Best Smartwatches for Women

While digital watches have been around a long time, technology-based companies have only been recently manufacturing and releasing smartwatches that share some of the abilities of a typical smartphone. The modern-day smartwatch started in 2012, when a small startup company, Pebble released the first ever smartwatch and it was able to raise money on Kickstarter which was able to reach 10.3 Million dollars and sold approximately more than 1 million units. During 2013, Omate was able to sell TrueSmart, which is able to replicate the capabilities of a smartphone.

Smart watch for women

Smartwatches for women may have been a bit limited years ago, but nowadays, most tech companies have models that can also accommodate smaller wrists with more feminine touches.

Top 5 Smartwatches for Women of 2019





Feature 1


Apple Watch Series 3


Feature 2

Designed with WatchOS
Feature 1


Fitbit Versa


Feature 2

Water-resistant up to 50 meters
Feature 1


Kate Spade Scallop


Feature 2

Compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphone users
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Fossil Q Venture


Feature 2

Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones
Feature 1


Asus ZenWatch 3


Feature 2

Water resistant up to 1 meter


1. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) - Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band
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This chic and stylish device is one of the best smartwatches for women. This high tech device looks and feels luxurious and it looks fashionable as well as an accessory. It will not look bulky or chunky when worn on your wrist. This device is customizable with a variety of straps and watch faces that will definitely fit your personality. For those who prefer bigger watches, they can opt for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3. This stylish device has so many features that will definitely help you and make your daily life easier, such as Apple Pay, GPS, and so much more. The battery life can last a day, depending on the use and the frequency of notifications from your iPhone. This smartwatch can be bought with the optional LTE connection, perfect for individuals who love to go running or hiking. Other smartwatches with an LTE option usually are chunky and bulky.

It is only 38mm, not too big especially for those who have a small wrist. You can buy the LTE version. It is designed with WatchOS that is user-friendly and easy to use. It can be easily customized with a wide variety of straps and watch faces; it has a built-in GPS, Apple Pay for payments. It has a great battery life than the previous versions. It is packed with lots of features and apps. It is perfect for fitness and health buff individuals. It has a beautiful OLED display. It is waterproof; you can swim while wearing this smartwatch.

On the expensive side and it is compatible with iPhones only. It looks similar to the original Apple watch, design-wise it can be improved, hopefully, in the future versions; they will pay attention to it as well.


2. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium, One Size (S & L Bands Included)
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10/03/2022 12:12 am GMT

This second smartwatch from Fitbit can be easily compared to Fitbit Blaze. This device is lighter than Ionic. It is relatively smaller with 1.34 inches diagonally and its thickness measures 11.2 mm. It comes in various colors to choose from. The standard edition comes in black, rose gold or grey while the special edition which is pricier comes in charcoal or rose gold colors. This smartwatch is perfect for health-buff individuals who love to stay fit and workout. You can use it to track your activities every day, your heart rate and sleep stages. It comes with a great battery life that usually can last more than 4 days depending on the frequency of usage and it comes with a charging stand that secures your smartwatch while charging. For individuals who love to listen to music while running, you can use it by storing more than 300 songs or download playlists from Pandora or Deezer. There are various exercise modes like Run or Swim which can be used to record daily workouts. It can access various apps like text, calls, sports, and weather. The special edition has a built-in NFC which can be used for mobile payments.

Its price for a smartwatch is somewhat right compared to the pricier ones in the market. It is built and designed with lots of features that can be useful for a user who loves to workout. Its design is so much better than the Ionic. It is lightweight and perfect for women who have smaller wrists. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

It does not have a built-in GPS, it needs to connect on your smartphone for it to be able to use the GPS feature. Users have noticed heart rate inconsistencies while using it. Fitbit Pay is available only for the special edition. It is for Android users only.


3. Kate Spade Scallop

Kate Spade New York Scallop Touchscreen Smartwatch
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This feminine and chic smartwatch is a perfect choice for women and even those who love feminine styles. This piece is deliberately designed for women, unlike the other brands who are only making designs that are unisex smartwatches. It is designed with a round metal with a slim and stylish design with a cute scallop effect on the watch face. The watch is designed with classic Kate Spade designs; fans of the brand will be really excited to own this must-have smartwatch. Its leather band comes in black or light pink colors and it has a thin metal bracelet design watch band that enhances the feminine features. It is designed with a WearOS that comes with different features and skills. It can be paired with an iPhone or Android smartphone for you to get apps and receive different notifications. Its case size measures 42mm and the display is 1.19 inch AMOLED display and it is water resistant. The battery life lasts approximately 24 hours, it depends on the frequency of usage and it comes with a light sensor that reduces the brightness which saves battery life.

It has an adorable feminine style which includes stylish watch faces and casing, cute watch bands that will greatly please women and users who love a feminine design on a smartwatch. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

It does not have a GPS feature or a heart rate monitor. It is not built with NFC for mobile payments.


4. Fossil Q Venture

Fossil Women's Gen 3 Venture Stainless Steel Smartwatch
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10/03/2022 12:04 am GMT

This sleek smartwatch from Fossil boasts a classic design. This smartwatch is designed with a smaller casing and less chunky compared to the previous smartwatches released by the brand. Fossil offers a variety of options for the watch casing, depending on your preference, you can get the simple rose gold or the one with a bedazzled ring on the watch face. For users who want to customize their smartwatch, can buy watch straps that are 18 mm thick from Fossil or other Watch brands. This smartwatch is chunky and bigger, it is perfect for women who prefer bigger watches. Fossil has a lot of watch faces that come in feminine colors as well. It runs WearOS which works with a lot of apps; you can answer texts and receive different notifications on it.

It is designed with a classic design and it comes with a variety of stylish color options to choose from. It is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. It has compatibility with a lot of watch straps.

It does not have NFC for mobile payments, it does not have a GPS feature and it is a bit big and chunky for smaller wrists.


5. Asus ZenWatch 3

ASUS ZenWatch 3 WI503Q-GL-DB 1.39-inch AMOLED Smart Watch with Dark Brown Leather Strap
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This sleek smartwatch from Asus is designed with a 1.39″ AMOLED display and less than 10 mm thickness and it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Zenwatch 3 is finished with stainless steel and diamond-cut bezel that makes you stand out when worn. It is designed with multiple buttons, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. It is powered by Android Wear.

It is water resistant up to 1 meter. It features the Asus HyperCharge technology that provides fast charging, with just 15 minutes for a 60% charge. There is a variety of straps to choose from which also includes Italian leather for those who prefer sophisticated designs. It has an ambient light sensor that saves battery life. The speaker is loud, especially during calls. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

It does not have the GPS feature, it needs to be connected to your smartphone. It has a custom band connector, will need 3rd party suppliers if you want to customize yours. It does not have NFC for mobile payments.


Smartwatch Features

1. Voice command

Voice commands are important if you are always on the go and your hands are always full. You can check your text messages or emails and call someone with just simple voice commands.

2. Play music

This feature is useful for individuals who love to play music while running. Most smartwatches nowadays are able to connect using Wi-Fi or mobile data and play or stream music whenever you want to. Some smartwatches can also connect to headphones or earphones via Bluetooth. Not all smartwatches have this feature so if you are someone who loves to listen to music while working out or running, make sure to look for this feature when looking for a smartwatch to buy.

3. Sensors

This feature is useful for health buff individuals. Some smartwatches are able to record vital signs such as heart rate that can be useful while working out. These sensors are also able to record the calories burned while working out and the number of steps taken daily just like a pedometer.

4. Customization

There are smartwatches that have a feature that allows it to be customized according to the user’s personal preference, like the ability to change watch faces or use 3rd party watch faces. There are cases or skins that can be used; it is perfect for those who want their smartwatch to reflect their personality. Make sure to look for a smartwatch that allows you to change the straps when you want to look different and cool.

5. Fitness tracking

This feature is perfect for health buff individuals who want to be frequently aware of their health condition. If you are interested in keeping track of your daily activities, this feature is definitely a must-have for your smartwatch.

6. Payment options

There are smartwatches that can be used for mobile payment, this will save you from carrying a wallet or credit card when you are in a rush to go to the store.

7. Os and Device compatibility

Make sure when buying a smartwatch that it is compatible with your smartphone. As there are some devices like Apple watch which are only compatible with iPhones.

8. Display and Interface

The display of the smartwatch can be LCD or AMOLED display just like some of the smartphones in the market. The interface of the smartwatch is important and must be considered as well. There are smartwatches that have a touchscreen and some only use buttons.

9. Charging and battery life

Battery life and charging ability is an important feature that must be considered when buying a smartwatch. For individuals who are always busy and always on the go, having a device that has a long battery life and can be charged easily is a must. How can a device be useful if it is not working because the battery is dead?

10. Price

Let’s be honest, smartwatches are not inexpensive. Not everyone can afford a smartwatch, but if you have the extra money and you can afford one, you can make sure to get a smartwatch that has all the features that are important for you and will make your life easier.

Importance of Having a Smartwatch

1. Notifications

For busy individuals, having a smartwatch that will display notifications such as an important text message, emails or phone calls is a must. It makes your life easier without the constant need of pulling your phone out of your bag or pocket.

2. Battery life

Having a smartwatch will help you save your smartphones battery life, without you constantly opening and checking it for notifications. Smartphones nowadays are easily drained because of the various features that need constant power which drains your battery quickly.

3. Navigation

There are smartwatches that are GPS ready which makes traveling easier. Directions on where to go will be sent on your wrist and this will help you where and when you have to turn next.

4. Makes your life easier

By having a smartwatch, individuals who are always busy will just connect their smartwatch on their phones and it will be easy for them as they have an access for all the things they need and lessens the time of pulling the phone out whenever something is needed to be done. Individuals in the business industry will greatly benefit from using a smartwatch because planning meetings or appointments can now be easily done.

Categories of a Smartwatch

1. Top-notch smartwatches

These gadgets are usually miniature versions of a smartphone that fits the size of your wrist. Example of those is Apple and Samsung. These types of smartwatches have touch screens and are able to run a smaller version of apps. It can also be used to control your smartphone. You can also use it to track GPS, listen to music and make phone calls. These are the most expensive among the list.

2. Smartwatches that have the ability to track your fitness activity

These devices are focused on recording your steps or when you run in the park, it can tell your heart rate. These smartphones can tell the time and sometimes they are capable of showing simple notifications. The smartphone will be needed when you have to perform other tasks, they often cost lower than top-tier smartwatches.

3. A traditional watch with an additional ability of a smartwatch

These devices is usually the standard watch but it is added with some of the features such as step counting or a simple notification system. It costs less plus it comes with a fitness tracking feature.

A smartwatch is a useful tool that can help people improve their daily lives. By just simply placing it on your wrist and with the help of its interactive display, there are a lot of things that you can do and accomplish in a day.