What is the Best Stylus for Drawing on a Tablet?

Many of the amazing digital art masterpieces today have been produced on a tablet. A lot of graphic artists today prefer the convenience of a tablet for their day to day art activities. From doing studies to creating their major art pieces.

The tablet offers an extraordinary medium for creating drawings, designs, typographies, paintings, and so on. Using an effective stylus on a tablet takes the whole experience and output to a different level than using the fingers.

Tablet and stylus

That market is flooded with an ocean of options for a stylus. Some are designed specifically for note-taking, for drawing, or for painting. While some are designed to be a combo and are versatile enough to deliver to every purpose.

Using a stylus takes all of the inconveniences and risks that come with using your fingers when drawing and/or making your art masterpiece on a tablet. No more awkward finger or thumb positions as well as eliminate any chance of getting your masterpiece ruined.

Top 5 Stylus for Drawing on a Tablet for 2019

The pen is indeed mightier than the…finger. That said, let’s round up today’s top 5 best styli you can use for drawing on a tablet.

1. Apple Pencil

Apple may be in the stylus business just recently, but they’ve already released two versions of their remarkable Apple Pencil. The first iteration may not have been wholly impressive, but the second generation Apple Pencil leaped frog to almost perfection.

The Apple Pencil created precedence on what a tablet stylus should be, especially for drawing and creating works of art. It set a new standard and raised the bar.

The redesigned Apple Pencil uses pressure-sensitive screen technology that allows it to produce amazingly smooth and fine lines. It’s also capable of creating variations and gradients based on the pressure applied. Wider strokes can be created using the side of the tip. This makes it easier to create shading. The Apple Pencil’s tip can also be used to create an extremely fine point when you simply need it.

Overall, the Apple Pencil delivers all the requirements for serious drawing on a tablet. Even though it’s not entirely designed for just drawing, the Apple Pencil’s drawing and painting capability and features are simply fantastic.

The Apple Pencil can charge wirelessly as well as magnetically clip to the side of the iPad Pro. Talking about convenience. The second generation Apple Pencil works with the 2018 iPad Pro models only for now.

2. Adobe Ink & Slide

If you’re into serious artworks and wants to incorporate complex pencil or brush strokes as well as achieve a real-life pen and paper experience, then the Adobe Ink & Slide will be your best weapon. This also makes more sense if you’re fully invested into Adobe apps and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Adobe Ink & Slide stylus is also a ruler combo – by far an unmatched combo in its class. It connects to the iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 4, and other tablets via Bluetooth. And since it’s Adobe, you can take advantage of setting your preferences since it’s synced to the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also sync all your drawings too. This makes it easier to access them anywhere, whether on your desktop, laptop, or other mobile devices.

This stylus is perfect for the Adobe Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Line apps. With its pressure-sensitive point and fine tip, it will all feel like you’re using a regular pen. The stylus also uses Adonit’s impressive Pixelpoint technology that gives it excellent accuracy. On top of that, the LED on the stylus lets you know what color you’re using – perfect error-proofing to avoid any mistakes. Drawing perfect circles, lines, or any other shapes are far too easy thanks to its Slide ruler.

The Adobe Ink & Slide is an artist’s stylus – from the look of it, the feel, and the performance. It will require some familiarity with all its technical features and uses. It comes a bit pricier too but not as much as the Apple Pencil 2.

3. The Friendly Swede

Capacitive 4-in-1 Stylus Pen with Replaceable Brush, Fiber Tip, Precision Disc + Ballpoint Pen in Box, by The Friendly Swede
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If you’re looking for a pen, a paintbrush, precision disc, and micro-knit fiber tip in one stylus, then the Friendly Swede is your best choice. It is the most adaptable stylus for digital artists. It’s also one of the most practical styli if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool.

The Friendly Swede’s brush tip feels and performs like a real paintbrush. It will require some getting used to. But it does work great when you’re digital painting on a tablet. It all feels like you really are painting on a canvas using a paintbrush. You can easily achieve all types of strokes, from smooth to hard, and from fine to wide.

And if you decide to work on some finer drawing lines, you can easily switch to precision disc mode to achieve pinpoint and finer accuracy. On the other hand, if you simply just want to use it as a regular stylus, you can switch it to a micro fiber-knit end or simply, a ballpoint pen, especially when you’re taking notes.

4. Nomad Flex

Nomad Flex is taking the whole paintbrush experience to a different level. It showcases aluminum build and synthetic bristles. It incredibly feels like you’re using an actual paintbrush. That said, the Nomad Flex is far from being a regular stylus.

Its main purpose is for those painting projects and it works best with the Procreate or Paper apps on the iPad. It’s also compatible with Android tablets as well as any Microsoft Surface models. The stylus…or the digital paintbrush is unmatched in its class. By comparison with other 4-in-1s, such as the Friendly Swede, the Nomad Flex feels a lot lighter and thinner.

The Nomad Flex comes in blue, silver, charcoal, pink, and red colors. It also comes with a plastic carrying case.

5. Digiroot Universal Stylus

The Digiroot Universal Stylus looks so much like an actual pen. And it works so much like a pen – accurate, fine, precise, and firm. It works so great with digital sketching, drafting, and drawing. It comes with a transparent disc at the tip that allows it to achieve greater accuracy than most styli in the market.

This stylus is perfect for people with OCD who always aims for finesse, precision, and well, perfection. It’s compatible with all iPad models, Android devices, and even any Microsoft Surface models. It also comes with extra 6 discs and 3 fiber tips.


It’s now a lot easier to create magnificent works of art thanks to the remarkable technology of the stylus. These five best styli in the market today deliver to your purpose, requirements, and standard.