How to Get Your Wifi Password if You Forgot It

When setting up our WIFI, we want to make it secure to the point that we make particular and difficult passwords. If you have a good memory, or if you noted the password down, then there is no problem. However, most of the times, we tend to forget about our WIFI password.

Man entering username and password

Thankfully, there are ways to recover a forgotten WIFI password. In this article, we will teach you how to get your WIFI password if you forgot it.  So without further ado, let’s start.

Recovering Password From a Laptop

One of the simplest yet most effective ways of recovering a forgotten WIFI password is by searching it on the laptop. One of the first things you need to do is to get a computer that has connected to the WIFI network in the past.

Laptops or Computers from the Windows and Mac OS all provide convenient means of recovering the WIFI password. It is worth noting that recovering forgotten passwords in mobile devices is quite difficult compared to when using a laptop or computer.

For Android phones, you need to gain root access while for iOS powered smartphones or tablets, it requires the system to be jailbroken. However, if by any chance you are using an iCloud Keychain sync, recovering the WIFI password becomes more attainable.

For Windows-powered laptops or computers, you need to first navigate through the control panel. Click on the start menu and type in Control Panel. Once there, you need to go to wireless networks. You can also go to the broadcast networks window by pressing the Windows Key + R and then typing in the text window. After doing this, press Enter.

This will show a pop-up window that shows the different WIFI networks available or active. Right click on the WIFI network you want to recover and then select Status. After this, click on Wireless Properties and head on over the Security tab. This will show a text box with hidden characters. This is the WIFI password you are looking for. Once there, tick on the “Show Characters” box to reveal the protected WIFI password.

Do take into consideration that this process will only work for laptops or computers that are currently connected to the WIFI network or those that have joined in the past given that the WIFI password is still the same. If the laptop has not connected to the WIFI network, then the WIFI will not show up in the Wireless Networks window.

For Mac OS powered laptops or computers, the process is quite different. First off, you first need to open the Keychain Access window. After this, press command+space and key in “Keychain Access.” Once done, click on Enter.

After clicking on Enter, a pop-up window will appear which shows the Passwords options. Look for the WIFI network that you are connected to and then click on “Airport Network Password.” The next step is to the right click on the WIFI network name and then select, “copy password to clipboard.” You can also right-click on the WIFI name and then select Get Info. Selecting the “Get Info” will reveal to you the show password box. This will require you to input the username and password of the Mac powered laptop or computer. It is also worth noting that the process will only work if you are logged into the admin or main profile.

Find the Password on Router

If the steps mentioned above do not work for you because you do not have a laptop that is currently connected to the WIFI, there are some other means of recovering a forgetting password. One of these is by finding it using the router.

If you cannot connect to the WIFI because you have forgotten the WIFI password, you can still establish a connection with your laptop by connecting it to the router via an Ethernet cable. Moreover, if you have a computer that is already connected to the router using a LAN cable, then that will suffice.

The next thing you need to do is to determine the router’s IP address. Once you have already established your IP address, you need to go to the admin interface of the router. The next thing you need to do is to log in to the admin interface of the router. This will require you to key in the username and password of the router.

Once you have finished logging into your router’s admin page, you need to go to the WIFI settings and then navigate to the WIFI password settings. In here, you will see the current password used for the router. However, the case is not the same for all the routers. Some routers do not immediately show the WIFI password.

However, this process will only be successful if you know the username and password of the admin interface of your router. If by any chance, you forgot the username and administration password for the WIFI router, you can opt to restore the router to its factory settings. Do take note that by doing this, it will wipe out all the settings and changes you have done with the WIFI setup. Also, the sign in details of the admin interface will also revert to the default settings.

If you are fine with basically resetting your WIFI network to its default settings, then you can do a hard reset. To do this, you need to locate the “reset” button seamlessly placed at the back of the unit. It is usually a small button that is entirely hidden in the end. To press the reset button, you need to use a small needle or straightened paperclip. Press it down for a few seconds then the reset process will be done.

At this point, the WIFI settings will be reverted to its default profile. With this, you have a new WIFI network where you can set the WIFI name and password once again. Keep in mind that you only need to do this when you forgot your username and administration password for the router.

It is also worth noting that various routers have their own set of instructions. With this, the steps mentioned above may not work with some routers.

After you have finished setting up your new WIFI name and password, you need to note it down so that you will not have a hard time remembering the password in case you forgot it.