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How to Go on the Internet on PS4

How to Go on the Internet on PS4

The PS4 is equipped with tons of features that surpass gaming. One of which is the capability to browse the internet. Through the gaming console, you can stream and watch your favorite TV shows or movies. PS4 has its dedicated browser, which is based on the Webkit layout feature that is similar to what you will see in Apple’s browser, Safari.

In this article, we will teach you how to go on the internet on PS4. Along with this, we will also detail the different features that come with PS4’s integrated browser. But before we get into that,  let us first discuss the pros and cons of the said browser.

Pros and Cons

One of the advantages if using the browser from the PS4 is that it allows you to stream your favorite shows or content directly on a large screen TV. Moreover, this feature permits a seamless switch from the game and do whatever you are browsing on the internet. The browser that comes from the PS4 is compatible with most websites and can handle significant content and data.

Compared to the browsers provided by other gaming consoles, the one on PS4  has the highest benchmark score. With this, you can expect fast internet speeds and more efficient loading of webpages. In addition to this, PlayStation releases timely updates of the software and firmware of the browser. With this, you can rest assured that the browser will handle any changes in the ecosystem of the internet.

However, one of the major caveats of using the PS4 browser is that it does not come with standard features which are integral to the browsing experience. Features like extensions or tabs are not found in the PS4 browser. Moreover, the browser does not have support for flash. With this, there are certain limitations when it comes to the loading of some webpages.

In comparison to typical web browsers from smartphones or computers, PS4’s browser is also slower in performance. This is apparent with the occasional stutters whenever opening a web page. Moreover, accessories connected to the PS4 such as keyboards can face incompatibility issues, with this responsiveness towards the browser might be affected.

How to Use the PS4 Browser

Now that we have already laid out the pros and cons of using the PS4 browser, we will soon get into the steps on how to use the browser. We will also be discussing the different features it offers and how to configure or modify the settings to your preference.

1. Opening the Browser

First, you need to turn on the PS4 console and wait for the home screen to appear on the monitor or TV. After this, navigate through the media and contents which houses the different programs and applications of the gaming console. Look further on the right portion of the window and then look for the Internet Browser icon. After you have found the internet browser of the PS4, tap on the X button from your controller.

If you weren’t able to locate the internet browser icon from the program panel, you could manually search for it in your library under the Apps portion.

2. Opening a Window

To open a new window from the browser, you need to tap on the R2 button. In case you want to move or transfer a previously opened window from the browser, tap on the L2 button. The browser also allows full-screen mode. To enable this, you need to tick on or off on the square button.

You can also zoom into the browser window, if you see something interesting or if you want a more unobstructed view of a particular portion of the browser window.  To zoom in, you need to tap on the R3 button.

If you want to visit a particular website on the browser, you first need to tap on the R2 button. Tapping this button will open a new window. Once the window is open, you need to navigate through the address bar, which is located at the top portion of the window. To input a website URL, you need to first tap on the URL window and then press the X button. This will direct you to an onscreen keyboard. Using the keyboard, type in the URL address of the website you want to open or visit. Once done, tap on the R2 button of the controller to proceed with the loading of the webpage.

3. Doing a Search on Google

Performing a Google search with the browser is also very simple. To do this, you first need to tap on the triangle button of the controller. This will trigger the blinking cursor to appear on the search box of the browser. After clicking the search box, an onscreen keyboard will appear which lets you type in whatever keywords or content you want to search through Google’s search engine. Once you have already type in the keywords you wish to search, press the R2 button of your controller.

4. How to Save Bookmarks

The PS4 browser also allows you to save bookmarks of webpages you might want to visit or open at a later time. To store bookmarks, you first need to tap on the options button from your controller. This will then prompt you to a pop out menu. In here, look for the option that says “Add Bookmark.”

After doing this, a new screen will appear, which shows two editable windows. The first editable window allows you to input your preferred name for the bookmarked page. The second window will reveal the URL address of the webpage. Once you are done editing the information of the bookmarked page, click on the OK button and you are done with adding the new bookmark.

If you want to monitor previously saved bookmark, you first need to go to the main menu of the browser, by clicking on the options button of the controller. After this, tap on the option that says “Labeled Bookmarks.” This will then direct you to a separate window which shows you a list of the previously saved bookmarks. If you want to open any marker from the list, you need to select it through the menu by using the directional stick and then tap on the X button.

5. How to Delete Bookmarks

Deleting a previously saved bookmark is also possible with PS4’s browser. To do this, you need to select the bookmark you want to remove from the list above. Once you have already chosen the marker to be deleted, tap on the options button from your controller. This will then direct you to a sliding menu that will show up on the right portion of the window. Select delete and then tap on the X button from the controller.

After doing this, a new window will pop up, which shows you a list of the bookmarks that come with checkboxes. To choose bookmarks to delete, tap on the boxes by clicking the X button from the controller. After picking the markers from the list, navigate through the bottom portion of the window, and then tap on the delete button to finish the process.