature 1


Patriot Viper 3 Series


Feature 2Capacity: 8GB (2 x 4GB) Kit
Feature 1


Corsair Vengeance


Feature 2Capacity: 1 x 8GB
Feature 1


Crucial DDR3 RAM


Feature 28GB Kit (4GBx2)
Feature 1


Samsung DDR3 RAM


Feature 2 8GB (1 x 8GB) 204-pin SODIMM

1. G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model (F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL)
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05/22/2022 07:25 am GMT

The first entry on our list is the G.Skill Ripjaws. This DDR3 RAM comes with the looks that can enthrall consumers into buying it immediately. However, along with the good looks, it also comes with top-notch speed and performance.

Designed to match dual-channel chipsets, G.Skill’s Ripjaws series of RAM are able to double the overall memory bandwidth while eliminating data hold up. This product also excels in providing you with the top speed with reliable stability. It comes with lower latency compared to the offerings of other manufacturers. Because of this, the product excels in providing you with the capability to multitask and run power-hungry programs.

The G.Skill Ripjaws also provides excellent heat management thanks to its built-in heat spreader which is responsible for dissipating the heat by exposing the RAM to cool air under an area with the higher surface area. Unlike other RAM that come with tacky looking heatsinks, the Ripjaw employs a stylish and sleek comb-like pattern to its heat control system.

This product also requires only minimal power at 1.5V allowing for better power savings and better heat management.

G.Skill makes use of highly advanced platforms that help enhance the overall speed and data transfer achieved by the Ripjaws RAM. It is able to reach speeds up to 1600MHz without using too much latency. The Ripjaws RAM can work seamlessly with any processor even the most powerful ones.

However, if you want to get your hands on the G.Skill Ripjaws RAM, you need to shell out a bit more cash. Nevertheless, the added cost will give you unbridled performance and reliability.

Things you might like:

  •    1600 MHz speed
  •    Low latency
  •    The efficient heat management system
  •    Can work with any processor
  •    Sleek design
  •    Minimal power requirement

Things you might not like:

  •     Expensive

2. Patriot Viper 3 Series

Patriot Viper 3 Series, Black Mamba, DDR3 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit (PV38G160C9K)
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05/22/2022 06:41 am GMT

With performance and reliability in mind, Patriot’s Viper 3 Series deserves to be included in this list of the best DDR3 RAM. With this product, you get optimal speed and performance along with a brand’s unblemished reputation.

The Viper 3 series comes with 8 GB of capacity and has a 240 Pin Non-ECC UDIMM DIMM type. With this, you get enough memory to allow multitasking and running of power-hungry programs.

Designed to deliver sheer speed and performance, the Viper Series 3 is manufactured from top-notch presorted ICs. Moreover, it is compatible to run alongside processors from either Intel and AMD.

The Viper Series 3 comes in dual and quad channel offering that comes with great capacity DIMM modules. The speeds they are able to achieve range from 1600 Mhz to a whopping 2400 MHz. With this, you get more options that can cater to your required computer speeds.

In terms of heat management, the Viper Series 3 also does not disappoint thanks to its built-in heat shield that achieves superior heat dissipation. With this configuration, the product manages to keep the unit cool through the most demanding computer programs or highly intensive tasks.

Same as the above mentioned Ripjaws RAM, the Viper Series 3 only requires 1.5V to power it. This means that the unit saves more energy and also contributes to the low build-up of heat on the unit.

In terms of design, the product also excels by providing a sleek and elegant look. However, we noticed that its taller profile takes up a huge amount of space on the computer. Because of this, you need to take it into consideration, if you want to add more peripheral components on the motherboard.

Things you might like:

  •    Comes with dual and quad-band channels
  •    Achieves speeds up to 2400 MHz
  •    Requires only 1.5V power
  •    Sleek design
  •    The efficient heat management system
  •    High capacity

Things you might not like:

  •    Taller profile takes huge space

3. Corsair Vengeance

Corsair CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 Vengeance 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory 1.5V
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05/22/2022 09:57 am GMT

The next entry on our list is the Corsair CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 Vengeance Series. Donning excellent specifications coupled with sleek design and build, this product deserves to be called one of the best DDR3 RAM options to buy.

The Vengeance Series comprises of DDR3 RAM with 8 GB of capacity. This is enough capacity to allow you to multitask and run highly intensive programs. Waiting for your video to finish rendering while playing DOTA? The Vengeance can do that without breaking a sweat.
In terms of overclocking, the Corsair CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 Vengeance Series can do that efficiently. Because of this, you can push your computer’s processor to its fullest potential so that you can enjoy sheer speed and performance.

Capable of reaching speeds up to 1600 MHz, you can enjoy seamless and hassle-free of even the most CPU demanding programs and software.

The Corsair CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 Vengeance Series is also built to varying channels. They come with dual, triple and quad-band channels. Moreover, they are compatible with any of the Intel and AMD processors, regardless of the year, they were released.

It only requires a power of 1.5V, with this, you are assured that it saves a huge amount of power, in addition, manage heat very well. Probably the best thing about the Corsair CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10 Vengeance Series is its lifetime service warranty.

One of the disadvantages of the product is its high latency values. Currently, it runs at a rate of 10-1—1-27 which is quite high compared to the DDR3 RAM that are its price range.

Things you might like:

  •    Increased speeds at 1600 MHz
  •    1.5V power requirement
  •    Sleek design
  •    8 GB capacity
  •    Overclocking
  •    Compatible with all processors

Things you might not like:

  • Increased latency rating

4. Crucial DDR3 RAM

Crucial RAM 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz CL11 Laptop Memory CT2KIT51264BF160B
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05/22/2022 09:54 am GMT

Coming in next on our list is the Crucial DDr3 RAM. Crucial has been known to produce high-quality products that excel in performance and durability.

Equipped with a capacity of 8 GB, the Crucial DDR3 RAM is large enough to allow efficient multitasking without any lags and crashes. With this, you can run the most demanding of programs without any hassle. It comes with a 240 Pin Non-ECC DIMM which allows even more efficient operation.

Only requiring a power of 1.5V, the Crucial DDR3 RAM does not require much power. With this, you save energy as well as achieve better heat management. With only a minimal amount of power required, you are assured that the internals is kept cool and away from heat.

Equipped with XMP 1.3, overclocking using the Crucial DDR3 RAM is possible. This is important since you want to push the RAM to its fullest potential. The Crucial DDr3 RAM is able to achieve this without breaking a sweat thanks to the advanced XMP 1.3.

The Crucial DDR3 RAM comes in different speeds ranging from 1600 MHz to a whopping 2400 MHz. All these permit excellent speed and reliability even with the most demanding computer programs.

One of the main caveats of the Crucial DDR3 RAM is its bulky design. Because of this, it takes a huge amount of space on the motherboard

Things you might like:

  •    Excellent heat management
  •    Provides fast and reliable operation
  •    8 GB RAM
  •    1.5V power requirement
  •    Capable of overclocking

Things you might not like:

  •   Bulky design

5. Samsung DDR3 RAM

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05/22/2022 08:15 am GMT

We end the list on a high note with the Samsung DDR3 RAM. Encompassing almost all fields of technology, Samsung has proven time and time again that they aren’t messing around with their excellent offerings, their DDR3 RAM is no exception.

Their DDR3 RAM comes with a high capacity of 16 GB. This is more than enough for you to run even the most demanding computer programs. It also comes with a 204 Pin SO DIMM type which allows even more efficient speed and performance.

With speed outputs ranging up to 1600 MHz, multitasking with this RAM is no slouch. You can even overclock the RAM to frequencies of 400 to 800 MHz to provide even faster speeds and also to supply reliability and stability.

The best thing about it is the lifetime warranty which comes with the product. However, the design department could have benefited from a bit more inspiration. The product comes with the usual run of the mill design which mimics most DDR3 RAM in the market.

Things you might like:

  •    Fast speeds up to 1600 MHz
  •    Overclocking
  •    High 16 GB capacity
  •    Durable build
  •    240 Pin DIMM
  •    Lifetime warranty

Things you might not like:

  •     Boring design


The next time your computer suddenly decides to stutter or lag, consider the fact that maybe you need another stick of RAM (or upgraded RAM). Make sure to check out the products listed above and maybe you will find the right RAM that suits your computer needs.

Knowing More About DDR3 RAM

Random access memory, otherwise known as RAM is responsible for opening and running programs on any computer. It is also responsible for the multitasking capabilities of other devices such as smartphones.

When nothing is running on your computer, the data is being stored on the computer’s hard drive. However, when a program is being run, the data is moved from the hard drive and then into the RAM to allow easier and quicker access. Every time you open a program, it takes up a portion of your RAM. Because of this, if you don’t have a reliable and larger RAM, then you can expect it to not run smoothly.

RAM come in different sizes and types. One of the most popular ones is the DDR3 RAM.

DDR3 RAM was first released in 2007. Despite the release of a newer DDR4 RAM, most manufacturers still chose to equip their computers with DDR3 RAM. Moreover, it is also a huge step up from its predecessor, the DDR2.

Advantage of DDR3 over DDR2

DDR3 is a huge step up compared to the already aging DDR2. DDR3 is equipped with a higher bandwidth capacity. It can reach up to speeds at 1600 MHz. The main reason why DDR3 is able to achieve this feat is that of the DDR3’s deep pretch buffer that has an 8-bit capacity. The DDR2 is only equipped with a 4-bit buffer.

DDR3 modules are able to transfer data at a speed of 800-1600 MHz while making use of the rise and fall of the edges of 400-800 MHz. DDR2 is only able to achieve a transfer rate of 400-800 MHz while making use of a 200-400 MHz clock.

With that being said, DDR3 RAM perform twice as speedier compared to even the fastest DDR2 RAM that you can buy in the market nowadays. Moreover, DDR3 comes with a higher capacity further enhancing the overall speed and performance they are able to churn out compared to DDR2 RAM.

This is very important since there is a substantial difference in price compared to DDR2 RAM. Typically, DDR3 RAM cost a couple more bucks than the DDR2 but you should realize that the added cost will also provide you with better speed and performance.

Another advantage of DDR3 RAM over the DDR2 is the longer battery life, especially in laptops. It is found out that DDR3 consumes 30% of the required power used by DDR2 modules. This is possible through the DDR3’s lower supply voltage of only 1.5V.
DDR2 RAM require a supply voltage of at least 1.8 V. The 0.3 difference will small can result in greater power efficiency and battery longevity. Another feature that DDR3 RAM have that are not found in DDR2 RAM is the asynchronous reset pun that can reset it whenever the need may arise.

Moreover, since DDR3 makes use of more advanced tech, manufacturers improved their thermal design compared to the DDR2 RAM. This means that DDR3 is more capable of withstanding heat and manages it better.

Disadvantages of DDR3 compared to DDR2

While it is undebatable that DDR3 is a far superior RAM compared to DDR2, it too has its own set of disadvantages compared to the DDR2.

DDR3 has noticeably higher latencies for CAS. DDR2 RAM normally has latencies of 5-5-5-15 while DDR3 RAM comes with a latency of 7-7-7-20 and 7-7-7-24 for newer DDR3 RAM. DDR3 RAM is significantly higher compared to DDR2 RAM because the method of measurement for their clock cycles is shorter compared to what is used to measure DDR2 RAM.

However, more and more manufacturers are trying to correct this latency issue. In time, we can see more and more DDR3 released RAM that comes with an improved CAS latency.

What is the right amount of RAM?

As mentioned above, RAM comes in different capacities and sizes. Similar to hard drives, a higher capacity leads to better performance and speed. However, equipping yourself with the highest RAM is oftentimes impractical and not beneficial.

The key answer to this is just knowing how much you need. But to widen your knowledge, we will also discuss the different sizes and in which tasks they are fitted to.

The smallest size is the 2 GB RAM. It is a general rule that you should veer away from these RAM sizes. Not only are they sluggish and underperforming, but their lifespan will also only last you a couple years compared to the other sizes. In fact, you can only find 2 GB RAM powered devices in the entry-level segment or aging computers.

4 GB RAM is the new standard for most computers and laptop. They are adequate for usual tasks such as encoding, surfing the net and even light video editing. However, you cannot expect it to run highly intensive tasks such as 3d modeling or even graphics intensive games.

8 GB RAM is perfect for multitasking as well as gaming. In this RAM, you can run almost any power-hungry tasks and graphics intensive games. You can find 8 GB RAM integrated laptops or computers in the mid to higher end price segments.

16 GB Ram is also perfect for those who constantly do multitasking on their computers and for those who play intense games or do 3d modeling and designing. They basically run faster than the lower sized RAM and also comes with highly advanced tech such as the VMWare. However, for casual users, picking a 16 GB RAM can be very impractical and useless.

The highest RAM size is 32 GB. Picking this amount of RAM size is also very impractical and unnecessary. Unless you are a professional graphic designer, video editor or programmer, chances are you won’t be needing that high amount of RAM. The added cost will only be put to void as you won’t be able to use the most of the RAM.

With that being said, you can always opt for sizes ranging from 4GB to 8GB. These sizes are adequate enough for you to do usual tasks and even intense gaming.