Netgear vs. TP-Link Wifi Extender

WIFI routers broadcast WIFI signals to our households. However, WIFI routers have a limited range when it comes to a broadcasting WIFI network. As a result, houses tend to have spots that receiver-poor to no WIFI signal at all. The problem even intensifies for homes that have two floors or have a full floor area. To add insult to injury, objects or furniture that are commonly found in the living room or anywhere in the house, can absorb or deflect these WIFI signals thereby reducing the speed or amount of WIFI signals as they reach the intended devices.

This is where devices such as WIFI extenders come into the picture and help alleviate the problem. There are several WIFI extenders to choose from in the market. However, not all of them are made with the same quality in mind. Among the sea of manufacturers that produce WIFI extenders, Netgear and TP-Link have been in the forefront when it comes to creating high-quality WIFI extenders that provide better value for your money.

In this article, we will try to dissect and review two of the most well-received WIFI extenders from the two mentioned large companies. But before we get into our Netgear vs. TP-Link WIFI extender match up, let us first get into the things to consider when buying a WIFI extender.

Things to Consider

As mentioned above, not all WIFI extenders are built to the same level of quality and efficiency. Because of this, you should be keen and veer away from poorly made WIFI extenders in the market. With this, here are some of the things that you should look into when buying WIFI extenders.


The first thing you should look into is the frequency supported by the unit. Most units may come with single or dual band compatibilities. However, those that come with dual-band support usually come with a heftier price tag. Nevertheless, the added cost is a worthy investment for those who want more power from their WIFI extenders.

Standard Compatibility

Another aspect you should be looking into is the standard compatibility. Standard compatibility is used to determine the compatibility of the WIFI extender and the router you want to connect with. To check whether your WIFI extender and router are compatible with each other, you should look into the specifications of both units.

Extender Profile

The WIFI extender’s profile should also be determined before buying the unit. WIFI extenders come in different profiles. These include desktop or plugged design, with or without external antenna and those that come with more than one antennas. Usually, you get more coverage and efficiency if you buy a WIFI extender that comes with more than one antenna. Moreover, you should consider wall plugged WIFI extenders if you want one that saves more space for other appliances or devices on the socket.


Most WIFi extenders nowadays come with WPA2-PSK security protocol, which is, to this day, the most trusted and most flexible security profile for both routers and WIFI network devices. However, it is always better to check the unit before buying one.

Number of Ports

The number of ports is another thing you should be looking into when buying a WIFI extender. The more ports the unit has, the more flexible it is to allow connection with different types of devices or computers. Choose WIFI extenders that have more than three ports.


Last but not least, you should be checking the performance of the WIFI extender. The performance of WIFI extenders can be assessed through the bandwidth it can churn out. Today, the most potent WIFI extenders come with a  bandwidth of AC2200-802.11 technology that can produce speeds up to 2200 Mbps.

Netgear vs. TP-Link Wifi Extender

As promised, in this article, we will talk about two of the most popular and well-received WIFI extenders from two prominent companies that churn out high-quality products. We start with TP Link’s offering.

TP-Link AC750 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender

One of the most popular WIFI range extenders from TP-Link is the AC750 which provides dual-band frequency support. This is one of the most potent WIFI range extenders available in the market today. Despite its sheer power and efficiency, the product has a small, compact, yet sleek design that will surely catch the attention of consumers. To get the most of the unit’s power, you can connect it to Amazon’s smart hubs such as the echo devices.

The product comes with an LED light indicator which helps users determine the correct and best placement of the unit. The unit is also compatible with several devices that come with 802.11b/g/n or 802.11ac WIFI technology and standards.

One of the critical aspects that make the AC750 a favorite choice among homeowners is the ease of installment. To set up the AC750, you only need to plug it into a nearby socket in an area that receives a weak WIFI signal. If you want to transfer the WIFI extender, you need to unplug and plug the unit to another device. On top of all this, you get two years warranty from the manufacturer.

NETGEAR AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

The NETGEAR AC1200 is one of the most well-renowned WIFI extenders available in the market right now. The unit comes with dual-band frequency compatibility that can churn up speeds up to 1200 Mbps. This bandwidth and speed configuration is fast enough to connect five different devices at the same time without experiencing slowing down or stutters upon connection.

The NETGEAR AC1200 is also one of the most feature-packed WIFI extenders you can buy today. It comes with the basic features you can find in WIFI extenders, but it also comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port. With this, you can exclusively connect your desktop computers or laptops directly to the WIFI extender.

Also, the unit is equipped with Fastlane technology that helps channel the dual-band frequencies into one single, powerful connection. With these features at hand, the AC1200 is one of the best WIFI extenders for your money.

Final Thoughts

Both TP Link’s and Netgear’s best WIFI range extender offerings come with a broad spectrum of features and components that will surely please homeowners around the world. However, if you want more speed from your WIFI extender, we highly suggest Netgear’s AC1200 FWiFi extender. If you want one that is more compact and is no slouch either when it comes to power, then TP Link’s AC750 is also a good buy.