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Best Standing Desk Converters

Best Standing Desk Converters

A standing desk is versatile, especially for those who work longer periods of time. A standing desk is perfect for those who suffer from chronic back pain that is aggravated by extended periods of sitting.

Standing desk converters are apparatus that rest on top of the desk and can be moved up or down so one can stand or sit while working depending on their mood.


Desks are not all the same and they come in different sizes. They vary from one another if you are after a quality desk; there are different factors that must be considered. The comfort of an individual while using a desk is directly proportional to the quality of the materials used when building the desk and the range of adjustability matters as well.

Desk converters are the answer to the usual problem of people who often work 9-5 hours daily whether at the office or at home. Moving and changing positions while working is advisable to improve one’s health and it also helps burn more calories while enhancing the blood circulation while in the workplace. The converter helps the user to experience the benefits of alternately sitting and standing without the need to completely change the setup of the office or workspace at home. The desk converters can be raised or lower depending on your preference and there are some that can be added with accessories such as a monitor arm that will provide neck and back support accordingly.

Top 5 Standing Desk Converters of 2019

1. iMovR ZipLift+ Sit Stand Converter

iMovR ZipLift+ Wide Standing Desk Converter, Black, 42"

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ZipLift+ introduces this ergonomically designed keyboard tray with a unique Z-lift mechanism, it has a grommet hole that can be used to add a monitor arm and granite-hard durable and stable with a full 20″ height extension. The weight capacity is 35 lbs on the top surface and 5 lbs on the keyboard surface. The dimension measurements are 23.2 x 35.4 x 6.2 inches.

It comes with a 5-year warranty. This standing desk converter is durable and stable. It has a height range that can adjust depending on the preference of the user. The built-in adjustable keyboard tray comes with a 25-degree range. The grommet hole allows an addition monitor arm. It is fully assembled, easy to use and hassle-free. It comes with a free EverMat Portable Standing Mat for every purchase. It can switch from sitting and standing in just seconds. It works with dual monitors.

The upper deck of the unit can be a bit high and may cause neck strain. The lower deck is a bit small. The adjustable keyboard tray resets to zero degrees when sitting, it works only at a standing height. The platform arcs towards the user whenever it is raised.

2. StandStand 

StandStand (birch) (12 inch)

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This desk converter is designed with the intention for it to be portable and be carried wherever you go. It weighs around 2 lbs.It is extremely sturdy; it can withstand over 900 lbs. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly and be stored inside the backpack.

It is portable and it can be carried and used anywhere you go. It is extremely sturdy and strong. It is made in the USA. It comes in various sizes and it depends on the height of the user. It starts at 9″ for 5’5″ individuals and so on. It can be assembled and disassembled easily. It is lightweight and made from durable materials. It is affordable. It is super stable while typing.

No additional workspace at standing height, it offers space for laptop only. There is only one available surface for either the keyboard or monitor, so one of the two will either be low or high.

3. WorkEZ Standing Desk 

WorkEZ is a small, lightweight conversion that can be easily added or remove on a traditional desk. It has a keyboard tray and can be easily adjusted depending on the user’s preference. It comes in three pieces, the laptop or monitor stand, keyboard tray, and a removable mouse pad. The laptop stand can be adjusted up to 18 inches above the height of the desk.

It is affordable. It can be easily added or removed on a working space, which makes it recommendable for individuals who prefer to both sit and stand all throughout the day. It is designed with adjustable options for the laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse making it one of the most customizable options in the market. No installation needed. It has Eco-friendly recyclable packaging that helps the environment.

It is not the most stable stand up conversion option in the market. There is no additional workspace at standing height. It will only fit one monitor or a laptop and it can only hold up weight that is up to 13 lbs. For individuals who have an extra monitor or heavier than the capacity, LIFT is recommended.

4. Readydesk

This desk conversion is made of wood. This workspace elevator is designed with two adjustable shelves. It has a wide space that enables it to hold two 27-inch monitors or laptop. It can be adjusted depending on the height of the user from 5’3” up to 6’3” tall and it is designed with a built-in cable management. If there is a need for an additional shelf or laptop space, it can be purchased accordingly. It has been featured on some of the best lists on Youtube and other media sites.

It is strong and lightweight; it can be easily carried wherever you go, especially when you are always traveling. It weighs 15 lbs but can support up to 75 lbs weight capacity, which can include a monitor or laptop.

It is made with an award-winning design that promotes proper standing posture. It is made in the USA. It can be easily assembled without the use of tools.

This desk conversion is easily assembled without using any tools and it can be adjusted depending on the user’s preference. The cross-braces design helps provide a stable and sturdy built. It is affordable.

It is a semi-permanent standing desk conversion, the switching of the desk back and forth from sitting to standing may not be done on a regular basis. The height of the keyboard and mouse will require the removing of the entire shelf, which can be tricky and complicated than other desk conversions in the market.

5. Ergotron WorkFit-T

Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter, Dual Monitor Sit Stand Desk Riser for Tabletops – 35 Inch Width, Black

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12/09/2022 12:38 am GMT

WorkFit T moves vertically and it is advisable for those individuals who have a limited workspace and want to save space. It provides comfort to the users whether using it while sitting or standing. It allows productivity; the user can sit and stand while working with its ergonomic design. It is sturdy and stable.

It is easily adjustable and can be adjusted vertically by just pressing two buttons. The vertical adjustment is up to 15 inches. It is pre-assembled, no need to assemble it and it can be used immediately, just slide it out of the packaging and it is good to go. Its weight capacity is up to 35 lbs and offers great space for users whether while standing or sitting. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

It cannot be adjusted laterally. It is expensive compared to its counterparts in the market.

Standing Desk Converter Buying Guide

Here are some important factors to consider before choosing a desk converter:

1. Adjusting phase

If you have been using a traditional before, changing to a desk converter can be the most crucial during the first week. It can be compared to exercising; the first few hours will be enjoyable. Some will find it quite refreshing and performing various tasks will be easier and a surge of energy will be felt as well. After a few hours, it is normal to experience fatigue and some will just go back to sitting on a chair once again.

It is advisable to start the day standing until the focus and attentiveness wears off or there is discomfort present, during this time it is recommendable to take a set until you are well rested to stand again. Standing desk converters give alternatives to individuals who want to stand for a while and then be comfortable sitting at a preferred height with a chair. If the standing desk is designed with a fixed height, a bar stool can be used.

2. Display height

When working on a standing desk converter, one must keep in mind that the elbows must be at a 90 degrees angle and the neck position is at a neutral posture. Those who have a laptop and the elbows are at 90 degrees, the display’s position is too low that it forces the neck downwards and it may cause different problems over time, such as neck pain and strained muscles. In order to avoid this from happening, the display height must be raised by placing the laptop on a stand and it can be paired with accessories such as an external keyboard and mouse. Some users will add a monitor and set the laptop aside. The individual must be able to look straight forward and see the monitor without even tilting the head.

The height must be adjustable so that the workspace is flexible and will easily accommodate all the work while providing comfort. It will also matter if the workspace is going to be used by more than one person, adjustability is a necessity.

3. Cable and wire management

When using a traditional desk, the cable wires are easy to bundle up together and it can be placed strategically behind one of the legs. The standing desk converters are usually roomy with no drawers designed, therefore there will be fewer places to hide a bunch of wires and cables especially if there are more accessories that are used with the computer like an additional monitor, printer and external hard drive. It is advisable to use a surge protector on the back of the desk or it can be mounted on the wall depending on your preference and use it as a power hub, through this one cable will be used from the wall towards the outlet.

4. Anti-fatigue mat

During the adjustment phase, the feet will experience fatigue and pain after a few hours of standing. To decrease the pain, it is recommended to use an anti-fatigue mat. Anti-fatigue mat varies from one another with various colors, sizes, and the materials used. Adding an additional layer of cushion between the feet and floor will help reduce the occurrence of standing fatigue. There are other alternative options to use to prevent pain, for example, buying a pair of comfortable shoes or a balance disc which will provide cushion and also improve the users’ balance and prevent injury and fatigue from happening.

5. Desk measurements

Desk width and depth must be considered. Most desks are available with at least 30″ depth and the width varies from one another. If the monitor is closer to the user, it will affect the visual capabilities, possibly reduce the visual performance and it may also result in discomfort and eye strain. The desk width will depend usually on the available space and work preferences of an individual. There are various shapes, sizes such as an L-shape that will affect the work habits and needs of an individual.

The weight capacity will also vary. Most models in the market nowadays have plenty of capacity for desktop items and other accessories. If there is a need for placing heavier accessories or items on the desktop, make sure to check the weight capacity of the desk before buying it.

6. Other considerations

Adjustment mechanisms will also matter, there are different types available such as crank, electric, or pneumatic adjustment mechanism. The most popular are the electric and pneumatic ones since they are easy to use when needing to properly adjust it. There are desks that come with cranks and they are fine especially when the adjustment range is limited.

Shorter individuals will need a keyboard tray. A footrest is also advisable as it helps reduce the strain on the foot while standing, alternating one foot and other therefore reducing the possibility of standing fatigue. There are adjustable desks that have small electric motors that may be a bit loud compared to others. If the desk is used in an open work area, it may affect others but if it will be used at home or a private office noise will not be a factor that will be considered.

Even when you are using a standing desk converter, there is still a need for a chair for times that you want to rest from standing for a long time. There are stool-like devices that can be used but it is not designed for long-term sitting and it will be perfect for those who want to stand and sit alternately for the whole work day.