How to Add a Profile on Netflix

Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms across the globe. Because of its popularity, some people believe that shortly, more and more production companies will lean more on this platform instead of having their movies shown on cinemas or in the silver screen.

While this may be debatable, all of us who have used Netflix can agree that the platform made watching movies and shows a lot easier and more convenient. With Netflix, you can create a profile and watch as many shows or movies as you can. Based on your past searches, Netflix will provide you with a list of suggested films or shows. This aspect of Netflix is what made it a massive success despite it being launched only a few years ago.

While you can always share your profile with your family members, partner or friends, doing this is not as convenient as it sounds. Even worse, this can disrupt the whole convenience provided by Netflix. We are saying this because if numerous people with different viewing habits and interests share a single account; Netflix’s algorithm won’t be able to decipher which one to suggest. Instead of providing convenience and ease in finding what movies to watch, the feature now becomes useless.

This is not a rare scenario for most Netflix users. Because of this, a lot of users are looking for ways to add new profiles to their Netflix account. If you are stuck in the same scenario, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing you about the ways on how to add a profile on Netflix. Through this, you will no longer have to share your profile and deal with all the inaccurate suggestions, and other problems brought about by shared patterns. After this tutorial, you will all have your profiles.

Profiles on Netflix

Currently, Netflix permits its users to create up to five unique profiles for a single account. Moreover, the account from which the five profiles are from cannot be deleted. These profiles can be used on different devices as well. Because of this, a profile set on a smartphone can be seen on an android box or a laptop. Profiles can be accessed on a myriad of devices including smartphones, smart TV, android boxes, laptops, desktop computers, tablets and many more.

Each profile will have their unique viewing habits and interests. For example, if a particular family member prefers to watch horror movies, the other profiles will not receive horror movie suggestions unless they are also interested with them; so with that being said, you can rest assured that Netflix’s algorithm will provide you with accurate suggestions.

How to Create Additional Profiles on Netflix

Creating profiles will be pretty much the same across different devices. There are only some slight differences with some devices. Nevertheless, these are the things you need to do to create additional profiles on Netflix.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to go to in your browser.
  2. Next, you need to log in to your account. Type in your user ID and then enter your password.
  3. When you are in your account interface, Netflix will show the “Who’s Watching” window. This also indicates which movies and shows are currently available.
  4. After navigating through the browse screen, click on the Profile button which is located on the top right portion of the window. The Profile button is usually located beside the notifications icon which is the bell icon.
  5. Clicking on the Profile button will show another pop-up window. In this window, click on Manage Profiles. Look for the plus sign (+) and click on it. Clicking on the plus sign allows you to add another profile to the account. Once the pop-up window appears, type in the desired name for the new profile. NOTE: If you intend to make a new profile for a child, click on the Kids option.
  6. Once you have this done, click on Continue so that you can finish the creation of the new profile. If you want to tweak a few options, you can do so by navigating through the customize settings.

If you wish to change a few settings with the added profile, you can do so by going to the manage Profile settings. You can also change the name of the profiles you made in the Manage profile settings. Just type in the new name of the profile.

You can also change the image of your Netflix profile. Click on the pencil icon placed on the left side of the profile image. In here, you can find several avatars to choose from. However, Netflix still doesn’t allow users to upload their photos.

If you have kids sharing your account, you can change the parental settings. This is very important since you do not want them to be exposed to malicious content or those that aren’t intended for children. To do this, click on the drop-down placed on the Allowed Content option in the window. The settings include content filters for different age groups. Doing this will let Netflix know that a kid is using the profile and will thus only show Child-friendly content.

How to Manage Profiles Across Different Devices

Most people watch Netflix movies and shows through their smartphone and other portable devices, though you can also use your Netflix account on your desktop computer or laptop (many students use laptops). It’s a good thing that you can manage profiles through all these devices.

iOS devices

You can manage profiles by tapping on the more button located on the bottom right portion of the screen. In here, you can find all the patterns associated with the account. After this, click on Manage Profiles.

Android devices

You can manage profiles by tapping the three horizontal lines located on the top left portion of the screen. In here, click on the profile you want to achieve and then click on Edit so that you can customize some settings.

Other smart devices

You can do this by scrolling up to the row located on the search icon. Tap on Profiles. In the Profile section, click on the Manage Profiles button. In here, you can choose which Profile to edit.