How To Record a Phone Call

Recording Phone Calls may look like something you have seen in a spy movie or have heard from someone who’s somewhat paranoid. While the idea of recording phone calls may leave some people who value their privacy scratching their head, there are a few valid reasons why a lot of people record their phone conversations.

Recording phone calls is an essential thing for those who want to have an accurate grasp of the content from their conversations. Journalists to Businessmen find themselves recording their phone calls most of the time to keep track of their data or other relevant information conveyed through phone lines.

This action also serves an essential role in assessing and evaluating grievances or other disputes from customers. While the method of recording phone calls may be simple, it also goes without saying that people should be wary of their actions and record phone calls within the legal limitations.

In this article, we will teach you how to record a phone call through Android smartphones, iPhones and other applications and external hardware. We will also discuss the legalities surrounding the issue with phone call recordings.

How to Record a Phone Call on Android

Because of the sheer flexibility of the Android platform, there are many ways in which you can record a phone call. One of the most convenient and most common methods is the use of Google Voice application.

Google Voice App

Google Voice comes installed in most newly released Android phones now. This app is an easy and convenient way of recording your phone conversations. Using this application is entirely free and without any hidden charges. It is also worth noting that Google Voice only allows recording of incoming calls and not outgoing calls.

To use the Google Voice app, you first need to have a Google Voice account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for the service by going to the Google Voice website. Once you are there, you need to follow the instructions in the pop-up window. Once you already finished the sign-up process, you can know to enable phone call recording on your account. But how do you record calls using the Google Voice app?

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Google Voice website. Once there, you need to look for the three vertical dots placed on the top left portion of the page. Click on these buttons and then select Settings. The next thing you need to do is to navigate to the calls section and then toggle “Turn on incoming calls” option by making use of the slider placed on the right.

Once you have enabled the Google Voice app, you will now be able to record incoming calls. You have to press the number “4” on the keypad. Also, Google made the recording process transparent for both parties since a short message saying that “recording is underway” is being said. Pressing the number “4” again on the keypad will terminate the recording process. The recording will now be saved on your account’s Inbox which you can find in the Google Voice website.

Third Party Apps

AS we mentioned, with the Android platform’s flexibility, you can make use of several third-party apps to record phone calls. However, not all of these applications work as well as the others. Even worse, some applications can pose a security threat for some users. These applications rely on the phone’s microphone to record both incoming and outgoing calls. Because of this, conversations that are not registered through loudspeaker will be relatively muffled or quiet.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

One of the most efficient third-party apps that can record phone calls is Automatic Call Recorder Pro. One of the main points that make it accessible is its clean and aesthetically designed interface. However, it goes beyond looks as it does its job effectively as well.

The app is equipped with highly customizable settings. Aside from recording phone calls, it also gives you the freedom of tweaking the audio quality. It also allows you to record all calls automatically. Another useful feature is “Shake to Record.” This feature allows you to record the phone call by shaking the phone conveniently. Moreover, the recordings can also be saved in a myriad of cloud platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


TapeACall is another useful third-party app that allows recording of phone conversations. Both Android and iOs platforms can use the app. However, the app is not free. For $10, you get a one-year subscription for unlimited phone call recordings. It can record both incoming and outgoing calls.

To record outgoing calls, you have to launch the program and then tap record. For incoming calls, you need to put the caller on hold. After this, you need to open the app and then press record. TapeACall can produce a three-way call. Whenever you hit record, it contacts a local TapeACall access number. With this, you need to make sure that your postpaid plan permits three-way calling.

It is worth noting that the application does not inform both parties that a recording is being done. So with that being said, we encourage that you ask permission from your caller. If not, you might be subjected to consequences concerning legal issues surrounding phone call recording.

TapeACall has a lite version which is free. However, the recordings are only limited to one minute. It seems as if the company intended to make this version to allow users to test the full text of the app. It also tells consumers how good the audio quality of the recordings is.

How to Record a Phone Call on iOS

iPhone has more robust security compared to Android, and as a result, it is not as flexible when it comes to applications compared to Android. But surprisingly, there are still other ways to record a phone call in an iPhone.

Google Voice

Aside from Android platforms, Google voice can also be enjoyed by iPhone users. You can access Google Voice under settings and then inbound call options. Once you have navigated your way through the settings, you need to enable the google voice. Once it is allowed, you can then record incoming calls. Same as in Android, a short message will inform both parties that a recording is in progress. Pressing four will end the recording.

• Use a Jailbreak Tweak

AS we mentioned, iOs has a very robust and secure platform. However, other iPhones are Jailbroken. If ever you possess a jailbroken iPhone, you can tweak your settings to allow automatic recording of phone calls. Some tweaks including those from Call Recorder by hAcx costs only $3.00. This is significantly cheaper compared to other applications from the App Store.

Call Recorder is capable of recording all phone calls. Also, it gives you the option to set a shortlist of contacts that you want to record. Among all the other tweaks for Jailbroken iPhones, Call Recorder is the most stable and reliable. The connections shortlist lets you automatically record your phone conversations. Moreover, you can also manually end a recording for a particular phone conversation.

In addition to recording all your phone conversations, the tweak also transcribes the recordings. However, in our initial test, the transcription was instead a hit or miss. Some of the words were picked up incorrectly or are omitted. Nevertheless, we still think that this feature is a useful addition to the program. This is important since, in some conversations, you may have a difficulty picking up some of the words from the caller. Letting the app transcribe the words for you is a useful and convenient feature.

One of the most significant downsides of Call Recorder is that it is only intended for Jailbroken iPhones. It is a shame since most iPhone users do not have their phones through jailbreak. This makes the Call Recorder fairly out of reach for most iPhone users.

QuickTime Player

For Mac Users, you can record phone calls using the QuickTime player. Once the iPhone is synced to the QuickTime player, you can start recording phone conversations. The software can also record FaceTime conversations.

However, this method only works if you are answering the calls from your loudspeaker. If you answer calls through a headset, the recordings will be significantly inaudible. Moreover, if you answer calls on the Mac, QuickTime Player will not be able to record the conversation.

If you want to record the conversation, make sure that you enabled the speaker mode. This will also apply during FaceTime calls. The conversation call also be recorded if you make use of Mac’s speaker. Once you have checked these, you need to click “new Audio Recording from the program’s taskbar on the File button.

Recording via Skype

Most people nowadays communicate through Skype. Skype is popular among users from different countries because of the simple interface and how it manages to make phone calls more convenient and comfortable. It is a good thing that Skype lets its users record not only audio but also video calls.

Skype informs the other caller that a recording is in progress. It alerts the other caller that the call is being recorded, both the audio and the video. The tapes are then being stored in the server’s Cloud service for up to 30 days. Both you and the other parties can gain access, save and share these recordings as much as they want. However, the one who initiated the call is the one who can remove these recordings from the cloud.

Recording calls with an external recorder

Aside from recording phone calls from third-party apps or other software, you can also record phone calls through an external recorder. One of the most popular recording devices used by most users includes Esonic Cell Phone Call Recorder and RecorderGear PR200. These recorders can pick up the conversation through advanced drivers.

These recorders are then plugged to the headphone jack of the phone. As a result, you get phone call recordings that are clear and crisp. It helps that the advanced drivers help make the words more transparent and easier to understand. These recorders do come with a price, however, what you do get are clear recordings of your phone conversations.

How to Guarantee a High-Quality Recording

More often than not, the recordings of your phone calls tend to be of deficient quality. While the methods we discussed above provide a convenient and easy way to record your phone conversations, not all of them give you an end product that you hoped for. It would be useless to record an interview for future dissection or transcription if the words in the recordings are not audible enough.

Some recorders even those that come with a heftier price also have a hard time recording the audio in a high-quality format. Moreover, most of these recorders require you to answer calls through a loudspeaker. But what if you are used to responding on the headphones, what if you are in the train, would it be okay to let other people hear the entire conversation? I guess not.

Luckily, there are some methods for you to produce high-quality recordings from your phone calls. Some of these are very ingenious and are very easy to do.

  • First off, you need to make sure that you are in an environment that allows all your conversations to be as audible as possible. Look for a quiet place, maybe a corner in your house or office that doesn’t have a lot of noise pollution. In most recordings, we hear a lot of untoward chatter or ambient noise, like aircon sounds or TV from across the room.
  • Next, you must disable all notifications from your smartphone. You should do this so that notification alerts won’t disrupt your calls. The bell sound can interrupt the routine recording of the conversation.
  • If you are answering through the speaker, make sure that your mouth is not too close. If you’re talking too close to a microphone, the audio tends to be muffled and inaudible. Moreover, make a test recording to make sure that you have found the right spot to record your phone call.
  • If the other caller is talking too fast or maybe also inaudible, ask him or her to speak more loudly and clearly. Repeat questions if needed and wait for him to answer. Do not interrupt him while he is talking.

Hopefully these steps have helped you with your recording needs. Remember these next time you need to record a phone call!