When is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop?

You just bought a new MacBook that you have been eyeing on for several months. You went home and was amazed at how fast and efficient the laptop is. With this, you think; “I certainly got my dream laptop at the best possible price.” However, a week after you see the same Mac model on an online selling site at a price that is a couple of buck less.

Macbook with eyeglass on top

If you have come across the same situation mentioned above, then you might not have had the best value for your money when you bought your laptop. The next time you are in the lookout for a new laptop, it pays to do some research and scouring over the market. This entails knowing the right time to buy a computer.

In this article, we aim to answer the question, “When is the best time to buy a laptop?” We will discuss different scenarios and periods that will help you save a  considerable amount of cash when buying a laptop. After reading this article, we hope that you will get your most desired laptop at the best price possible.

Do You Need It Now?

Before you buy a new laptop, you need to ask yourself, “Do I need it now?” If you have an already old notebook or one that is already showing signs of aging. If you answered yes to both scenarios, then it might be high time for you to ditch your old laptop already and get a new one. However, if your computer does not suffer from any serious issues and just occasional stuttering, then there is no need to buy a new one.

Laptops Sale and Refresh Schedule

The first thing you need to take note when buying a new laptop is the laptop sale and refresh schedule. Most computer and laptop manufacturers release a new unit or series three times a year; These release schedules are usually based on the holiday or seasonal periods. New releases are generally in time for every start of the season. This is because most consumers are well prepared, that is, financially, every start of the season. We can also see some excellent deals on Amazon’s Prime day every July 16.

Moreover, manufacturers start cutting their prices at the end of the year. This comes as no surprise since the Christmas season is the time where people give gifts to one another. As a result, the demand for products, including laptops is at an all-time high.

Consequently, the prices might revert to its original rate once the Christmas season is over. The bottom line here is that you will find the best deals during the start of July, August, November as well as December. The sale seasons may vary, but these schedules are most likely seen in every year.

Laptop Updates

Although most manufacturers release new models of their laptops, three times a year; these new models don’t necessarily have a massive upgrade in terms of the features and specifications. Moreover, most manufacturers do not refresh the model of laptops every release. We can even see business laptops that do not undergo any change in model or series for ten years. It is worth noting that the version of laptops from these manufacturers is based on the release of CPUs from Intel, AMD or other processor manufacturers.

It is also worth noting that the improvements in regards to the performance and efficiency of succeeding processors from both AMD and Intel, is not that significant. However, some manufacturers use the release of new processors as a factor in pricing their new laptops. They might say that a 7th gen Intel Core i7 processor is inferior to the newly released, 8th generation; when in fact, the differences are not that noticeable. Some even add new features such as new ports or faster SSDs to justify the increase in price somehow.

The bottom line here is that if you want to buy a laptop with an 8th Generation processor but only have a budget for the previously released model, then go for the latter. Better yet, postpone or delay your purchase of the 8th Gen equipped laptop as it will expectedly become less expensive as the month’s progress.

Knowing If You Got a Good Deal

If you were able to purchase a laptop during a sale, it would be rather challenging to determine if you got the computer at the best possible price. Another likely scenario would be that you were able to grab hold of the laptop at a slightly discounted retail price. Thankfully, there are still some means of determining the real value of your computer.

One method is by using a price history tool. This tool can track the changes in the prices of various products. With this, you can see whether the estimate you got your laptop was indeed the most inexpensive one. Another tool you can use is the chrome extension from Camelcamelcamel.com. The tool provides users with a history graph of the prices of products that are found in Amazon.

However, there still isn’t a tool or site that can track the price history from various websites of manufacturers such as Dell and Microsoft. Moreover, there is no app or device that you can use to track the price of a single product across different retailers. With this, you cannot determine if a price from Amazon is higher than a previous price from eBay.

Another useful tip you can use is to veer away from fake reviewers. On Amazon, we can read a lot of so-called user reviews. However, most of these are retailer sponsored reviews that help boost the products they sell to fool unsuspecting and less discerning consumers.

Final Thoughts

Whenever deciding to buy a new laptop, you need to weigh out your options. You need to take into consideration some factors such as your budget and the lifespan of your existing laptop. If you finally decided to let go of your old and dusty notebook, then you need to wait for sales from different retailers.

Moreover, you need to make sure that your new laptop is a worthy upgrade and not a downgrade. You need to be ensured that you get the most out of your hard earned cash, that’s why we highly recommend that you take note of the tips mentioned above.