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How to Reset Lenovo Laptop to Factory Settings Without Password

How to Reset Lenovo Laptop to Factory Settings Without Password

There are several reasons why laptops need to undergo a factory reset. One of the most common cause is a new malware or virus attack. In these cases, the computer may freeze or revert to a blue or black screen. When this happens, the only possible remedy is to do a factory reset your computer.

Some people also do a factory reset when they want to wipe clean their laptop before selling the unit or giving it out to another person. This is an essential step before handing out your computer because you don’t want to send it to another person with all your documents and data still on the unit.

Lenovo laptops are known for providing a secure and robust system. With this, doing a factory reset can be difficult. Before doing a factory reset, you need to have access to the administrator account of the laptop. However, if you do not know or have forgotten the password to the admin account, then the process will be even more difficult.

Thankfully, you can still factory reset your Lenovo laptop without using the password. In this article, we will teach you how to reset a Lenovo laptop to factory settings without a password. These steps will work with Lenovo’s Thinkpad, Ideapad and Yoga laptops. Moreover, it will work with new and slightly older units.

How to Factory Reset Without Password

The usual factory reset process for most laptops include inputting the administrator account password. However, for those who have forgotten their passwords, the process can be complicated for those that are not that well versed with the instructions. Thankfully,  Lenovo allows the user to do a factory reset even without the password.

Currently, there are two main methods of factory resetting Lenovo laptops without the need for the password. These are using OneKey recovery and the setup or repair disk. We will discuss these methods and the steps required for these processes.

1. Using OneKey Recovery

The first step makes use of the OneKey recovery key on the laptop. You can find this recovery key usually on the top left or top right portion of the keyboard which is situated next to the power button. After determining the recovery key of the laptop, you can know to proceed to the next steps.

To use the recovery key you have found on the laptop to factory reset the unit, the first step you need to do is to power off the Lenovo unit. You can do this by turning it off using the start button or by long-pressing the power button. If these steps don’t work, then you can manually take out the battery at the back portion.

After this, you need to connect the power source of the unit. The next step is to press the recovery key for a couple of seconds. This will prompt you to a window on the screen. After this, navigate to the System Recovery option and then hit the “Enter” button to go to the recovery setup.

In the recovery setup, click or select on the” Restore from Initial backup” and afterward, click Next. After this, hit the start option and then click the Yes button if the opportunity pops up. This will trigger the restoring process.

After doing the steps mentioned above, you need to continue with the system recovery process. The next step is to follow the instructions found on the screen to set the settings of the unit.

It is worth noting that these steps will only apply if there is a recovery key on the unit. Moreover, the steps mentioned above will only work if the recovery file is still intact and not destroyed.

2. Using Setup/Repair Disk

Before diving into the steps for this method, we emphasize that this process will only work if you have a laptop that is running on an operating system that is after Windows 8. Any OS older than that, these steps won’t work.

This method makes use of the setup/repair disk to bypass the requirement of the forgotten password. Moreover, the repair/setup disk will also aid users with the windows recovery setup.

To use the repair/setup disk to factory reset the laptop, you need first to insert the said disk into the unit. If the computer does not come with a CD/DVD drive, then you can make use of an external disk drive. After this, you need to set the Lenovo unit to boot using the repair/setup disk. If the Lenovo laptop is not able to boot using the drive, then you might need to hit the F2 or the F1 key to enter the BIOS setup. Through the use of the BIOS settings, you can set the laptop too but using the repair disk or any removable device.

After booting the unit using the setup/repair disk, the installation screen will pop up. In here, it shows a set of options, click on Next. After this, it will show you another pop-up window which shows the opportunity, “Repair your Computer” which is placed on the left bottom of the window. Click on the said option.

Next, click on the “Troubleshoot” option which is found on the pop-up window. After this, click the “reset this PC” option which is found on the same window. By clicking this option, it prompts you to choose from two selections. These include “Keeping Files” or “Remove Everything.” At this point, you need to choose which option you want to go to.

By selecting the “Remove Everything” option, this will wipe out all your files and documents found on your drive. This is the factory reset option of the laptop. If you choose “Keep my Files” options, then you might need to go over the files that you want to be kept on the drive.

After choosing among the two options, select the Windows System as well as the drive you want to be restored.  The system will also prompt you to choose between “Remove my files” or “Wipe the drive.” Next, click on the “Reset” button and it will proceed to the factory reset process.

When doing a factory reset, make sure that you already have backed up all your essential data, especially when you choose to wipe the entire drive. The factory reset process will typically erase all your data, so you need to have this in check.