Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

When you are buying or building a PC or a gaming rig, one important aspect to look for is the CPU cooler. Usually when companies manufacture CPUs they focus on building the CPUs and not the other parts and one of the aspects that have been overlooked for a very long time now is the CPU cooler. If you’re aiming to build a top-notch, high-performance PC that does not get noisy while using it, choosing the best low profile CPU cooler will make a noticeable difference when it comes to heat dissipation and noise reduction.


The stock coolers that come with the CPU are usually of low quality and most of the time, users will consider upgrading theirs in order to improve the performance and prolong the lifespan of their CPU. The lower the quality of the CPU cooler the slower is its performance and it will have a hard time keeping the temperature of the CPU under control. The higher the performance of the CPU, the higher amount of heat is generated, therefore; a CPU cooler is needed to keep the chips stay cool as it helps dissipate the heat from the CPU.

Everyone wants aftermarket coolers that have superior performance compared to its counterparts. Giant companies such as AMD and Intel are those that noticed that their clients are not contented with the stock CPU coolers they have manufactured together with their CPUs. AMD responded to the clients’ demands and they were able to improve their CPU coolers. Intel, on the other hand, had an opposite reaction. They decided to stop shipping stock coolers since most of the coolers they have produced previously have been trashed by the users. Nowadays, Intel hardware requires the user to buy a separate cooler in order to use their chip.

CPU coolers vary in sizes and most are regularly sized and won’t fit on a smaller CPU case. Most CPU cases are now made in smaller sizes. Small cases will require components that are built specifically with a low profile design; it is applicable with the RAM, GPU specifications to the CPU cooler that is available in the market.

What is a CPU cooler?

A CPU cooler is an important hardware that has the main purpose of keeping the CPU and other chips such as the graphics processor stay cool because these chips have the tendency to build up with heat while being used at a top speed.

Top 5 Low Profile CPU Coolers of 2019


Reeven RC-1001b Brontes 100cm Low Profile CPU Cooler for HTPC, SFF, Mini ITX
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Although manufactured by Reeven, a not so popular manufacturer company for computer hardware and products, this CPU cooler is definitely one of the best contenders on this list. It is designed with a compact size and only weighs 325g and it has a 4-pin power connector. The heat Sink material is made from Aluminum and Copper. It has an impressive whisper-quiet operation without compromising or downgrading its cooling performance. It is perfectly designed for ITX and small form factor systems that are available on the market. Its dimension measures 59mm x 105mm x 114mm.

Affordable, barely audible noise and performs up to par with its larger competitors in the market. It occupies a small space. It has a solid build quality and design and cools the CPU effectively; its compact size and slim shape make it compatible with a large number of CPUs in the market. It is easy to install. Copper surfaces are nickel plated which prevents the oxidation process, therefore prolonging its lifespan. The company has a great customer service.

It does not offer support for 130W CPUs, one example is Intel LGA 2011x sockets and its availability is low in the market. A bit complicated and tedious installation for a beginner the user will need to flip the motherboard to install this CPU cooler. It is designed with a wide footprint and may cause clearance issues. It has a multi-tier design which allows space for headers however there may be a need for an angle adapter in order to fully utilize the motherboard.

2. Thermaltake Engine 27 

This small CPU cooler is perfect for users who have a small case. Its dimension measures 91.5mm x 91.5mm x 27mm. It has noise reduction and it is highly effective in providing cooling for the CPU. It is advised for moderate overclocking and compatible with 1u PC chassis. This cooler is designed perfectly combining the fan and heat sink component which is also called a radial fin arrangement. It weighs 310 grams and it is made with a compact design. It is compatible with Intel LGA 105X sockets. It manages heat dissipation of 70W Intel CPUs. It has a Copper base and the top is made with a compact design which comprises forty fan blades that perform efficiently to remove heat faster and effectively.

It has a compact design with an all-aluminum solid build quality. The metal construction reduces the blade noise, produces noise as low as 13 decibels. It fits inside a small case without any hassle or complications. It is compatible with 1U computer chassis.

It is compatible with Intel only. It is on the expensive side and its performance is not commendable when compared to its cheaper counterparts.

3. Arctic Alpine 11 GT 

This is low profile CPU cooler. It is an upgrade compared to most stock coolers in the market. This cooler is advisable for those who prefer a slight boost when it comes to performance. It helps with heat dissipation accordingly. This cooler is perfect for an office or home PC use. Its dimensions measure 89mm x 89mm x 75mm and it weighs 291 grams. Its compact and small size makes it compatible with most CPUs. Arctic Alpine offers the best price and performance ratio. It is designed with a low noise impeller and fan holder produces low noise even when working at full speed.

It is super affordable. It performs slightly better and quieter compared to some stock coolers in the market. It provides excellent stability with efficient performance and it is easy to install. It is designed with a compact design; it can deal with TDP of 70 Watts.

It is compatible with Intel only. It is not compatible with AM4 socket and AMD versions. It is not advisable for gaming rigs. It offers a limited upgrade; it is definitely not the best but will perform as expected.

4. Noctua NH-L9x65

Noctua NH-L9x65, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler (65mm, Brown)
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10/03/2022 12:05 am GMT

This CPU cooler is manufactured by Noctua. It is identical to the NH-L9i but with an obvious difference, the heat sink of NH-L9x65 is twice as tall. With the larger heat sink, it is quieter because the fan blades do not have to spin as fast. This is one of the best CPU coolers in the market when striking a balance between being an efficient cooler, with its effective heat dissipation performance and virtually low noise and can fit most small cases. Its dimension measures 95mm x 95mm x 65mm and weighs 413 grams. The heat sink material is made from Aluminum and Copper. This cooler is perfect and compatible with compact HTPCs or SFF cases that have limited clearance. Its footprint design fits the requirements of Intel LGA115x, it is guaranteed to work well without even causing problems or issues with the chipset coolers and will not overhang the available RAM slots, and it is recommended for tall memory modules. It is fully compatible with PCIe cards. Its premium fan features together with a sophisticated aerodynamic built and supports fully automatic speed control while staying virtually silent. It is designed with SecuFirm2 mounting and helps the cooler maintain perfect contact pressure while providing maximum convenience on the current sockets of the system.

Impressive performance, virtually silent fan, and have better cooling efficiency.

It is expensive compared to its counterparts in the market. An AM4 socket will require a mounting kit and it is sold separately. Its performance is not commendable when compared with cheaper CPU coolers in the market.

5. Cryorig C7

CRYORIG C7 Cu - 47mm Tall, SFF Mini ITX Full Copper CPU Heatsink
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This CPU cooler is from Cryorig. It is designed by integrating various manufacturing and design solutions which makes it an effective cooling solution for CPUs, mostly ITX and Small form factor systems. Its temperatures are approximately 25% lower than the usual Intel stock coolers available in the market and it is quieter. It is designed with a small size, making it one of the best low profile CPU coolers. Its dimensions measure 97mm x 97mm x 47mm and it weighs 357 grams. The heat sink material is made from Copper and Aluminum. This is a solid upgrade for users who want to improve their CPU cooler in order to lower the temperature while reducing noise levels. It is designed with a Copper base. It features a PWM controlled 600-2500 rpm fan that produces barely audible noise.

It is compatible with Intel and AMD. It is affordable. It has 4 high-quality Copper heat pipes which makes it more efficient in the cooling performance and heat dissipation. It is designed with a clean look; the performance is impressive with extremely low noise generation even when the PC is under heavy load.

It requires a separate upgrade mounting kit for the AM4 socket. Not the quietest cooler when running at top speed.

3 Types of Coolers for Computers

1. Classic

The cheapest of the bunch. It is perfect for those who use inexpensive office PCs and if the stock cooler is not included on the package or when the fan included is too noisy. Compared to stock coolers, it has increased efficiency but not that much.

2. Tower type cooling system

Compared to the simple coolers, this one exceeds a user’s expectations. It offers greater efficiency because of its large area dispersion. The heat on the processor is reduced by the copper tubes installed with it; it is usually hollow and sealed. The heat is absorbed by the tubes and then transferred to the ribs where it will be properly dispelled. This type is perfect for gaming rigs and for users who want a quiet computer.

3. CPU system with liquid cooling

This cooler type is the most expensive one on the list. It cools the processor and its features come with a high performance and dissipate heat without creating noise. This is recommended for top-notch gaming rigs, especially those who professionally compete in gaming tournaments and etc.

Low Profile CPU Coolers Buying Guide

What are the factors that must be considered when looking for the best low profile CPU cooler?

1. Size

CPU coolers come in a variety of sizes. The space requirements will be one of the factors that will determine which CPU cooler is the perfect one for your system. The range of space around the socket of the CPU of the system’s motherboard must be considered as well. A CPU cooler that does not fit the CPU will not be advisable. It will interfere with the proper placement of the other components that are also needed to be considered in the build of the PC. Connectors or cables can also block the process of the installation of the CPU cooler.

The basic dimensions of the CPU cooler must be also considered, for the user to know if it will fit inside the case or not. A low profile CPU cooler does not automatically mean it will fit inside the case. There are various CPU coolers in the market that comes in a wide range of sizes. There are others that are small and some others a larger than the others. The bigger the CPU cooler, the better performance it gives and more air will be produced therefore helping the CPU stay cool and it also produces less noise compared to smaller ones.

2. Price range

CPU coolers in the market vary with the price range it is being offered. It must be considered since most PC users tend to push their system’s limits and the higher and better performance of the CPU, the higher the heat production occurs in the system. When a user wants to overclock his system, he must make sure to protect his expensive system with a CPU cooler that will be expected to perform well. Components that run with cooler temperatures are guaranteed to last longer when compared to those that don’t. Make sure to research and read reviews about CPU coolers, there are CPU coolers that have a mid-range price but deliver excellent quality and keep the CPU stay cool.

3. CPU socket

Different CPU sockets have different mounts that must be considered as well. It is the hardware that acts as the connector on the motherboard which houses the CPU and it also forms the electrical interface and the CPU contact. It helps to mount the CPU cooler on the case.

4. Thermal design power

It is also known as TDP. When the processor of the CPU is powerful, more energy will also be consumed in the process. The energy consumed goes to heat, and the heat allocation on every CPU is mentioned in the cooler’s specifications, make sure to check it when planning to purchase one.
The CPU heat output must also be considered as various CPUs on the market produce more heat than the others. If a CPU tends to become hotter, a CPU cooler that performs well and dissipates heat efficiently must be paired to it.

5. Other features

To some users, aesthetics and a cool design may also matter. Some CPU coolers have led lights but it is not a usual case with low profile coolers.

6. Fan noise

Different fans produce noise, some are quiet and some are too noisy. Smaller fans tend to be noisier compared to the bigger ones. The faster the spin it does, the noisier it gets. Sometimes the manufacturer provides the noise rating of the product, but in those case that it is not, make sure to read reviews about the product before purchasing them.

In a desktop set-up, a CPU cooler is one of the most important elements that must be considered when building a PC. When choosing a CPU cooler for a quiet computer, a model that must be purchased must come with power reserve features. A fan must be considered to prevent it from overheating even under constant maximum load.

When planning to purchase a new CPU cooler, a low profile CPU cooler is one of the best and a must for users who have small cases. Aside from being small, it also provides efficient cooling system while dissipating heat and producing minimal noise.