Best Fitbit for Men

Fitbit is more than a craze nowadays. With the continuing popularity of health and wellness and its focus being driven across multiple platforms, especially social media, Fitbit is one of those health and wellness technologies that ultimately gets on top of the recommended lists of every human being in the world. Because of the many health and wellness advocacies around the world, a lot of products are being marketed to sell to many different people across different age groups. Fitbit has gone from a health and wellness fashion accessory to a “must-have” in one’s daily life.

Fitbit is really popular among men, on top of sneakers, apparel, and other health and wellness gadgets. Though generally unisex, there are just a few specific Fitbit products that appeal to men – especially to how the Fitbit product is designed or what its features are. There are a variety of Fitbit products that men can choose from and it’s a little bit daunting to browse through a long list of Fitbit products and comparing each of them before ending up with the one that really appeals to you. In most cases, what you need is simply the best Fitbit for a man like you that aligns to your fashion style, the type of activities you do, and/or generally your purpose for wearing so.

We have gathered a list of the best Fitbit for men that are in the market today. We’ve weeded out the ones that are considered older versions of their own respective iterations. Our is the ultimate buyer’s guide list that narrows down the best Fitbit for men of 2019.

Top 5 Fitbit for Men of 2019

The ultimate Fitbit wristband for men





Feature 1


Fitbit Charge 2


Feature 2

PurePulse continuous, automatic wrist-based heart rate tracking to better measure calorie burn all day
Feature 1


Fitbit Versa


Feature 2

Water-resistant up to 50 meters.
Feature 1


Fitbit Ionic


Feature 2

Track runs, swims, rides, workouts, all day activity and sleep with 4 plus day battery life
Feature 1


Fitbit Alta


Feature 2

Battery life up to 5 days
Feature 1


Fitbit Flex 2


Feature 2

Ultra thin, removable tracker hides in bands,


1. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Plum, Small (International Version)
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10/03/2022 12:08 am GMT

The Fitbit Charge 2 is an upgrade to the Fitbit Charge – it remains the most reliable wristband fitness tracker with a few essential upgrades that make it a standout Fitbit wristband for men. The Fitbit Charge 2 offers tracking, heart-rate monitoring, and a cardio fitness level feature that will definitely help you get you a clearer image of how your heart is doing plus a comprehensive summary of your cardio fitness level.

With the Fitness Charge 2, men who are really conscious about their daily activity and who wants to have the capability of a real-time tracking and summary, can easily get information on the count of steps, calories burned as well as flights of stairs and/or floors climbed all through the day, including the time and date stamp every time you look at it.

Not only that, the Fitbit Charge 2 is a remarkable and reliable wristband tracker that enables you to track as many activities available through its multi-sport tracking feature. Whether you’re playing football, running, or even dancing, Fitbit Charge 2’s SmartTrack can let you pick some activities or workouts to be recognized automatically. The activity or activities can be recorded in the Fitbit app too. The only activity the Fitbit Charge 2 can’t support is swimming and/or diving since the Fitbit Charge 2 is only water resistant at 50 meters deep. It is highly encouraged that you don’t wear the wristband in the beach, pool or shower.

On top of its amazing activity tracking, the Fitbit Charge 2 enables you to get notifications and reminders of your goal, which you can set on the wristband as well. As simple as setting a goal for a number of steps in a day and/or achieving calories burned, the Fitbit Charge 2 works impressively.

In addition, the Fitbit Charge 2 does not only let you track activities when you’re awake, but it also lets you keep track of your sleeping pattern and activities during your whole nap time. The sleep tracking feature of the Fitbit Charge 2 can tell you anything about your sleep durations and patterns. Thanks to the Fitbit Charge 2’s Sleep Stages feature that showcases the ability to distinguish between deep, light and even REM sleep.

The GPS feature is lacking in the Fitbit Charge 2, but it doesn’t stop you from getting this functionality by connecting the Fitbit Charge 2 to your mobile device to get real-time distance and pace displayed on the wristband, thus, still having GPS services in the convenience of your wrist.

Another amazing feature of the Fitbit Charge 2 is the text notifications and caller ID. It even has calendar alerts to get you reminded of really important appointments, events and days. Any alarm can also be set up to silent alarms to give you effective reminders without waking you up in the middle of your sleep. Guided breathing sessions are also offered with the Fitbit Charge 2. These options help you regulate your breath to get you calmed down and relaxed.

The OLED display shows a lot of important and critical information about your heart rate, steps, calories burned, and caller ID. Battery performance with the Fitbit Charge 2 is totally remarkable with a life of up to 5 days. You can get the Fitbit Charge 2 in various colors of bands, such as black, blue, teal and plum. You can even get the rose gold plated special edition or the black stainless-steel bands if you pay 30 dollars more. In addition, the Fitbit Charge 2 offers customization options that can be applied to the clock’s face and you can add more accessories to it.

Ultimately, the Fitbit Charge 2 brings balance to both functionality, style, and price. It’s great for sporty and it looks great for business and even formal attire.


2. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium, One Size (S & L Bands Included)
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10/03/2022 12:12 am GMT

The Fitbit Versa is the newest Fitbit model that delivers all of the features for a Fitbit device required by men. It’s more than just an activity tracker and steps counter. It’s a man’s Fitbit in the most current time at a way cheaper price.

First, the Fitbit Versa shows you the usual information you’re getting in a Fitbit. For example, the number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day, the number of floors climbed, the time and date every time you light the Versa up, activity tracking that includes multi-sport activities (it is intuitively capable of distinguishing between many different sports activities, such as playing football, dancing, running and hiking), heart rate tracking, SmartTrack, cardio fitness level, reminders and notifications, are just some of the standard features you’re going to get in the Versa.

What makes it a standout Fitbit in a new product face is its’ on-screen personalized coaching. Imagine having a personal trainer with you at any time on your wrist. That’s so futuristic if you come to think of it. Other standard features that come with the Fitbit Versa is the sleep tracking feature, which provides you insights about the quality of your sleep as well as detailed information about the stages of your sleep, such as your deep, REM and light stages. Moreover, the Versa is amazingly swim-proof. That said, you can take it with you as you enjoy swimming in the sea, ocean, or the pool. You also don’t need to worry in case you forget keeping it with you as you take your shower. Releasing stress is pretty much convenient with its guided breathing sessions that let you regulate breathing to achieve a state of calmness.

Other standard smart features offered in the Versa are the call and text notifications, calendar alerts, phone apps that enable you to store your music and control your music’s volume, playback and selection, and electronic payment capabilities.

All of these are all available clearly via its amazing display the boasts of an interactive and colorful touchscreen. This can be accessorized using designer and Fitbit accessories. Battery life of the Versa can take up to 4 days even on a single charge. The Versa comes in gray, black and peach varieties with options to get the rose gold plated special edition and charcoal woven bands for an extra 30 dollars. The Versa is a lightweight, fully-packed Fitbit that almost matches the Ionic but a really more affordable price.


3. Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic Watch
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10/03/2022 12:01 am GMT

The Fitbit Ionic is the most complete Fitbit for men. It has all the standard and extra feature you can find in a Fitbit except just the two – the ability to connect to a phone for GPS and the ability to accessorize using designer accessories. Two very trivial things that don’t really matter.

The Fitbit Ionic’s limited ability to connect to a phone for GPS services is no longer necessary because the Fitbit Ionic has a built-in GPS. What do you need a connection to the phone for, anyway?

On top of that, the Fitbit Ionic pretty much has everything you’re asking for: activity tracking, step-counter, floors climbed counter, calories burned tracking, sleep tracking with sleep stages information, time and date displays, multi-sport tracking and SmartTrack feature, reminders and alerts for calendar events, appointments and days, goal reminders, heart rate monitoring, cardio fitness level, on-screen personalized coaching feature, QuickReplies feature for messages, call and text notifications, and the list goes on. It truly has everything from the get-go.

With the Ionic, you can easily be motivated to stick to your fitness routine at the same time be well-equipped to face your day to day responsibilities. You will no longer be sidetracked with the complete set of reminder and alert-system built into the Ionic. You will remain to be on tracked to your fitness goals and scheduled fitness and/or sports activities. Moreover, you will be well-informed about your health through all of the various monitors and summary reporting about your steps, activities, sleep, heart, breathing, and overall health.

You can even use it with you if you plan to take on a swim at the beach or the pool or even when you decide to take a plunge in the depths of an ocean. That is because the Ionic is completely swim-proof. You can even wear it with you while you’re taking a bath.

Entertainment is also a great feature offered with the Fitbit Ionic. You can store your music into and offers you the ability to control, such as playing, stopping, pausing and even skipping songs. What’s even more convenient is the Fitbit Ionic’s capability to make payments. That’s a sure secure and convenient way to facilitate any of your financial errands.

On the physical side, the Ionic is beautiful. Its touchscreen, as well as color LCD, looks really great. The fitness stats, as well as the 17-different clock, faces all look crystal clear in the display. The Ionic comes in smoke gray mixed charcoal, slate blue mixed with burnt orange, silver gray mixed with blue-gray colors. Battery life of the Ionic is pretty decent – it can last about 5 days on a single charge. Overall, the Fitbit Ionic is simply complete. However, you will have to pay the price for all that its worth.


4. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Teal, Small (5.5 - 6.7 Inch) (US Version)
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10/03/2022 12:02 am GMT

The Fitbit Alta is for those men who look for glamor in a Fitbit. Its sleek design makes it a head turner. Any man wearing the Fitbit Alta can definitely knock anyone on its feet. It’s the Fitbit with style and with the wide range of accessories available for the Fitbit Alta, this certainly takes fashion, style and accessorizing to a different level.

This Fitbit offers enough of the features you need for a Fitbit – you’re definitely getting the calories burned and step counter, sleep tracking as well as silent alarms, SmartTrack that lets you record specific activities, the date and time as well as reminders of your goals, and text notifications and caller ID. All of these features are default and standard for Fitbits.

However, the Fitbit Alta doesn’t provide the extra features present in the more expensive models, such as floors climbed, sleep stages and measurements, multi-sport recognition and recording capability, Quick Replies for messages and calls, and so forth. While those are really great features, the Fitbit Alta doesn’t need those. That is because the Fitbit Alta is designed for style and design at the same time deliver just enough of the fundamental features in a Fitbit at a really affordable price. In fact, the Fitbit Alta is one of the most affordable Fitbit in its spectrum that functions really great as a Fitbit. It’s all you’ll ever need if you just need a no-fuss, straight-down Fitbit for your daily activities.

Styling and accessorizing the Fitbit Alta are its strong features – there’s just a ton of choices to choose from with Fitbit accessories as well as designer accessories available. It also has a customizable clock face. The display on the Fitbit Alta has a vertical and long shape; enough to provide a lot of the information you need, which includes steps taken, calories burned, date and time, and caller ID. The battery life of the Fitbit Alta is also one that is impressive in its line with a 5-day life on a single charge.

The Fitbit Alta is offered in black, blue, plum and teal colors, and for an additional 20 dollars, you can get the sleeker choices of a pink gold-plated special edition and black gold-plated special edition. It is one of the most affordable Fitbit that can give you the best style and the basic features that you need in a Fitbit.


5. Fitbit Flex 2 – Cheapest/Least Expensive Option

Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version), 1 Count
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10/03/2022 12:04 am GMT

If you are really looking into the cheapest Fitbit that you can get then the Fitbit Flex 2 is the right one for you. With basic features that you need to keep track of your activity and remind you of your goals, important tasks as well as milestones, the Fitbit Flex 2 delivers impressively with its basic functions.

The great thing about the Fitbit Flex 2 is its swim tracking features – you can now automatically track your sessions in the pool at the same time display metrics on your laps, calories burned and duration at the top of your wrist. You can even wear the Fitbit Flex 2 while taking a shower.

On top of that, the Fitbit Flex 2 as a sleep tracking function that calculates the numbers of hours you spend sleeping at the same time the number of times you’ve awoken in the middle of your sleep. It also has silent alarms that keep you from being disturbed while you’re sleeping.

Other standard functionalities included in the Fitbit Flex 2 is the SmartTrack that instantly recognizes as well as records specific workout of your choice in the Fitbit app. Other than that, there are no more fancy features included in the Fitbit Flex 2. However, you will be amazed at how comfortable the Fitbit Flex 2 feels on your wrist. In addition, its software is really fun to use.

The Fitbit Flex 2 comes in magenta, lavender, navy and black colors. You can also enjoy accessorizing the Fitbit Flex 2 with both designer and Fitbit accessories. The display employs a minimalistic approach; showing you just a series of flashing dots that represent the progress of your goals. The battery life of the Fitbit Flex 2 is estimated to run for about 5 days, which is not bad for a Fitbit.

Overall, the Fitbit Flex 2 is the most basic Fitbit that you can get at a very cheap price. You’re going to get the basic features and functionalities without the fancy detailed information that you don’t necessarily need unless you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast.