Best Soundbars Under $100 in 2019 – [Top Budget Sound Bars]

Are you satisfied with the sound output from your TV when watching movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime? If not, then maybe it’s time for you to get your own soundbar.

Soundbars are a good alternative to the usual stereo speakers which offer almost the same audio output. If you are in the lookout for a soundbar but aren’t willing to shell out a ton of cash, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about the best soundbars under $100. Gone are the days when cheap soundbars also sound cheap. However, it is also unwise to just get the cheapest soundbar you can find.

We will provide you with a list of the best soundbars that cater to your every listening need without having to break the bank.

How To Find The Best Soundbars Under $100

The market is saturated with thousands of soundbars, however, as you might expect, not all of them are made with the same level of durability, performance, and quality. This is why we are here to narrow the choices and provide you with a concise list of the best soundbars under $100.





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Feature 2

Bar Frequency: 70 Hertz – 19 KHertz
Feature 1


AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar


Feature 2

31.5-inch soundbar with built-in subwoofer enhances home-audio systems


1. VIZIO SB2920-C6 – Best Budget Soundbar

VIZIO Sound Bar for TV, 29” Surround Sound System for TV, Home Audio Sound Bar, 2.0 Channel Home Theater with Bluetooth – SB2920-C6
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09/25/2022 12:13 am GMT

The first entry on our list is a product from one of the most underrated companies in the audio devices department. We will talk about the VIZIO SB2920-C6. This soundbar is one of the best choices when it comes to providing you with a holistic audio experience without needing to break the bank.

Featuring less than 1% of the total harmonics distortion, the VIZIO SB2920-C6 churns out 95 dB of a clear and well-balanced sound output that can fill an entire medium sized room. With this at hand, listening to your favorite songs at a crystal clear output is never a problem.

In order to produce a fuller sound, the VIZIO SB2920-C6 is equipped with two powerful and efficient full range stereo speakers. Because of this, you get a boost in the volume of the sound output without compromising on the balance of treble, bass as well as mids.

Equipped with its built-in DTS TruVolume as well as DTS true sound technology, this soundbar further enhances the overall capability of its already excellent audio output. These additional features help the VIZIO SB2920-C6 deliver crisp sound output without sounding synthetic and artificial, which is often a downside to most soundbars at this price range.

These also allow a more comfortable and consistent volume range aside from its ultra-realistic sound output. To add more icing to the cake, this soundbar is equipped with Bluetooth technology to let you enjoy the convenience of listening to your favorite music with a single tap from your smartphone or any audio device with Bluetooth capability.

The VIZIO SB2920-C6 is very easy to install and set up. It can be connected directly to your amplifier, TV, radio or any smartphone or device with a 3.5mm headphone jack. In terms of design, it also does not let up thanks to its sleek and minimalistic design that screams elegance.

Things you might like:

  •    DTS TruVolume technology
  •    DTS TruSound Technology
  •    Bluetooth connectivity
  •    Two stereo speakers
  •    Well balanced audio output
  •    Less than 1% Total harmonic distortion
  •    Slick design

Things you might not like:

  • Issues with volume control


2. Richsound Research TB220L

Richsound Research (RSR) TB220L 32-inch 2.0 Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth
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09/25/2022 12:09 am GMT

Another worthy entry on our list is the Richsound Research TB220L. The Richsound Research TB220L is an excellent companion whether you want to rock out to your favorite tunes or whether you want to have a worthwhile home cinema experience.

In terms of design, the Richsound Research TB220L is definitely one of the best-looking soundbars you can get in this price segment. It features a sleek and elegant design but is minimalistic enough to complement any setup in your living room or wherever you want to put up the soundbar.

The audio output is also worth noting because of the maximum volume as well as the good balance of mids and trebles. We noticed though that the bass output is not as deep or distinct compared to the other soundbars within its price range. We still think though that the balance between the mids, bass, and trebles are still decent, we just wanted more oomph from the bass.

When it comes to building quality, the Richsound Research TB220L basically excels even beating those that cost a couple bucks more than it. It has a robust build quality thanks to the high-quality plastic being used by the company. Because of this, a couple of drops wouldn’t be a problem with this soundbar.

It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can choose your songs with the simple task of tapping your smartphone.

Things you might like:

  •    Excellent build quality
  •    Minimalistic design
  •    Well balanced audio output
  •    Elegant and sleek design
  •    Reliable Bluetooth connectivity

Things you might not like:

  •     Bass output is mediocre


3. TaoTronics 4 Soundbar


The next entry on our list is the TaoTronics 4 Soundbar. This soundbar is able to support dual wire as well as wireless setups. Because of this, you have the option of going the old route and connect your device through a wire or choose a wireless connection with your device.

The TaoTronics 4 soundbar makes use of Bluetooth connectivity to gain access to your device. The Bluetooth connection is powerful and has a wide range reaching up to 33 feet.

This soundbar has one of the best bass outputs in its price range. Because of this, you get to enjoy your favorite bass drops or experience an exhilarating cinematic experience on your TV.

It is equipped with four powerful stereo speakers. What houses these powerful speakers is a 36-inch exterior case which is built with high-quality plastic. The TaoTronics 4 boasts of excelled mid-low frequencies resulting in a well balanced audio output.

In terms of ease of operation, this soundbar is extremely user-friendly. With its packaged remote, as well as the built-in buttons, the TaoTronics 4 will let you enjoy your favorite songs or your movies without the hassle of pressing several buttons.

It also comes with an LED light that notifies you regarding its status by showing several colors.
Setting up and installation is also a breeze with the TaoTronics 4.
It dons a compact yet stylish design which is a sure head turner. If you have a small space, you can cramp up this soundbar to any area and it won’t waste a lot of space thanks to its thin form factor.

When testing the product though, we noticed some inconsistencies with the Bluetooth connectivity. We noticed that our smartphone would disconnect suddenly in some cases.

Things you might like:

  •    Excellent mid-low output
  •    Durable build
  •    Sleek design
  •    Compact form factor
  •    Comes with LED light
  •    Easy to use
  •    Well balanced audio output

Things you might not like:

  •     Inconsistencies with Bluetooth connectivity


4. AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar

Amazon Basics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer
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The next entry on our list is the AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar. This product is equipped with a built-in subwoofer as well as efficient speakers. With this setup, you are able to enjoy your favorite tunes with crisp and well detailed audio quality.

The best thing about this soundbar is the fact that it is able to produce a maximum of 100 dB of audio as well as 35W power. As a result, the product is able to produce an audio output that can fill an entire large room.

With its slender and sleek design, the AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar is a treat when it comes to setting it up. Place it conspicuously under your home theater system and it will blend well with the other devices. You can even mount in on a wall.

In terms of connectivity, the AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar handles it like a champ. It can easily connect to other appliances and devices without the use of annoying cords and cables. This is possible through the soundbar’s built-in Bluetooth v2.1 EDR technology. This technology allows for an efficient and reliable connection with other devices.

The AmazonBasics 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar comes with a remote control that gives you access to all the operations of the soundbar. The Bluetooth technology employed in the soundbar also makes it possible to control media playback.

Because of this, you are able to stream a single stereo signal to either your headphones or the speakers with the use of the AADP or the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. The soundbar also gives you three audio modes that cater to your every need. These modes include standard mode, news mode as well as movie and game modes.

In terms of its downsides, it was hard to pick one. However, we noticed that the bass output was a bit lackluster.

Things you might like:

  •    Comes with three audio modes
  •    Reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  •    AADP technology
  •    Easy to mount
  •    Durable build
  •    Sleek design

Things you might not like:

  •   Bass output is mediocre


5. Meidong Sound Bar

We cap off this list with a soundbar from a company you might have not heard before. If you are on the lookout for a soundbar that gives you an excellent home theatre experience then the Meidong Soundbar is the best choice for you. It truly is one of the best soundbars under 100.

This Meidong Soundbar is one of the most underrated products you can come across in the market. It provides excellent sound quality without donning a ridiculous price.

It is capable of connecting with several units since it is equipped with more one port for connection. It has a built in RCA port, a port for optic cables as well as a 3.5 mm stereo jack. To
make things even more convenient, it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This means that
you can control what the soundbar is playing with a tap on your smartphone.

In terms of sound output, the Meidong Soundbar is able to produce a well-balanced audio. The bass is deep and the treble and mid frequencies are not jarring.

With this, you get the best from your listening experience. However, there were some instances when we felt like the sound output to be a bit synthetic and artificial. This might be because of the aggressive audio mixing used by the soundbar.

In terms of design, the Meidong soundbar excels due to its compact form factor and simple yet sleek design. Moreover, it comes with a reliable remote control that gives you access to all the operations of the soundbar. It also has a few built-in buttons as well as LED that notifies you regarding the use and status of the soundbar. The colors correspond to the different status of the soundbar.

Things you might like:

  •    LED notification
  •    Sleek design
  •    Small form factor
  •    Well balanced sound output
  •    Affordable
  •    Comes with three connection ports
  •    Reliable remote control

Things you might not like:

  •     Sound output can be synthetic at times


These products offer excellent sound quality coupled with the high-quality build without breaking the bank. We hope that you have found the right soundbar that fits your needs.

Buying Guide: Best Soundbars Under $100

Just like buying any other audio device, there are also some things you need to remember when choosing a soundbar. It does not require rocket science, however, there are some technicalities you need to look into. Here are the things you need to consider when buying a soundbar.

Active or Passive

The first thing you need to consider when buying a soundbar is knowing whether to buy an active or passive soundbar. The difference between the two types is vast, and both have their own specific use.

An active soundbar is equipped with all the necessary components that help amplify the sound output which is housed in one box. A passive soundbar would require you to buy a separate amplifier or stereo. Because of this, you might need to consider whether you need an active or passive soundbar.

Picking a passive soundbar lets you have more options since you have the choice to mix and match which amplifier or soundbar you prefer. However, if you have a small space intended for this, and you do not want to crowd your space, then an active soundbar is a right choice for you.

Placement Options

The next thing you might want to consider is the space where you need to place the soundbar. Do you want to place it under your TV? DO you want to place it on a wall? You have to think about these things before you buy a soundbar.

This will also relate to the above-mentioned factor. A passive soundbar requires more space while an active soundbar requires only a small amount of space. Soundbars also come in different sizes. This is worth noting since there are some who want to go minimalistic. If so, then buy a soundbar with a compact form factor.


Another thing to consider is the soundbar’s connectivity. It is wise to have a soundbar that is equipped with several connection inputs. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to connecting with a wide array of devices and appliances. With that being said, get one with a coaxial digital input as well as RCA Auxiliary input. Along with this, a 3.5mm stereo jack is also important.

Moreover, more and more soundbars come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows for better convenience and comfort when it comes to choosing which songs to play or what to operate with the device.

Lastly, some soundbars come with Wi-Fi support. This allows you to connect the soundbar directly to a smart TV or any compatible devices.


Since we are in the topic of keeping your costs down with your soundbar purchase, budget is another important aspect you need to consider when buying a soundbar. The good new is, gone are the days when cheap soundbars translate to cheap quality.

With this at hand, you need not shell out multiple hundreds or thousands just to buy a soundbar. However, at this price range, you should expect some sort of compromise when it comes to features. Typically, a $300 soundbar would have several more features compared to one that is priced at $100 or below.

What can you expect from a $100 soundbar?

Soundbars under $100 offer the basic features that you might expect from the usual stereo speakers. They are also marginally better when it comes to audio output compared to televisions. In other words, when you are equipped with these soundbars, you get a better cinematic experience compared to hearing sounds produced by the TV itself. These soundbars audio output can also fill a small to medium sized room with ample volume.

Unlike stereo speakers, most soundbars are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect with just about any Bluetooth supported audio device with a simple tap. This is a huge plus compared to stereo speakers in terms of convenience and comfort.

Now, talking about the compromises, there are a few since these soundbars come with an extremely low price. One of the most apparent downsides is the sound quality. These soundbars usually have a well balanced audio output however the sound may come off sometimes as synthetic or artificial. There are also some that have lackluster bass output. So with this, manage your expectations since you are settling with a lower-cost soundbar.