Best Mac Keyboards

Not much excites a Mac user more than to have a complete Mac setup: a sleek and beautiful 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display or a powerful 18-core iMac Pro or a handy 15-inch MacBook Pro. It is the ultimate dream with its form and function all perfectly blended into one beautiful masterpiece of technology.

However, any computer experience won’t be complete without a fully functioning and convenient keyboard. You won’t enjoy your amazing Mac setup if you don’t have a keyboard that works best for you. Except, maybe for the MacBooks and/or the MacBook Pros.

Choosing a keyboard to go with your Mac is something of a requisite – an imperative decision and activity that requires a significant amount of planning and thinking. Considering the number of keyboards available in the market today, you don’t just pick up the first keyboard you see. You will need to establish your requirements – it needs to be something that perfectly suits your preference, need, and budget. Make a mistake and things will turn emotional and then physical. And that’s going to be nasty. Be sure to read through your helpful guide of what to consider when buying a Mac keyboard at the bottom of this article.

The 10 Best Mac Keyboards of 2018

1. Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Simply, the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, both in wired and wireless options, stay on top of the best keyboards for Mac list. It is because it’s by Apple and completely designed for Mac.

It is a default keyboard, offered with every purchase, sometimes as part of the bundle. It is sleek, modern, neat, slim, and complete – it is simply beautiful. Its grey theme perfectly matches with the iMac or MacBook Pro.

The Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad gives you enough of the typing experience plus the whole default keyboard functionality, complete with its keypad at the rightmost side of the keyboard. It is large enough for you to freely navigate around without feeling too flimsy and cramped. It works best when you are steering across spreadsheets or traversing databases or punching numbers after numbers into ledgers. Moreover, the full-sized Apple Magic Keyboard can take as much pounding as you can give it without easily collapsing. It is made of hard pieces of materials designed to withstand the pounding and smashing of fingers into its keys.

Notable features of the Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad include extra navigation keys, such as the Home and End, easy access to Mac’s Calculator app, arrow keys, and 19 function keys allowing your more control capabilities like music playback, Expose and Mission Control.

2. Apple Magic Keyboard

This is familiar as it comes included in the purchase of an iMac or iMac Pro. It is compact but with enough of the keyboard capabilities you need. It has a laptop-style design – very handy and slim – and it is wireless. The Apple Magic Keyboard may not have all the functionalities of its larger brother but it has its own distinct advantages – most revolve around versatility and mobility. It is the go-to keyboard for people who are always on-the-go and who want to keep a low-profile. Moreover, the Apple Magic Keyboard works best if you want to have a separate keyboard other than your MacBook’s internal keyboard.

Not a lot of people are a fan of the Apple Magic Keyboard due to its very compact design, which makes the whole typing experience very icky and constraint plus its high price tag keep people away from it. nevertheless, the Apple Magic Keyboard remain to be a top choice by its very dedicated fanbase.

3. Macally Full Size USB Wired Mac Keyboard

Now that you’ve seen the ‘default’ Apple Magic Keyboards, it’s time for other 3rd party manufacturers who also dedicated products for the Mac. The frontrunner is the Macally Full Size USB Wired Mac Keyboard. It is an old-school type keyboard: wired and full-sized. The main differentiator is the price.

This keyboard is by far the best of the cheapest keyboards available in the market today. The Macally Full Size USB Wired Mac Keyboard offers the full functionality of a keyboard plus additional Mac shortcut functions with a close-to-Apple design in a very cheap price tag.

4. iHome Full Size Mac Keyboard

The iHome Full Size Mac Keyboard comes in close second to the Macally in the cheap Mac keyboards category. It is also a full-sized keyboard with numeric keypads with an Apple-esque design but with a cheap price. It is a basic keyboard that gives you the fundamental capabilities needed in a keyboard. A great plus to this keyboard is that it doesn’t require to be synced to Macs unlike other 3rd party keyboards.

5. DBPOWER Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is built for gaming. The backlights are in RGB on all its 104 keys, giving you full functionality of a keyboard plus the LED animations. There are 6 colors featured in this keyboard with animations specific to different features that are fantastic to look at. The DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard plugs into a USB port and has all the gaming features that can’t be found in a regular keyboard.

6. Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard

By far, the Craft is Logitech’s most beautiful and perhaps, the greatest wireless keyboard they have ever produced. It is the latest in their menu and it’s designed to work not only for Mac but also for Windows platforms. It ups the ante in design, challenging what Apple has accomplished so far in their lines of desktop and laptop computers. The features in the Logitech Craft are so awesome, you’ll almost forget that it’s a keyboard. Stable, noiseless, comfortable, fit, accurate, quick, advanced, stunning, impressive, and practical are just some of the many characteristics of this keyboard.

It’s full of features and innovative technology, such as proximity sensor, spherical keys, dial, and app shortcuts. If you want these features on an exquisitely gorgeous keyboard, you should also be willing to spend a bit more for your keyboard.

7. Penclic KB3 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

A compact keyboard comparable to the Apple Magic Keyboard but with full emphasis on ergonomics, the Penclic KB3 is a great choice when you are looking at long-term physical and health safety. The keyboard’s main features are its ergonomics, full-sized keys, mobility, comfortability, and a colorful design that is miles away from the monochrome default Apple keyboard. It is wireless, rechargeable, and compatible with the iOS.

8. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

This keyboard remains a consistent winner in terms of keyboard ergonomics. It uses the traditional ergonomic keyboard design and it’s pretty much very versatile. It improved on its design following cutting-edge design philosophies but it doesn’t fly far away the fundamentals. The Zoom Slider, number pad and customizable keys are the keyboard’s main features.

9. Das Keyboard Model S

Of course, there are people who prefer old-school design and functionality for a keyboard to go with their Macs. The Das Keyboard Model S Professional competes head to head with its competitors and comes out at the top. This mechanical keyboard boasts features that include the ability to charge USB devices, including your iPhone, into its USB ports, and Mac function keys integrated into the keyboard.

10. Nixeus Moda Pro Keyboard

This one is another old-school looking keyboard that pretty much sticks faithfully to the old-school look. The Nixeus Moda Pro Mechanical Switch keyboard is stable, durable, and to say the least, forever. It is designed to even last for over 50 million keystrokes. It is made of aluminum with a series of military-grade metal plate that serve as base for every key mounted onto it. You are assured that this keyboard can take whatever beating it can get.

Mac Keyboard Buying Guide

What are the things that you need to consider when buying a keyboard for your Mac?

That’s a very good a question. There’s no single formula to answer that problem easily. There’s a lot of factors involved and a whole lot of personal preferences that would come into play. However, there are key things that can help you to make a learned decision to buy the best keyboard for your Mac.

If you go through a catalog of Mac keyboards online, say Amazon or Newegg, you will be amazed at the number of results you are likely to get. That would make the whole choosing so complex and daunting. You will likely feel impatient scrolling down the list, clicking on every catalog and reading the reviews – a lot of them are negative, not helpful or plain non-sense or not informative.

Without the essential knowledge on the very things you need to consider when buying a keyboard, you will most likely end up checking out an item that you will potentially regret soon. That said, it’s important to know these key things before you make any hasty and regrettable decisions on your buy.

Wired or Wireless

This is sometimes a no-brainer for many of the different computer users today. However, there are a lot of computer users who also weigh in on convenience from a mobility standpoint and the maintenance and battery standpoint. It all depends on the type of work being done on the Mac and how the keyboard fits into that equation.

A lot of people today prefer to let go of the old-school cables and go with wireless. Everything all around us today is wireless. So, why not go with wireless as well. Keep in mind that this is a good choice if you move around a lot when using your Mac. For example, designers who tend to have a lot of movements on their desks or workstations and need to have the keyboard go with them at all times. Or, for those people who move from one place to another and still need to carry around their keyboards.

The wireless option is a convenience in mobility and preference to abandon the cables. It is also for the Zen computer users – or for those who like to keep things strictly minimalistic and maybe, for those who are unfortunately compelled to comply to 5S requirements at work. What you need to know about going wireless is that it is expensive – wireless keyboards cost more than wired keyboards, and you will need to change batteries – part of the maintenance is to keep track of when you changed batteries or charged the keyboard and to always have a spare set of batteries anywhere with you just in case the last set of batteries run out. Consequently, you will need to safely dispose the dead batteries into proper disposal places – not so environmentally friendly, any way you look at it.

Now, going wired is a huge preference for gamers and other users who need the full keyboard functionality and connectivity to the computer. Wired keyboards are less likely to have lag problems and don’t need batteries for power. It is hard wired to the computer so there’s no, or rare, issues of connectivity and non-responsive keys and buttons. But then again, it doesn’t have the mobility and cable-free convenience of the wireless keyboards.

Style and Features

The perfect and beautiful aesthetics of a Mac will demand a sleek, modern and fashionable keyboard that can complement its overall aesthetics. Let’s think about thin, grey or white, minimalist, lightweight, visually stunning, and calm. Now, that’s a great looking keyboard to go with your gorgeous iMac or iMac Pro
Today, there are a lot of keyboard manufacturers that produce ultra-modern keyboards with visually stunning and even futuristic minimalist designs. These keyboards, though sometimes very slim, still come loaded with a variety of features and functionalities, such as additional shortcut buttons or functions, dials, volume controls, and so forth.

Typically, these attractive keyboards, most often designed specifically for Mac, carry a huge price. So, if budget is an issue, you might need to spend a lot of time thinking whether it’s worth an investment or not.


The type of keys in a keyboard is crucial – it is an element you should never overlook. After all, the keys are what your fingers are going to touch the whole time you are using the keyboard. It is very important that when you decide to buy a keyboard, you pay close attention to the type of keys you need or prefer. There are keyboards that come with very light and slim keys. This is typical for laptop-style keyboards. Of course, not everyone prefers it. For those who are not used to this type of keyboard keys, the typing experience and the overall sensation when your fingers push down to the keys feel weird, if not too strange. There are people who hit the keys too hard and laptop-style keyboard usually are not ideal for those hard hitters.

Other key options would be those that have raised keys, typical in desktop keyboards of the old-school days. You can hit them very hard and they sound, feel, and work just fine. They’re very durable. There are also keys with designated backlighting that refers to many specific features part of or advertised in a keyboard. This type of keyboards is usually designed for gamers or designers.


Another critical thing to consider is ergonomics. Keyboard ergonomics refer to the ability of the keyboard to be efficient the whole time you are using it. It refers to the general design of the keyboard and how it impacts the way you use it, your efficiency, physical strain, and overall comfortability. A keyboard with great ergonomics is something that will have minimal impact to your fingers and/or hands’ strain or injury.

There’s been a lot of science put into the study of ergonomics to make it easier for humans to interact with the different systems and tools within the bounds of health and safety. In relation to that, a wise buy of an ergonomic keyboard will avoid any potential strain on your hands, fingers, or arms, let alone, the joints and nerves that work the whole time you are using the keyboard.

Keyword is comfortability. There are specially designed keyboards with great ergonomic features, especially for those people who will be using the keyboard for extended periods of time. Think about programmers, gamers and writers.


Ultimately, after going through all the great features, designs and functionalities of keyboards, it will all still boil down to price. It is the main decision maker, regardless if you are filthy reach or not. True.

It doesn’t make sense to throw a lot of money in a keyboard that doesn’t really look its price. Even if you adorn it with Swarovski crystals. A keyboard has its designated price or amount in your budget. Certainly, it shouldn’t be more expensive than your iMac or MacBook, right?

When buying a keyboard, be conscious about price. There are keyboards that bombard you with a lot of overkill features but will also cost a ton of money. If you don’t need the extra features, then find another with a price that just makes sense for what you are going to use the keyboard for. Again, price will be a decision maker in the buy process.