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How to Change Storage to SD Card on Samsung Tablet

How to Change Storage to SD Card on Samsung Tablet

Most mobile devices including Samsung tablets come with a considerable amount of storage space. The storage space may range from 8 GB to 1 TB. However, if you are one of those that carry mobile devices with the lower spectrum when it comes to storage space, then you might have a problem when it comes to finding enough space for your apps, pictures and other files.

Thankfully, SD cards are here to save the day. They provide additional external storage for your files. SD cards nowadays have evolved to beastly storage devices which can accommodate up to 1 TB of data, a feat that was only possible to large, bulkier external hard drives.

When pairing SD cards with your Samsung Tablets, you may notice that whenever storing files or data, you still see a considerable amount of space being taken out from your internal storage; all while the SD card storage capacity is left unscathed. You may start questioning whether your micro SD card is functioning correctly. However, this is usually caused by a mistake in the settings configuration.

In this article, we will teach you how to change storage to SD card on Samsung Tablet. Aside from this, we will also show you how to move your files and other data already saved from your internal storage to your micro SD card.

Things to Consider Before Buying Micro SD Card

Before we jump into the instructions on how to move your files to the SD card and doing any changes in the settings, you need to be first oriented about the things you need to consider when buying a micro SD card.

Before you buy the micro SD card with the most significant storage space, you need to check the amount of storage or capacity your Samsung tablet can accommodate. Pricier Samsung tablets and mobile devices, tend to have support for larger storage capacity, while the cheaper ones can only provide up to 32 GB or 64 GB.

You also need to be careful about picking the brand of the micro SD card. There are some that only exist to grab hold of your hard earned cash. You need to do away with these types of brands. We highly suggest that you buy micro SD cards from reputable manufacturers such as Transcend, Samsung, Sony, and others.

After buying your preferred micro SD card, it is high time for us now to discuss the different steps you need to do to make full use of your micro SD card on your Samsung Tablet.

Changing Default Storage to SD Card

One of the most efficient means of saving some space from your internal storage is by setting the micro SD card as the default storage destination. With this, all applications are automatically installed on the micro SD card instead of the internal storage. To do this, you need to go to the settings menu of your Samsung tablet. Tap on the gear icon that is located on your app window or the notification panel.

Once you have opened the settings menu, navigate through the storage preferences. There you will see the current storage space of the internal storage and the micro SD card. Navigate through the list and look for the “Change default storage” settings.

There, you will be prompted to choose between the internal storage and external storage as the default storage. Click on the box beside the external storage. Click on Ok and Save Changes. At this point, you already have changed the default storage to the micro SD card instead of the internal drive.

How to Move Apps to SD card

If you want to stick with your internal storage as the main or default one, then you can always move applications to SD card to allow more room for pictures, videos, and other files. However, not all tablets and mobile devices are equipped with the capability of moving applications to the microSD card.

This method will only work if your tablet permits moving of apps to the micro SD card. With this, you need to check on the manufacturer manual or maybe search for the specifications online. However, it is worth noting that most Samsung tablets can allow moving of applications to the external storage disk.

To move applications to the micro SD card, you need to go to Settings and then navigate to the Apps menu. In here, look for the storage settings. Tap on the “Change destination” or “Change Storage” option on each of the applications you want to move.

Another route would be to transfer apps and other files by batch to the micro SD card. This is a convenient method for those who don’t want to tinker and manually move each of the intended apps or files one by one. However, it is also worth mentioning that not all devices can do such a task. With this, you can check through the internet if your Samsung tablet has this feature.

To do this, you need to go to Settings. In here, you need to look for the option that says “Transfer data to SD card.” By clicking “Transfer All,” the tab is transferring all the data from the internal storage to the micro SD card.

Using a PC or Laptop

Another way of transferring all your data from the tab to the external micro SD is by using the traditional method, through PC or laptop transfer. This process though is more tedious and requires more time and resources.

You first need to plug in the micro SD to the micro SD card slot of the laptop or PC. If your unit does not have one, you might need to purchase a micro SD card reader. This is typically an adapter for smaller external storages.

After this, you need to plug in your tablet to the PC through the USB port of your unit. Once the PC or laptop recognizes both of these devices, you can now move or copy files from your internal storage to the micro SD card. The process as we mentioned is more tedious and lengthy. However, you get more freedom as to what you want to do with the files on your Samsung tablet.