What Wifi Extender has the Longest Range?

When connecting to the internet, we do not face any struggle whenever we are close to the source of the connection, which is the router. However, these routers, no matter how technologically advanced they are and despite donning the latest features; they have their fair share of flaws and limits. One of these is the limited range it can provide to the users.

Most routers come with limited coverage in WIFI connection. Because of this, more substantial buildings or houses, suffer from a lot of WIFI dead spots. These dead spots receive no WIFI signal. Moreover, WIFI signals are very susceptible to interference from objects found inside the building. These objects could either deflect or absorb WIFI signals; therefore, further limiting the amount of WIFI signal that reaches the target spots and devices.

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Thankfully, devices such as WIFI range extenders help with this kind of issues. WIFI range extenders function by broadcasting the WIFI signals from the main router. Aside from strengthening the WIFI signals from the router, it also aims to increase the coverage and distribution of the WIFI signals being broadcasted. These WIFI extenders can be installed in different areas of the house or a building that receive little to no WIFI signal.

When choosing a WIFI range extender, there are several factors and aspects that you need to consider. One of the essential elements in the range these devices can churn out. In this article, we aim to answer the question, “What WIFI extender has the longest range?”. We will provide you with a list of the WIFI extenders that excel in delivering more comprehensive coverage. Along with this, we will also highlight some notable features from these products that provide even more value for your money. So without further ado, let’s start.

Top 4 Wifi Extenders with the Longest Range





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Feature 2

168 Feet
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Feature 2

75 Feet
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Feature 2

85 Feet


1. NETGEAR NIGHTHAWK X6S EX8000 (168 feet)

We start our list with a product from one of the most prominent brands when it comes to producing hardware for internet connection. We are talking about the Netgear Nighthawk X6s EX8000. The product excels in providing excellent WIFI coverage that reaches up to 168 feet. With this, larger houses and buildings need not be worried about the possible dead spots in your home because this WIFI range extender has got it all covered.

The product comes with a bulkier desktop design that is typically larger than most WIFI extenders. However, along with the large design are the numerous antennas that provide better WIFi broadcasting. The unit achieves a tri-band coverage that is not found in most WIFI extenders at this price range. To add icing to the cake, the product provides users the capability of setting up multiple x6s extenders to set up a mesh network suited for bigger houses.

Things you might like:

  • Wide WIFI coverage
  • Tri-band functionality
  • Easy to install
  • Six antennas
  • Comes with several ports
  • Reasonable price

Things you might not like:

  • Bulky


2. MOTOROLA MX1200  (100 feet)

Another excellent entry on our list is the Motorola MX1200. When it comes to WIFI range extenders that have extensive WIFI signal coverage at a price that won’t break the bank, the Motorola MX1200 is an excellent choice. At under $50, the unit can provide WIFI range coverage reaching up to 100 feet, a distance usually not achieved by WIFI extenders at this price range. With this, devices can receive consistent and reliable speeds despite being far from the unit. The product also comes with a two-year warranty.

The Motorola MX1200 is very easy to set up, and it comes with an ergonomic design that allows more room for the device to connect on the socket. Moreover, the unit comes with a signal strength meter that notifies you of the current WIFi strength. With this, you can be flexible with regards to where you want to put up the WIFI extender.

Equipped with the latest 802.11ac signal technology, the Motorola MX1200 can quickly fill up an entire house with a consistent and reliable WIFI connection. On top of this, the unit comes with beamforming technology, a feature that lets users decide which devices to prioritize respect to the preferred methods.

Things you might like:

  • Affordable
  • Comes with basic features
  • Two-year warranty
  • Ergonomic and compact form factor

Things you might not like:

  • No mobile application

3. TP-LINK RE650 (75 feet)

Moving on with our list, we have the TP-LINK RE650. The unit deserves a spot in this list, thank the basic features it comes with, along with the broader WIFI coverage, reaching up to 75 feet. The unit comes with a robust set of hardware which helps provide users with excellent internet speeds.

The unit comes with a compact and unassuming design. Despite having a simple design, it has an ergonomic form factor which helps a ton of space for more devices to be plugged in the socket. The product comes with four antennas and is paired with dual-band functionality. With this, the unit can fill an entire house with WIFI signal without any effort.

What separates the TP-LINK RE650 from the other WIFI extenders in the market is the user-friendly Tether app. This app allows users to make customizations as to how the unit functions with only a couple of taps and swipes. Moreover, the app helps users personalize the security profile of them, making it more resilient against suspicious login attempts and other cyber attacks.

Things you might like:

  • Dual band functionality
  • Wide WIFI coverage
  • User-friendly mobile application
  • Ergonomic and compact design

Things you might not like:

  • Expensive


4. NETGEAR EX6200 (85 feet)

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We end our list with yet another offering from Netgear. This time, we will be talking about the NETGEAR EX6200. Compared to the earlier mentioned Netgear X6S, the EX6200 is significantly more affordable and has lesser features.

Compared to the x6s, the EX6200 also has a lesser WIFI coverage of only 85 feet. Nevertheless, we think that the NETGEAR EX6200 is still a worthy addition to this list. The design of the unit is more straightforward but less bulky, allowing more space for other devices. In addition to this, the unit comes with several ports enabling more devices to connect to the ports.

Things you might like:

  • Wide WIFI coverage
  • Ergonomic and simple design
  • Several ports
  • Affordable

Things you might not like:

  • No mobile app
  • No beamforming technology



So there you have it, those are the WIFI extenders with the most comprehensive signal range. These products, aside from providing excellent coverage, also excel in other essential aspects. Consider buying these devices, and you will surely get the most out of your money.