How to Find Out if Someone is Stealing My Wifi

If you noticed that your once fast and stable internet connection is recently slowing down, you should get to the reason behind this. While there are several factors to consider such as the amount of bandwidth or weather interruptions and many others, however, you should also check the possibility of someone stealing your WIFI access.

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It is worth noting that most internet plans from ISP’s have a bandwidth limit. This means that if someone is stealing your WIFI, you are bound to reach your threshold faster. Even so, if your internet plan does not come with a bandwidth limit, you will see a noticeable slowing down of the internet connection. With this, streaming videos, playing games, or other tasks you do online will be a hassle with the slower internet speed.

With this at hand, it pays to know how to determine if someone is a parasite with your WIFI connection. In this article, we will teach you how to find out if someone is stealing your wifi. Moreover, we will also show you what you can do to solve this problem and how to avoid it in the future.

How to Know if Someone is Stealing your WIFI

If you continuously experience constant lags and crashes when playing games or when streaming videos on your device, the first thing you usually do is to turn off the router, wait for a couple of minutes and then restart the unit.

To check if someone is stealing your WIFI, you need to turn off all the devices connected on the router. After making sure that all the tools are powered down and after restarting,  you need to check on the LED notification light. If the LED notification light on the modem keeps on flickering, there is a huge chance that someone is stealing your WIFI.

While this is an easy test anyone can do, not all have the capability of turning down all the devices. For example, if you are in an office which hosts an exclusive internet for the entire floor; you can’t request everyone to turn off all their devices. With this at hand, we will provide you with other methods to check if someone is stealing your WIFI.

1. Use an application

One of the most convenient ways of determining whether someone is leeching on your internet connection is to use an application which is available for iOs and Android platforms. Here are some of the useful apps that you can use to help solve the problem.

Paessler PRTG is an application which provides a host of tools that allow router management. Some of the features it has include monitoring of traffic and detection of any abnormalities in the truck. It also analyzes how the WIFI connection is utilized. These are only some of the features and tools it offers. The interface of the app, however, might be too complicated for the casual internet users. However, with a couple of uses, you will be able to learn how to use the app without any hassle. The application comes with a 30-day free trial. We suggest that you stick to the free trial since you won’t be needing more than 30 days with the app to check if someone is stealing your WIFI.

F-Secure is also a web-based application that prevents unpermitted downloads from malicious sources. Aside from this, it is also equipped with a feature that detects signs of hacking. It also determines whether someone is making use of setting tweaks to hijack your WIFI connection.

We also recommend you to use the wireless network watcher application. It is a third party application that allows Windows and Mac OS users to detect and monitor all the internet activity as well as check the presence of connected devices.

Lastly, we recommend Fing which is an application intended for monitoring internet activity through the mobile platform. However, the app is only available for iOS mobile users. The form shows users the currently connected devices. It also reveals the type of devices connected as well as the nature of the connection. Moreover, you can also monitor the behavior of the WIFI connection especially during periods of busy traffic.

2. Check administrator logs

Another method you can do is to check administrator logs. To do this, you need to log in to the modem or router’s admin page. You can do this by first typing the IP address of the router on the address bar using the browser of your preference.

Once you have already navigated yourself to the admin page,  you need to search for the page that lists all the devices that are currently connected to the router. You can see this through the media access control (MAC) addresses of the network.

The location of the admin page will vary for different kinds of the router. In most cases though, you will find this under the wireless configuration page which also shows the WIFI status. In this window, you will find all the devices connected to the network. If you only expect to have four tools in this window, but the list shows six devices, then you have a WIFI stealer.

What To Do

If you already confirmed that someone is stealing your WIFI, or if you are still convinced that someone is using your WIFI without your permission, it is always advisable to have more robust security for your internet connection. One of the most effective ways of boosting your safety is to add a password for your network.  Routers usually have their default router username and password; we advise you to change these because they are easy to hack immediately.

To change the password, you merely need to go back to the admin page of the router. Go to security settings and then input your new preferred password. Changing the password will remove all the devices that are connected to your WIFI because it will require them to input the new password.

You can also hide your SSID name so that no one can see your WIFI connection. For others to connect to your WIFI, they must first know the hidden SSID which can be challenging to accomplish. You can change or hide your SSID through the router’s admin page.