What is the Best Selling Laptop Brand in the World

Over the decades, the laptop market has been graced with several excellent manufacturers that produce top-notch units. In 2019, we have several well-renowned laptop manufacturers that have become household names thanks to the efficient and high-quality products they provide. There are also some newcomers that can plow through the seemingly competitive market and make a name for them.

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In this article, we will try to answer the question, “What is the Best Selling Laptop Brand in the World?” Instead of featuring only one laptop brand, we will feature 9 of the brands that deserve this accolade. With this, you get to delve into more selections, allowing you to find out which laptop brand and unit caters to all your needs.

But before we get into the list, we will first discuss the things we looked for as a basis for this list. So without further ado, let’s start.

Factors We Considered

Before devising this list, we tried to look into what makes up a good laptop. Moreover, we delved into the different factors to consider when buying a computer. With these factors, we were able to condense hundreds of laptop brands into a short list. These brands are typically the best of the best.

Online Reviews

One of the things we looked into is online reviews of other websites. We had our own opinions of each of the products released by brands in the market, but we also would want to know what other tech reviewers and websites were talking about. We looked into the ratings of laptops based on reviews made by popular review sites such as TechRadar and Laptop Mag. We also researched the top products as endorsed by these websites and reviewers.


One of the key features that make for a good laptop is how it looks. The design of the computer can make or break the overall value of the unit. Aside from looking for notebooks that have outstanding designs, we also took into consideration the total comfort and form factor these designs bring to the table.

Technical Support

Another factor we looked into is the quality of technical support the brands offer. It is not enough that the brand provides technical assistance and warranty. This entails good customer service response as well as stable and consistent firmware updates. We commend brands that put effort into improving their units, even those that are already old and dated.


With the advent of technology, technology in producing laptops has become more and more advanced. There are tons of new features being endorsed by laptop brands nowadays. We put high regards to those brands that go the extra mile in terms of equipping their laptops with the latest technology and features.

Overall Value

Last but not least, we commend brands that offer bang for the buck laptops. Nowadays, when devices have become more and more expensive, we still see a glimmer of hope thanks to units that provide an excellent set of features with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

Best Laptop Brands of 2019

As promised, we will give you our picks of the best laptop brands of 2019. In this portion, we will highlight the things and aspects that make these brands a cut above the rest. These brands are, by no means, in any order.

1. Lenovo

We start our list with probably one of the most sought after brands when it comes to bang for the buck offerings. The brand houses several excellent laptop series which include the ThinkPad, Yoga and Ideapad series. Lenovo also has one of the most well-reviewed laptops that you can buy in 2019. This is the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Despite donning a competitive price, the unit comes with tons of features that will excite big gamers and content creators. However, if you want to buy Chromebooks, Lenovo, unfortunately, does not offer such a unit.

2. HP

The second entry on our list is HP. With laptops such as HP Spectre x360 and the highly influential ZBook 17, HP is consistent when it comes to churning out high-quality laptops every year. Moreover, HP takes an effort in producing a computer for every price segment, giving consumers more options to buy.

3. Dell

Moving on with our list, we have Dell. When it comes to producing powerful laptops couple with the premium grade build quality, Dell is a front runner. With notebooks such as the Dell XPS 13 and Alienware 15, Dell deserves a spot in this list. What sets Dell apart from the slew of laptop manufacturers is its consistent effort in providing its laptops the latest technology. The laptops might be a bit pricey, but you get more from your money’s worth.

4. Asus

The next entry on our list is no other than Asus. Asus is a leader when it comes to providing beastly laptops made for gaming. Considering that it is a company that is a provider of computer parts such as motherboards and graphics cards, it comes to no surprise that Asus is making a massive dent in the laptop industry for decades. One of the unique offerings from Asus now includes the Zenbook Series.

5. Microsoft

What would the top laptop brands list be complete without mentioning Microsoft? Although not as popular among consumers compared to the other brands in this list, Microsoft is still able to produce high-quality products. It comes with no surprise that Microsoft’s laptops come with a stable and robust operating system. Moreover, you also get to enjoy timely firmware updates from Microsoft. One of the best new products by the company is the excellent Microsoft Surface Book 2.

6. Apple

We end the list with the ever popular, Apple. While most consumers try to veer away from their laptops due to the price; it’s hard not to gush over Apple’s MacBooks. Indeed, Apple might not be very innovative when it comes to their laptops, and it’s still hard not to applaud them for providing lightning fast MacBooks coupled with an operating system that is reliable and robust.

So there you have it, those are the brands that made it into our list of the best laptop brands of 2019. Make sure to check out their products and maybe then you can find one that suits your needs.